Zelda Breath of the Wild Champions’ Ballad guide: Windblight Ganon in the Illusory Realm boss fight

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On this The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild information, we’ll present you the right way to Windblight Ganon within the Illusory Realm to finish the EX Revali’s Track foremost story quest.

The Champions’ Ballad provides a brand new foremost story quest so that you can tackle after you’ve got tamed all 4 Divine Beasts. The primary stage of EX The Champions’ Ballad presents you with a brand new sequence of challenges on the Nice Plateau. After that, you could full a sequence of challenges for every of the Champions.

Studying: the right way to defeat windblight ganon

Attending to the battle

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The sooner levels of EX Revali’s Track require you to seek out three shrines. These shrines reward you with Medoh’s Emblems. After getting all three, you’ll be able to return to the Divine Beast Vah Medoh whereyou’ll be transported into the Illusory Realm to as soon as once more face Windblight Ganon.

Getting ready for the battle

Through the battle, your stock will likely be mainly empty. You’ve got one feathered edge sword, three bows, 100 arrows and 5 bomb arrows, no shields, a set of degree two snowquill armor, no meals or elixirs and just a few (uncooked) items of meals. Other than taking your armor off and combating in your underpants or switching between bows, there’s nothing you’ll be able to change.

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Nonetheless, in case you drink an elixir or eat a meal that grants a brief increase, that increase will carry over into the Illusory Realm. We suggest both an assault up or velocity up increase. Assault up will provide help to finish the battle sooner, whereas velocity up permits you to maneuver across the area extra rapidly.

You additionally retain all the powers granted once you defeat the 4 Divine Beasts. Whereas there is perhaps lots of standing round doing nothing concerned, ready for all the powers to recharge is a superb assist throughout this battle (particularly Urbosa’s Fury).

Since your assets are restricted this time round, you need to end this battle rapidly. Meaning you need to be very purposeful in your strategy. Learn by means of our notes under that will help you put together.

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Illusory Realm: Windblight Ganon

  1. The important thing to this battle is driving updrafts, then utilizing bullet time to shoot him within the face with arrows.
  2. When the battle begins, comply with Windblight Ganon and watch the bottom for a glowing ring — that is the place the updraft is. Attempt to maintain monitor of Windblight Ganon whilst you do that. Journey the updraft up, then draw your bow and line up on Windblight Ganon’s face. Ideally, you are aiming for the attention within the heart of his face, however any hit on his face will work.
  3. Three photographs to the face will knock Windblight Ganon down. When he falls, get to him rapidly — he would not keep down lengthy. He stays down for simply lower than the period of time it takes to do a full charged strike, so a (absolutely) charged strike is not actually helpful until it triggers Urbosa’s Fury.
  4. Whenever you’re out of Urbosa’s Furysimply swing away as a substitute of charging your hits.
  5. When Windblight Ganon will get up, run to the closest updraft and repeat the whole course of.
  6. As you drain his well being, Windblight Ganon will summon just a few bullet-like pods, however in case you focus solely on operating to the updraft and instantly bullet timing arrows into his face, you’ll be able to significantly ignore them. You may’t really injury them anyway.
  7. Simply maintain repeating the method and attending to Windblight Ganon rapidly when he falls, and this will likely be a fairly fast battle.

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