Wondering why mscorsvw.exe has high CPU usage? You can speed it up.

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What’s mscorsvw exe

Questioning why topqa.information has excessive CPU utilization? You’ll be able to velocity it up.

This publish was written by Wealthy Lander, a Program Supervisor on the .NET Framework Group. It was written for individuals who need to perceive why topqa.information is working on their machines and need to know how one can velocity it up.

Have you ever seen that your machine is slowing down, and you have appeared in Job Supervisor to seek out that topqa.information is the perpetrator? If that’s the case, this publish will enable you resolve these efficiency points. topqa.information is a part of Home windows, and is in any other case often known as the .NET Framework Optimization Service. It optimizes your machine to launch apps quicker.

Studying: what’s mscorsvw exe

More often than not, customers don’t discover mscorsvw. If you’re noticing it and would really like it to cease affecting your laptop’s efficiency, we suggest that you just run the script supplied beneath. This script will trigger mscorsvw to run at most velocity in an effort to full its work quicker, and can doubtless decelerate your machine throughout that time period. As soon as the script has accomplished its work, it would shut itself. In the event you discover mscorsvw once more, you may re-run this script, nevertheless, we hope you do not want to do this.

  • Click on right here: .NET Framework optimization velocity up script

Upon clicking the hyperlink above, you have to to click on by way of a set of dialogs asking you to open and run the script. Please try this. In the event you get requested which program to run the script with, select the Home windows Script Host. On Home windows XP, you have to to save lots of the script to your desktop (or one other location in your laptop) earlier than working it (simply double click on on it).

Why do I would like mscorsvw and the .NET Framework?

Hundreds of thousands of software program builders all over the world select to write down apps utilizing the .NET Framework, which is supplied by Microsoft. You have in all probability used many apps constructed with the .NET Framework with out even figuring out that. The .NET Framework features a know-how Native Picture Generator (NGEN) that makes apps launch a lot quicker and that periodically does work to optimize your machine. You’ll be able to learn extra about this know-how in a associated publish: Obtained a necessity for velocity? .NET apps begin quicker.

How can I inform if mscorsvw is working?

Job supervisor can let you know which apps or providers are working in your machine and the way a lot machine assets they’re utilizing. You’ll be able to see topqa.information in Job Supervisor, highlighted beneath. You may see a couple of reference to topqa.information in Job Supervisor. That is OK and a part of the way it usually works.


How typically and when does mscorsvw run?

The .NET Framework optimization service runs at two essential occasions:

  • When the .NET Framework is put in in your machine.
  • When the .NET Framework is serviced by Home windows Replace.

The primary case does not occur fairly often. The .NET Framework comes with Home windows, so that you typically have already got the .NET Framework model you might want to run a given app. The second case occurs extra typically. We replace the .NET Framework a handful of occasions of yr, normally to enhance safety. These updates will sometimes happen on a “patch Tuesday,” in case you are accustomed to that time period.

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We attempt to replace and optimize the .NET Framework throughout the night time (particular to every time zone), whereas most individuals are sleeping. Typically, it is not potential to do this, particularly if a machine is turned off. Consequently, the .NET Framework is usually up to date throughout the day, which then requires the .NET Framework Optimization Service to run throughout the day, too. When that occurs, you may discover the service working and presumably decelerate your machine for a time period. You may marvel why that is occurring, because the .NET Framework Optimization service runs within the background.

In Home windows 8, we modified the .NET Framework Optimization Service, to function in additional of a silent mode. It solely does work throughout idle time (when you’re not actively utilizing your laptop). That implies that you must by no means discover it, even whether it is working throughout the day.

Can I disable or flip off mscorsvw?

We don’t suggest turning off or killing the .NET Framework Optimization Service in Job Supervisor. It’s performing an vital process on your machine and can assist your apps launch a lot quicker, as soon as it is finished that work.

Nevertheless, you may velocity up the .NET Framework Optimization Service. By default, it solely makes use of one CPU core. As a substitute, you may inform it to get its work finished as rapidly as potential by utilizing extra cores (at present, it won’t use greater than 6). That means, it would get its work finished quicker, and you will get on to different issues.

You’ll be able to run this .NET Framework optimization speedup script (identical one as supplied above) to inform the .NET Framework Optimization Service to hurry up. In the event you favor PowerShell and have it put in, we have additionally supplied a PowerShell script to hurry up the optimization service. You have to to obtain the script to your machine, and name it from an admin PowerShell command immediate. The script must run below both RemoteSigned or Unrestricted PowerShell execution coverage.

Notice that almost all of the velocity up happens for the .NET Framework 4. In the event you solely have the .NET Framework 2 or 3.5 put in, the speedup impact will probably be extra minor.

Inform me extra concerning the script. What are the mscorsvw instructions?

The scripts we have supplied are a comfort for individuals who do not need to take care of a command immediate. In the event you favor to make use of the command immediate, you should use the instructions beneath as a substitute. These instructions rely upon the model of the .NET Framework you have got put in and the model of Home windows that you’ve and whether or not it is 32-bit or 64-bit.

  • .NET 4, 4.5, or 4.5.1 Preview on Home windows 7 or earlier:

    c:topqa.information executeQueuedItems

    On a 64-bit working system, add:

    c:topqa.information executeQueuedItems

  • .NET 4, 4.5, or 4.5.1 Preview on Home windows 8 or 8.1 Preview:

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    c:topqa.information executeQueuedItems schTasks /run /Tn “topqa.information topqa.information Framework NGEN v4.0.30319”

    On a 64-bit working system, add:

    c:topqa.information executeQueuedItems schTasks /run /Tn “topqa.information topqa.information Framework NGEN v4.0.30319 64”

  • If you do not have .NET 4 or later put in, however you do have .NET 2.0 or 3.5, use this command as a substitute:

    c:topqa.information executeQueuedItems

    On a 64-bit working system, add:

    c:topqa.information executeQueuedItems

These instructions assume that Home windows is put in on the C drive. If that is not the case, you may change the drive letter, or use the %windir% atmosphere variable (ex: %windirpercenttopqa.information executeQueuedItems)

These instructions should be typed from a command immediate that you’ve “run as administrator”. If not, you’re going to get an error message that directs you to run the instructions with administrative credentials.


The .NET Framework is put in on over a billion machines and is used to run thousands and thousands of apps daily. On the .NET Framework product staff, we concentrate on making these apps launch as rapidly as potential. An enormous a part of how we do that’s by optimizing each the .NET Framework and the apps that run on it. This optimization must be finished in your machine a handful of occasions a yr, attributable to updates to the .NET Framework.

You’ll be able to study extra about .NET Framework optimization in our different publish on this matter: Obtained a necessity for velocity? .NET apps begin quicker.

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