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William W. Hood is a choose of the Colorado Supreme Court docket. He assumed workplace in 2014. His present time period ends on January 11, 2027.

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Hood first grew to become a member of the court docket by appointment. He was appointed to the court docket by Gov. John Hickenlooper (D) in 2013 to fill the emptiness created when former Chief Justice Michael Bender retired. Hood was sworn in on January 13, 2014.[1][2] To learn extra about judicial choice in Colorado, click on right here.

In 2020, Ballotpedia revealed Ballotpedia Courts: State Partisanship, a examine inspecting the partisan affiliation of all state supreme court docket justices within the nation. As a part of this examine, we assigned every justice a Confidence Rating describing our confidence within the diploma of partisanship demonstrated by the justices’ previous partisan conduct, earlier than they joined the court docket.[3] Hood acquired a confidence rating of Robust Democrat.[4] Click on right here to learn extra about this examine.

Justice Hood was required to face for retention in 2016 with a view to serve a full time period. He was retained to a 10-year time period that started in January 2017 and expires on January 11, 2027.

Previous to becoming a member of the state supreme court docket, Hood served on the Colorado 2nd Judicial District court docket.


Hood acquired his undergraduate diploma, magna cum laude, in worldwide relations from Syracuse College in 1985 and his JD from the College of Virginia College of Regulation in 1990.[2]

Earlier than becoming a member of the state supreme court docket, Hood served as a choose on the Colorado 2nd Judicial District Court docket. He was appointed to the district court docket by Gov. Invoice Ritter (D) in April 2007.[5][6] Earlier than he grew to become a choose, Hood was a accomplice on the legislation agency of Isaacson Rosenbaum PC He additionally beforehand labored as a chief trial deputy and chief appellate deputy in Colorado’s 18th Judicial District. As of June 2021, Hood was a fellow of the American and Colorado Bar Foundations.[2][1]

Elections and appointments


See additionally: Colorado judicial elections, 2016 Colorado Supreme Court docket, Hood’s seat, 2016 Identify Sure votes William W. Hood70.98% Supply: Colorado Secretary of State Official Licensed Outcomes

two thousand and 13

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Hood was appointed to the Colorado Supreme Court docket by Gov. John Hickenlooper (D) in 2013 to fill the emptiness created when former Chief Justice Michael Bender retired. Hood was sworn in on January 13, 2014.[1]


Important article: Colorado judicial elections, 2010

Hood was retained to the Colorado 2nd Judicial District Court docket in 2010 with 71.63% of the vote.[7]

Retention advice

Hood was advisable for retention to the district court docket by the Colorado Workplace of Judicial Efficiency Analysis.

  • Learn the efficiency evaluation right here.


Ballotpedia Courts: State Partisanship (2020)

See additionally: Ballotpedia Courts: State Partisanship and Ballotpedia Courts: Determiners and Dissenters

Final up to date: June 15, 2020

In 2020, Ballotpedia revealed Ballotpedia Courts: State Partisanshipa examine inspecting the partisan affiliation of all state supreme court docket justices within the nation as of June 15, 2020.

The examine offered Confidence Scores that represents our confidence in every justice’s diploma of partisan affiliation. This was not a measure of the place a justice fell on an ideological spectrum, however reasonably a measure of how a lot confidence we had {that a} justice was or had been affiliated with a political celebration. The scores had been based mostly on seven components, together with however not restricted to celebration registration.[8]

The 5 ensuing classes of Confidence Scores had been:

  • Robust Democrat
  • Delicate Democrat
  • Indeterminate[9]
  • Delicate Republican
  • Robust Republican

This justice’s Confidence Rating, in addition to the components contributing to that rating, is offered under. The knowledge under was present as of June 2020.

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State supreme court docket judicial choice in Colorado

See additionally: Judicial choice in Colorado

The seven justices on the Colorado Supreme Court docket are chosen by way of the assisted appointment methodology. Every justice is appointed by the governor from a listing of names compiled by the Colorado Supreme Court docket Nominating Fee.

Preliminary phrases final no less than two years, after which justices should stand for retention in a yes-no election. Subsequent phrases final 10 years.[10]


To serve on this court docket, a justice have to be:

  • a certified elector in state;
  • licensed to observe legislation in state for 5 years;
  • below the age of 72 (retirement by 72 is obligatory).[10]

Chief justice

The chief justice of the supreme court docket is chosen by peer vote. Starting in January 2021, the chief justice started serving for a set time period on a rotating foundation. Beforehand, the chief justice served indefinitely so long as she or he had the assist of his or her friends.[11]


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If a midterm emptiness happens on the court docket, the seat is crammed because it usually can be if the emptiness occurred on the finish of a justice’s time period. A judicial nominating fee recommends to the governor three certified candidates for an appellate court docket emptiness (two or three for a trial court docket emptiness), and the governor selects a successor from that checklist. After occupying the seat for 2 years, the newly appointed justice stands for retention within the subsequent basic election. The justice then serves a full 10-year time period if she or he is retained by voters.[10][12]

The map under highlights how vacancies are crammed in state supreme courts throughout the nation.

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