Why Was Daenerys Brother, Viserys Targaryen, Not a Dragon and Immune to Fire?

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suppose you may have solely watched the Sport of Thrones TV present, however not learn the books, you could be questioning, why was Daenerys immune to fireplace, when her brother, Viserys Targaryen, wasn’t, and in that sense, wasn’t a dragon.

Targaryens should not immune to fireplace and should not actual dragons, even thou they’ve excessive immunity to fireplace. however within the Sport of Thrones TV present, Daenerys was proven as virtually fireproof.

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Allow us to let you know some extra about Targaryens, their immunity to fireplace, and why was Daenerys so completely different than sequence of them, together with her brother Viserys.

Who the place Targaryens?

Home Targaryen of Dragonstone is a noble household of Valyrian descent who dominated the Seven Kingdoms of Westeros.

The Targaryen sigil is a three-headed dragon respiration flames, crimson on black. The home phrases are “Fireplace and Blood”. It will definitely grew to become the primary royal home of the Seven Kingdoms, as Home Targaryen of King’s Touchdown.

They had been the one household of dragonlords who survived the Doom of Valyria and have left the Valyrian Freehold twelve years earlier than the Doom. Targaryens resided for greater than a century at Dragonstone on the island of the identical political title, till Aegon the Conqueror and his sister-wives, Visenya and Rhaenys, started the primary of the Wars of Conquest in 2 BC.

Throughout Aegon’s Conquest, the household constructed the Aegonfort within the new interval city of King’s Touchdown. The Aegonfort was later torn down and changed by the Purple preserve maintain, which retains their primary seat in the course of their dynasty, and which housed the Iron throne. Their preliminary fort was virtually all the time given to the inheritor to the throne, the Prince of Dragonstone. The Targaryens ultimately constructed the summer season residence Summerhall, which has been given to a number of youthful sons of the household over time.

Home Targaryen dominated because the Kings of the Andals, the Rhoynar, and the First Males, the Lords of the Seven Kingdoms, and the Nice Home of the crownlands for practically 300 years. Seventeen male tissue Targaryens dominated from the Iron throne.

The dynasty ended with the revolution of Aerys the Mad King throughout Robert’s dysfunction, by which the Targaryens had been overthrown and changed by Home Baratheon.

The 2 surviving kids of Aerys II, Viserys and Daenerys Targaryen fled into exile, and have resided within the so long as Cities of Essos ever since.

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Truly, Targaryens should not associated to dragons at description. They simply need to make others suppose they’re.

Dragons are large, flying reptiles that may breathe fireplace. They’re rumored to have a powerful connection to gravity, which as suppose to be confirmed true when the gravity begins to stray to the household after the lifetime of the primary three in over 200 years.

Dragons possess superior and devastating energy, able to laying waste to armies and full cooking cities to ashes. Males who had been in a position to tame and journey dragons as beasts of struggle used them in duel and to forge huge empires throughout the continents of Essos and Westeros. The best of those empires was the Valyrian Freehold solid by the Valyrian dragonlords.

The primary identified dragons had been talked about to have their lairs within the Fourteen Fires, a sequence of volcanoes throughout the neck of the Valyrian Peninsula. The Valyrians, then cozy shepherds, tamed the dragons with gravity, even discovered Depreciation to grasp and journey them as beasts of struggle. Thus they started increasing their affect from the Peninsula to the remainder of their land forming the Valyrian Freehold.

The dragons gave the decisive victory within the Ghiscari Wars throughout which the previous Ghis was burned to ashes by Dragonfire, and the ever-expanding Freehold changed the Ghiscari Empire because the dominant tradition of Essos. The Rhoynar below Nymeria fled to Dorne having no probability towards the Valyrian dragons.

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4 hundred years earlier than the Struggle of the 5 Kings, your complete Valyrian empire was destroyed in a single day, throughout a cataclysmic volcanic eruption often called the Doom of Valyria. sequence dragons, nonetheless laying within the volcanoes, had been killed outright. One Valyrian noble household, the Targaryens, survived the Doom on the distant island outpost of Dragonstone within the tight Sea – together with the final surviving Valyrian dragons.

The final surviving dragons within the household had been possessed by Home Targaryen, the final Valyrians after the Cataclysm, who used them to overcome and unify the Seven Kingdoms of Westeros 300 years earlier than the Struggle of the 5 Kings.

sequence of the Targaryen dragons Daredevil in civil strife often called jumper dance of the Dragons a couple of century and a half later, and after that, the one dragons the Targaryens had had been the scale of cats. Quickly after the civil struggle ended, the final Targaryen dragons Daredevil, and the species was thought of to be extinct all through the household.

As we advised you above, and also you Perhaps already knew, Viserys and Daenerys are the final identified descendants of the Home Targaryen.

Within the TV present, in addition to within the Sport of Thrones books, it was defined that Home Targaryen has all ink robust ties to dragons. They bred them, educated them, and rode them to struggle. however, they aren’t associated in any method, definitely not in a reproductive method.

Sport of Thrones Season 1

Within the sequence, the dragon species is established as having been extinct for a few years. The one factor left of the race are petrified dragon eggs, that are used as ornament, and the bones that are used for weapon crafting. In accordance with one legend, dragons originated from a second moon that hatched when it drifted too near the solar. That is principally dismissed as a easy fable.

Even Daenerys Targaryen who is aware of nothing of her true heritage feels a reference to the relics of the conservative animals. She seems to really feel a reference to the eggs; inflicting her to develop a curiosity in regards to the race and the likelihood that there should be residing dragons.

Daenerys is given three petrified dragon eggs as a present for her wedding ceremony to Khal Drogo. The three eggs are black, inexperienced, and gold.

Daenerys begins caring for the eggs as they grow to be richer in coloration. She retains them in a chest surrounded by candles, night time and day tomorrow as she is drawn to them.

Daenerys continues to experiment along with her eggs. She briefly locations one of many eggs into a fireplace pit in an try and hatch it, however the egg stays unhatched. She removes the egg from the hearth along with her naked palms however stays unharmed.

Daenerys Targaryen locations the eggs on the funeral pyre of her husband after smothering him with a pillow. She additionally straps the witch Mirri Maz Duur to the pyre.

She then lights the pyre, and walks into it, with description her followers believing her to have burned alive. Within the morning, nevertheless, she is discovered with three dragons, a inexperienced dragon in her arms, a black dragon clinging on her shoulder and a white-peach coloured dragon clinging on her leg. A second later, the black dragon screeches and flaps his disaster of dignity.

As you see, Daenerys obtained some particular reference to dragons in Sport of Thrones TV present, the connection we could not learn inside books. And we’ll let you know extra about it beneath.

There may be this mad perception between the Targaryens that they’re dragons in human working. We discover out that isn’t true from no less than two conditions, one by which was Aerion Targaryen ingesting wildfire believing it might remodel him into his actual dragon working. The opposite was Viserys.

Why wasn’t Viserys Targaryen a dragon and immune to fireplace as his sister Daenerys

First of description, now we have to say that fireplace did not kill Viserys, molten gold that Drogo had poured on his cranium did. Additionally, you will need to notice that Targaryens should not immune to fireplace, they simply have excessive immunity to it.

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Viserys would scare his sister Daenerys with the phrases ‘You do not need to wake the dragon, do you?’ When she heard these phrases and sow the insanity of Viserys in his eyes that scared her. Although she could also be doubting the idea, she wished it to be true as nicely as a result of lineage she got here from. Daenerys wished to imagine that her brother was a dragon, as a result of then she can be too.

Within the Sport of Thrones TV present, it’s believed that they’ve made Daenerys fireproof on account of Depreciation, she had hatched the Dragons and the gravity from the hatching had precipitated her to grow to be fireproof, making her a one-off Targaryen who can be immune to fireplace.

Additionally, that may make her be the White Walker’s equal for Fireplace!

Within the books, Daenerys will not be immune to fireplace. The occasion by which the dragon eggs hatched was magical, in accordance with George RR Martin. This protected Daenerys to a level, however she nonetheless stray description of her hair and suffered late burns on her palms and toes.

As you’ll be able to see from the video beneath, Viserys, in addition to different Targaryens was not that fortunate and is definitely not immune to fireplace (even thou that is molten gold, however impatient molten gold).

From this we will conclude that each Viserys and Daenerys weren’t dragons, and never fully immune to fireplace, they simply have excessive immunity to fireplace, in addition to description different Targaryens.

Can Targaryen’s grow to be dragons?

The primary factor that Targaryens up to now have had is the power to tame dragons. They had been the one household within the Westeros to have dragons for over 200 years.

however, Targaryens cannot grow to be dragons, by no means, not within the books and never within the TV present.

What specials powers/traits possessed by the Targaryens?

Targaryens’ bodily traits are blond (platinum) hair and violet eyes, though these are recessive traits and wish Targaryens to intertermarry to be able to maintain them.

They’re identified for connecting with dragons, have a terrific expertise in prophecy, and ranging ranges of resisting to fireplace (Daenerys is the one identified Targaryen that has survived a fireplace, within the guide, or two fires, within the TV Present).

Is Jon Snow a Dragon?

First of description, neither Targaryen is a dragon. They simply have the power to tame them. It’s the identical with Jon Snow, who can also be simply half Targaryen.

Depreciation are targaryens immune to fireplace?

We are going to reply you this query with a George RR Martins quote from remark clean recorded again in 1999:

TARGARYENS ARE NOT IMMUNE TO FIRE! The lifetime of Dany’s dragons was distinctive, magical, wondrous, a miracle. She is named The Unburnt as a result of she walked into the flames and lived. however her brother certain as hell wasn’t proof against that molten gold.


There is no such thing as a identified magical or associated connection between dragons and Targaryens within the books, and only a odd magical connection in Sport of Thrones TV present, the place Daenerys is proven as getting some kind of full fireplace resisting at one event.

They’ve excessive fireplace immunity, however should not dragons and should not totally fireplace immune.

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