Why is My Cat so Clingy? A Guide to Overly Needy Cats

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Cats are notoriously labelled as impartial and aloof creatures who want nobody and deal with themselves. However as many people cat homeowners know, though typically impartial, cats are nonetheless loving creatures who very a lot want our love and affection. A lot of us love an affection cat, however typically the dependency will be an excessive amount of to deal with. And do not get me incorrect, not all affection cats are clingy. Figuring out the right way to acknowledge an affection cat from a clingy one is step one in understanding the right way to work together together with your cat in the easiest way.

This information will provide help to diagnose a clingy cat and description steps to assist your cat develop into extra impartial. Right here, I write from my first hand expertise with a really affection, but needy Russian Blue kitten who began out glued to me 24 hours of the day.

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Indicators Your Cat is Too Clingy:

  1. Follows you all through the home, from room to room (in case you discover your cat a relentless tripping hazard, it is a signal)
  2. Meows incessantly whenever you go away the room or shut the door
  3. Claws partitions and doorways to get your consideration whenever you go away or shut the door
  4. Continuously rubs themselves towards you
  5. Would not allow you to go away the home
  6. Calls for to be pet in any respect hours of the day
  7. Sits on no matter you might be utilizing, otherwise you (on a regular basis)
  8. Is not going to eat or drink except you might be with them
  9. Scratches and kneads you always

To not be confused with a demanding cat, a clingy cat is emotionally needy and lacks the arrogance to be impartial. Alternatively, a demanding cat will do something to get your (meowing aggressively, purposely inflicting bother, leaping on topqa.information.) to allow them to get what they need. In different phrases, a manipulative cat who desires what they need, when they need it.

Widespread Causes Why Your Cat Will not Go away You Alone:

Lack of Confidence

Confidence is the important thing to independence. A cat that is not comfy being alone and protecting themselves entertained for any size of time could spend rather more time than needed attempting to be with you.


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There will be many causes of tension or stress inflicting clingy habits. It’s possible you’ll discover that your cat clings to you or hides by your facet after they really feel scared or uneasy. It may occur throughout thunderstorms, when unfamiliar persons are round or when pets/individuals who frighten your cat are close to. It may even be environment-related, if the surroundings is uncomfortable or unfamiliar. In any of those instances, your cat could also be seeking to you for security within the face of insecurity. Being attentive to when clingy habits happens will help you determine if there’s a specific factor, particular person or pet inflicting the habits.

New Household Members

Cats really feel protected when their days go as anticipated, with routines and acquainted faces. Introducing a brand new member of the family to the family, whether or not a human or pet, can throw your cat off. Such a change will be worrying for cats and would require a while for them to regulate to the modified surroundings.


Cats want psychological stimulation and bodily exercise to maintain their minds and our bodies wholesome. An under-stimulated cat could resort to damaging habits or clinginess as a method of telling you he is bored. Bear in mind, a wholesome cat is a contented one.


An sickness could also be guilty when their is a sudden change in your cat’s habits. It’s suggested to get your cat checked by a vet whenever you discover one thing is incorrect, whether or not behaviorally or bodily. vet can diagnose the difficulty or level you in the appropriate route if it is a Cat Behaviorist you want.

Early Trauma

In case your cat skilled a traumatic expertise early in life, this will have a big influence on their habits. Abandonment or separation from the mom or littermates too early or abruptly could cause anxiousness in cats, making it harder to regulate. Likewise, a rescue from an abusive residence could show related habits.

The right way to Make Your Cat Much less Clingy:

Do not give topqa.infoletely

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Give affection however carefully, solely when your cat is effectively behaved. Be ready to disregard your cat when their behaving in a method that wants correction (ie. clawing partitions or meowing incessantly).

Observe bodily distancing

In case your cat is demanding consideration all-day lengthy even after you have offered it, it’s possible you’ll must observe some social distancing. This can assist your cat study that they won’t at all times get your consideration after they name. Over time and with consistency, your cat will develop into extra impartial.

Encourage independence

Sometimes leaving your cat alone with some toys is a good way to encourage independence. Attempt to discover toys that your cat enjoys taking part in with. Some interactive toys will be useful in protecting your cat entertained if you find yourself away or out of the room.

Take it gradual

It’s actually vital to extend the space. You have to ease your cat into their new independence. Change will be stunning and worrying so it is vital that you simply take it slowly. Take note of your cat and their habits.


Now this final one is not for everybody however I personally used these methods (out of pure necessity) and located they really labored very well. When your cat is behaving badly in an effort to get your consideration, doing excessive issues like clawing partitions, the next disciplinary measures will be efficient. With consistency, your cat will study to not proceed the unhealthy habits.

  1. Compressed air (aimed away from the cat, at all times) or one other loud various, will help deter your cat from repeating the unhealthy habits. Cats don’t love loud noise (particularly the unfamiliar) and can cease what they’re doing. They are going to finally affiliate the unhealthy habits with the disliked sound and keep away from it altogether.
  2. Water in a sprig bottle (in case your cat would not like water)
  3. Utilizing a loud tone of voice. I’ve a tone after I inform my cat to cease doing what he is topqa.infohow, he perceive it and often quits his unhealthy habits. However cat’s are infamous for not doing as informed so this one could not work everybody, nevertheless it’s value a shot!

Right here is a photograph of the harm my kitten did to the surface of my bed room wall (and right here I’m attempting to patch it). After a while of constant use of the strategies outlined herein, my needy cat grew to become impartial and to my delight, stopped clawing my partitions.

Why is My Cat so Clingy?  Cat Wall Scratches

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Do you’ve a clingy cat? Share your expertise within the feedback under.

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