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Why does my cat scent so good

why do cats smell good

If you happen to assume your cat smells actually good…you are not alone. If you happen to look across the web for even a couple of minutes you may discover droves of cat mother and father who all agree that their cat smells surprisingly good!

Studying: why does my cat scent so good

In fact, smelling good is relative and whereas my cat Debbie does scent good she would not scent like a recent pot of espresso or chocolate chip cookies. As an alternative, she smells principally impartial however recent. And it is actually an excellent scent!

I would count on lots of people are evaluating the scent of cats to canine and in that case, cats are the clear winner.

However why do cats scent good? Cats scent good due to their behavior of continually grooming in order that they keep clear and odor-free. Their particular barbed tongue does an incredible job cleansing their coat and this behavior has probably helped their wild ancestor sneak up on prey with out being given away by their scent.

However as at all times, let’s go a bit deeper and be taught extra about why our cats may scent so good.

Motive 1: Cats Spend A Lot Of Time Grooming

The obvious purpose why cats scent so good is due to how a lot time they spend grooming! In accordance with some sources, cats spend as a lot as 5 hours a day grooming! If you happen to spent 5 hours a day grooming I would count on you to scent fairly good, too!

But it surely’s not simply time invested that retains your cat clear and smelling recent, cat tongues even have a tongue that is good for grooming due to a carpet of sharp, hole spines referred to as papillae. These sharp spines act like a brush that helps take away chunks of unfastened hair, dust and different particles out of your cat’s fur.

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Consider it like a built-in moist brush that your cat is just about obsessive about utilizing!

Motive 2: Smelling Good Is Essential To Your Cat’s Survival

Within the wild, cats are uniquely positioned as each predator and prey. So whereas they’re out searching small mammals and birds in addition they should be cautious to not grow to be the prey of a bigger predator!

However what does this need to do with smelling good?

Cats do not need to scent too strongly because it might imply that their scent could be picked up by a predator or their subsequent meal. In contrast to canine, cats are ambush predators which suggests they want to have the ability to wait patiently to shock their prey. It additionally implies that smelling like a lifeless fish could be a giveaway to an unsuspecting mouse.

If you happen to’ve seen canine and cats play with a toy you’ve got undoubtedly seen the distinction between ambush predators and pack hunters. Take into consideration the traditional kitty “butt wiggle” earlier than they pounce! Cats take their time to determine their prey and completely plan their assault. That is additionally why it is so widespread for kitties to cover round corners or beneath beds and go in your ankles once you least count on it!

However once you throw a ball for a canine, they only go proper for it! That is the distinction between an ambush predator and a pack hunter like a canine!

If you happen to aren’t already acquainted with the feline pounce (and the related butt wiggle) try this video:

Cats additionally need to keep away from predators which suggests having a powerful scent that predators can rapidly decide up goes to be an issue. Cats are solo hunters which suggests it is not essential for different cats to determine them by their scent. Examine that canine which need to prioritize communication with their canine mates over stealth.

However holding their coat clear is not the one means that cats disguise their scent. LiveScience factors out that “Wild cats may also disguise their waste to keep away from attracting consideration from predators to themselves or their nest of kittens”

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That is why utilizing a litterbox and hiding their stool comes naturally to kittens, even with out a lot coaching.

Motive 3: Your Cat’s Eating regimen Can Assist Them Odor Good

Most canine are prepared to eat a variety of gross issues and if they don’t seem to be consuming them then they’re making an attempt desperately to roll round in them. My childhood canine would hunt down lifeless fish alongside the coast and do every thing she might to attempt to roll in it.

In comparison with that, I am certain any cat would scent good!

Cats however are specialised carnivores that do an excellent job digesting one factor rather well: meat. So whereas canine are doing their greatest to play rubbish disposal your cat is usually sticking to her food regimen. And whereas some meals can actually trigger smelly poops or poor coats for those who’re feeding your cat a nutritious diet of digestible animal proteins there is a good probability they’re going to scent good in consequence.

Motive 4: You Would possibly Be A Bit Biased

It is doable that the explanation your cat smells so good is that you simply’re just a bit biased. Everyone knows that folks have a scent and sometimes occasions the scent of somebody we love is reassuring, reassuring, and calming. Our little furry, feline mates aren’t any totally different. The scent of their clear coats might be calming and reassuring and because it’s often mixed with the scents of our own residence there is a good probability we predict it smells good!

Motive 5: Perhaps Your Home Smells Good (And So Your Cat Does, Too)

Cats already do an incredible job holding their coat clear and freed from any pungent smells. All that is left to do is add a perfume and then you definately’ve obtained a brilliant clear smelling cat! So it is solely doable that your cat smells impartial however when you think about that they are spending 16 hours a day sleeping within the softest locations they’ll discover (like your clear sheets) it is no shock that they find yourself smelling like a summer season breeze!

That is very true if in case you have an indoor-only cat. Cats that do not go exterior are solely uncovered to the clear scents in your house. Canines, however, need to go exterior to make use of the restroom a number of occasions a day exposing them to all types of parts. I do know that my little chihuahua is so low to the bottom that the fur on her stomach is continually gathering all types of dust and particles.

I may inform you that she actually is not spending 5 hours a day making an attempt to wash it up!


Cats do scent good and you are not the one one which thinks that! But it surely is not simply the results of dumb luck or a pure disposition to smelling good. As an alternative, cats are principally working a part-time job to maintain themselves smelling clear and recent whereas their full-time job is sleeping in your recent laundry. This all comes collectively to create a kitty cat that simply plain smells good!

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