Why Did Obi-Wan Let Himself Die?

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Why did obi wan let vader kill him

A hero’s demise is usually one to be debated, contemplated, and revered. Within the Star Wars universe, Obi-Wan’s demise is a demise that many query the reasoning behind. Whereas his ideas on selecting to be defeated by Darth Vader had been by no means strictly laid out, there are fairly a number of causes we are able to collect from the movies.

Why did Obi-Wan let himself die? Obi-Wan let himself die as a result of he knew he would develop into extra highly effective after demise. Pushed by desirous to mentor and information Luke, he selected to each stability the power and develop into a Jedi-ghost together with his demise. Lastly, Obi-Wan aided the Millenium Falcon in its escape by preserving Darth Vader engaged for a time.

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No matter your opinions on if Obi-Wan’s demise was heroic or not, this text will reveal that there are fairly a number of affordable theories for why he let Darth Vader kill him.

Details of Obi-Wan’s Demise Scene

Earlier than we get into the three primary theories of why Obi-Wan let himself die, we have to agree on all of the information surrounding his demise in Episode IV: A New Hope. So, let’s remind ourselves of some key factors:

  • Obi-Wan, also referred to as Ben, tells Vader, “When you strike me down, I shall develop into extra highly effective than you’ll be able to presumably think about.”
  • Ben smiles when he sees Luke enter the hangar the place the Falcon is. He then raises his lightsaber out of the assault place and lets Vader minimize him down.
  • Obi-Wan’s physique disappears, his cloak falls to the bottom, and there are bodily stays of his physique.
  • Luke doesn’t initially perceive what occurred and yells loudly in anguish.
  • Vadar pokes round Ben’s garments together with his foot, questioning the place his physique went.
  • After Ben is gone, his voice tells Luke, “Run, Luke, Run.”

These occasions can all be seen in A New Hope and will not be debatable. How we interpret them, nevertheless, is. The next sections focus on the three primary theories about why Obi-Wan sacrificed himself.

Concept One: Bringing Steadiness to the Drive

We Know from Episode I: The Phantom Menace that Anakin is the ChosenOpens in a new tab. One who will “carry stability to the Drive.” Steadiness is outlined by an equal weight on either side of one thing. Translated into Star Wars lingo, that will imply equal energy on each the darkish and the sunshine aspect of the Drive. In Episode I, there are multitudes of Jedi, however solely two Sith Lords. So, Anakin is destined to take down the Jedi to carry across the prophesied stability, so his flip to the darkish aspect.

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In Episode IV, earlier than Obi-Wan dies, the power is balanced between darkish and lightweight. Nonetheless, Ben, a strong Jedi, permits himself to be struck down by Darth Vader. By doing this, the stability is now tipped to the Sith. As most issues are likely to carry themselves again into stability slowly, Obi-Wan would guess his demise would result in one in every of two issues:

  • Luke turns into a strong Jedi, like Obi-Wan
  • OR yet another Sith Lord will fall to stability the Drive

This concept leads us to Episode VI, the place Vader does carry the stability Obi-Wan sought in his demise by killing the Emperor. Nonetheless, on this, Vader additionally dies, leaving solely Luke left. With this concept, although, the Star Wars universe will all the time be battling gentle versus darkish if there are Drive customers round.

Concept Two: Escape for the Millenium Falcon

This subsequent concept is a bit miserable, because it means Obi-Wan’s demise is for nothing. However, generally life, even within the Star Wars universe, is unfair, so we should embody this potential concept for Ben’s sacrifice.

Ben is going through Darth Vader whereas Luke, Leah, Han, Chewy, and the droids are discovering their approach again to the Millenium Falcon to flee. As Vader is the strongest energy on the Demise Star on the time, it is sensible that Obi-Wan would need to distract him, preserving his mates protected and serving to them escape. Obi-Wan continues to battle Vader till he sees them starting to board the Falcon.

Whereas Obi-Wan might have stored combating till they’d totally escaped, Luke will get distracted from the escape plan as he sees his beloved grasp combating Vader. Obi-Wan now in all probability is aware of that Luke would be part of the combat so long as it continues. So, Ben sacrifices himself to power Luke to get on the Falcon as rapidly as potential. We are able to help this concept by the very fact Obi-Wan tells Luke to run after he’s already lifeless.

The problem with this concept is that after the Falcon escapes, Darth Vader says he let the Falcon go as he desires it to steer him to the insurgent base. If he would have let the Falcon go no matter Obi-Wan’s demise or not, then sadly, Obi-Wan died for nothing. So, whereas this might have been a partial motivation for his demise, we hope there’s something extra.

Concept Three: Stronger with Demise

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Obi-Wan is aware of he might be a stronger Jedi after he dies. He has mastered the Drive so properly at this level that he’s assured he’ll be capable of information Luke by his voice and look even after demise.

We see him trace at this when he tells Vader,”When you strike me down, I shall develop into extra highly effective than you’ll be able to presumably think about.” That is referencing Episode III: Revenge of the Sith when Yoda tells Obi-Wan that Qui-Gon has discovered a method to come again after demise utilizing the Drive. Yoda tells Obi-Wan throughout this interplay that he’ll be taught this whereas hiding on Tatooine. So, we all know that Ben has in all probability mastered this by Episode IV.

So, whereas Obi-Wan does wait to let Vader kill him till Luke’s escape is imminent, he additionally is aware of he’ll be capable of information Luke higher wherever he’s after demise. With this, he does exactly what he instructed Vader he would do and lets him ‘strike him down.’ Since Luke doesn’t learn about this Jedi energy but, he’s extremely distraught. Darth Vader can also be perplexed as he pokes the cloak together with his foot. Neither Vader nor Luke has mastered the Drive properly sufficient at this level to grasp what has occurred.

A slight variation of this concept is that Ben chooses to enter demise on his personal, and he merely instances it properly with Vader’s assault. Many suppose this as a result of, in his demise scene, Ben vanishes from inside his cloak whereas Vader is slicing him together with his lightsaber. Nonetheless, in different demise scenes by a lightsaber within the Star Wars universe, the individual below assault is sliced ​​in half, and even some Jedi’s our bodies stay and lie on the bottom after demise.

So, Obi-Wan might have disappeared earlier than Vader sliced ​​him, thus not giving Vader victory over him, and he nonetheless was capable of develop into extra highly effective.

Obi-Wan Sacrifice Himself for the Gentle

Whereas every of those theories is feasible, Star Wars is all about hope. Rebellions are constructed on hope, and Episode IV known as A New Hope. Due to this, we are able to have hope that Obi-Wan’s demise had an even bigger goal. Hope is religion in issues unseen. Maybe Obi-Wan had that very same hope in his demise. He was so in tune with the Drive that he knew what would occur upon him being struck down.

With this, Star Wars followers can even have hope that sooner or later solely gentle will prevail for our favourite characters.

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