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This line is spoken by Indiana Jones within the film Raiders of the Misplaced Ark (1981).

Let’s face it: Indiana Jones is principally Superman. He hunts Nazis; he carries a whip; and, boy, can he sport a wool fedora.

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There’s only one factor he is afraid of: snakes. And as luck (learn: Hollywood genius) would have it, when he throws his torch down into the Nicely of the Souls, he finds that the ground is transferring as a result of it is coated in additional snakes than even Samuel L. Jackson may deal with.

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And in case Indy wasn’t afraid sufficient, Sallah adopted up with, “Asps…very harmful.”

Thanks, Sallah. We bought it.

The place you’ve got heard it

In accordance with statistics, when somebody born earlier than 1985 sees a snake, there is a 97% probability they’re going to say this line.

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Apart from that, it is largely utilized in reference to powerful guys being afraid of one thing. Like, in case you noticed Arnold Schwarzenegger working away from a Chihuahua, you would possibly say “Chihuahuas…why’d it need to be Chihuahuas?” (PS Pics or it did not occur.)

The quote is so well-known it even grew to become its personal trope.

Pretentious Issue

Should you have been to drop this quote at a cocktail party, would you get an in-unison “awww” or would everybody roll their eyes and by no means invite you again? Right here it’s, on a scale of 1-10.


Quoting Indiana Jones by no means even borders on pretentious.

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