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Caster served as Souichirou Kuzuki’s Servant through the fifth Holy Grail Struggle. She was initially summoned by a person who refused to take an lively function within the Holy Grail Struggle. Caster tricked him into utilizing up his Command Spells earlier than she discovered Kuzuki. Caster is a manipulative schemer who excels at magic and is expert at studying the momentum of the battle.

As a Caster class, Medea is exceptionally highly effective at spell-casting. She can also be adept at making a territory the place she turned the grounds of Ryudou Temple into a spot that additional empowers her spell-casting. Due to her vulnerability in direct fight, she resorts to any doable means to win the battle, together with summoning a Servant, Murderer. Caster’s biggest weak spot is Berserker, and her technique to win the battle revolved round defeating him.

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Medea is the princess of Colchis who owned the Golden Fleece that Jason of the Argo Expedition needed. The King of Colchis refused to offer Jason the Golden Fleece, thus Aphrodite made Medea fell blindly in love with Jason. Medea helped Jason receive the Golden Fleece whereas underneath Aphrodite’s management.

The King of Colchis then led his military to seize Jason, however Aphrodite made Medea board Argo and minimize her brother Aphrtus to items proper earlier than her father’s eyes. Upon returning to Iolcus, King Pelias refused to return the nation to Jason and plotted to assassinate him. Jason relied on Medea’s magic 3 instances to flee the assassination makes an attempt.

Medea then tricked King Pelias into getting killed and Jason reclaimed the throne. The Argonauts disapproved of Jason’s strategies and Medea’s actions. She was denounced as a witch and was forged overseas with Jason. They ran to Corinth and had been welcomed by the king.

The King of Corinth took a liking to Jason and supplied him his daughter’s hand in marriage and Medea was exiled. Medea later attended Jason’s wedding ceremony and burned all the things and everybody there besides Jason. After that, the frequent people handled her as a witch and blamed her for all of the misfortunes that they expertise. Medea was powerless to vary their views and as an alternative took to hating everybody.

Destiny/Keep Night time

Caster was initially summoned by a passive man who wished to attend the battle out. Uninterested in ready, she tricked him into losing his Command Spells and killed him. Caster then wandered round Fuyuki Metropolis cursing her destiny when she discovered Souichirou Kuzuki. He helped her with out query and took Caster as her Servant. She fell in love with him as a result of he was the primary honest man to assist her.

Since then, Caster used Ryudou Temple as her base of operations. She forged a spell on town to siphon life power from the native populace to gas her magic. She additionally conjured a big barrier which surrounded the temple grounds. Any enemy Servant who makes an attempt to drive via could have their energy drained. The one spot that’s open is the entrance gate which is guarded by Murderer.

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On the temple, Caster introduced herself as Kuzuki’s bride-to-be and he or she was allowed to remain on the temple within the guise of planning for his or her marriage.


Ryudou Temple was assaulted by Saber however she was denied entry by Murderer. Later, Caster attacked Shirou’s house however she was killed by Gilgamesh.

Limitless Blade Works

Caster took management of Shirou and led him to Ryudou Temple in an effort to steal his Command Spells and achieve command of Saber. Saber got here to his rescue however was caught in a duel with Murderer. Archer additionally confirmed up and Caster defined that she needed Saber to defeat Berserker. Archer dueled towards Caster which is allowed Shirou to flee.

Caster’s final moments

When Shirou, Rin, and Saber returned from their date, they discovered Caster holding Taiga Fujimura hostage. Caster used her Noble Illusion, Rule Breaker on Saber and took command of her. She then assaulted the church and ousted Kotomine the place she subjected Saber to her Command Spell in try and bend Saber to her will. Archer then betrayed Rin and accepted Rule Breaker as effectively.

Later nonetheless, Shirou, Rin, and Lancer assaulted the church. Archer then betrayed Caster in flip and tried to kill Kuzuki with a bathe of swords. Caster took the assault in his place and confessed her love for him in her dying breath.

Heaven’s Really feel

Caster was killed by Saber after Ryudou Temple was assaulted by the black shadow. After Shirou and Saber left, Caster was devoured by the black shadow. The black shadow then regurgitated Caster for Zouken and he animated her utilizing his worm familiars and used her to assault Rin, Archer, Shirou, and Saber on the town. Caster was struck down by Saber once more.


Excessive Velocity ​​Divine Language

Caster’s capability to forged extraordinarily highly effective spells close to immediately.

Magic Data

Caster boasts a powerful array of spells at her disposal. Amongst them is Strengtheningwhich she used to strengthen Kuzuki to the purpose of having the ability to match Saber in direct fight.

Picture Manipulation

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Caster is ready to conjure photos of herself to idiot her opponents.


Caster is ready to swiftly teleport to a selected location. She teleported to Kuzuki’s protection on the Limitless Blade Works routes.


Caster is ready to take flight. She assaults from up excessive the place she can’t be reached with melee assaults. She used it as soon as towards Archer on the Limitless Blade Works routes.

Summon Skeletons


Caster can summon skeletons animated by magic to assault and swarm her enemies. The skeletons are expert at melee and they’re normally discovered wielding a tough sword.

Saber might defeat them simply however Caster makes use of their sheer quantity to overwhelm her. Caster used them as soon as to assault Shirou’s house on the Destiny routes.

Noble Illusion

Rule Breaker

Rule Breaker
Rule Breaker

Rule Breaker is a dagger with a surprisingly formed blade. Its blade may be very weak and is barely in a position to stab a human.

Its capability is to nullify magic results. Caster makes use of it to interrupt the contract between a Grasp and his or her Servant and take the Servant for herself.

She threatened to apply it to Saber on the Destiny route, and used it on Saber and Archer on the Limitless Blade Works routes.

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