Where the Mississippi River Meets the Gulf of Mexico

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On April 23, 2016, {a photograph} purportedly displaying “the place the Mississippi River meets the Gulf of Mexico” began circulating on Fb together with the declare that these “two our bodies of water by no means combine.” Subsequent postings of the picture included a further (misspelled) declare, that this lack of blending is proof of God’s existence:

The Mississippi River meets the Gulf of Mexico. The 2 our bodies of water by no means combine with one another; permit the Gulf of Mexico to retain its clear, blue shade. Merely wonderful!

That simply proves that their is a GOD!!!! Who else can let WATER meet and contact however NEVER combine collectively???? #illwait

Where the Mississippi River Meets the Gulf of Mexico

Though some viewers proclaimed that this visible impact was a gorgeous creation of God, this picture really reveals a man-made hypoxic occasion that’s dangerous to the setting. The picture was really taken from a video initially printed by Marlin Journal in November 2015:

This video captured a fluctuating lifeless zone within the Gulf of Mexico, which is brought about when high-nutrient water stuffed with nitrogen and phosphorus from the Mississippi River pours into the Gulf. That results in massive algae blooms, altered meals chains, and hypoxic (oxygen poor) waters:

Forty-one p.c of the continental United States (1.2 million sq. miles) drains into the Mississippi River after which out to the Gulf of Mexico. Nearly all of the land in Mississippi’s watershed is farm land. Seventy p.c of vitamins hundreds that trigger hypoxia are a results of agricultural runoff attributable to rain washing fertilizer off of the land and into streams and rivers.

As well as, 12 million individuals stay in city areas that border the Mississippi, and these areas consistently discharge sewage into rivers. The farm and concrete discharge contains vitamins equivalent to nitrogen and phosphorous that is essential for the expansion of phytoplankton. About 1.7 million tons of those vitamins are delivered by rivers into the Gulf of Mexico yearly.

This large inflow of vitamins causes huge phytoplankton blooms to happen, this in flip results in a big enhance in zooplankton that feed on phytoplankton. Massive quantities of lifeless phytoplankton and zooplankton waste then accumulate on the underside of the seabed.

The decomposition of this matter depletes the oxygen within the space quicker than it may be changed. This results in massive hypoxic areas referred to as Useless Zones.

These lifeless zones are inclined to happen in the summertime and fluctuate in dimension. In accordance with a truth sheet printed by the Nationwide Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, the common dimension of the lifeless zone is round 6,000 sq. miles.

Whereas the above-quoted Fb posts declare that these waters don’t combine, they do — and the water from the Mississippi River has a serious impact on marine life within the Gulf of Mexico:

Nutrient overloading and algal blooms result in eutrophication, which has been proven to cut back benthic biomass and biodiversity. Hypoxic water helps fewer organisms and has been linked to huge fish kills within the Black Sea and Gulf of Mexico.

The Gulf of Mexico is a serious supply space for the seafood business. The Gulf 72% of US shrimp, 66% of oysters, and 16% of economic fish (Potash and Phosphate Institutes of the US and Canada, 1999). consequently, if the hypoxic zone continues or worsens, fishermen and state economies can be vastly contributed.

The picture on the high of this publish additionally does not present a static line drawn between the Mississippi River and the Gulf of Mexico. Whereas the Louisiana Universities Marine Consortium referred to as this lifeless zone a recurring environmental drawback, the distinct shade variations aren’t a everlasting year-round fixture.

Whereas the lifeless zone within the Gulf of Mexico is synthetic, the same aesthetic is of course achieved in different elements of the world, such because the Gulf of Alaska, the place glacial rivers combine with the ocean.

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