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As a Cellular Legends participant, you will have heard of the time period “KDA” so much. When you have no concept what it means, this information is right here that will help you!

What does KDA imply in Cellular Legends?

“KDA” means Kills / Deaths / Assists.

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It’s merely a ratio of what number of kills, deaths and assists you have made throughout a Cellular Legends sport.

Normally, the KDA is used as a basic metric to find out your efficiency in a match.

Increased KDA = plenty of kills and assists, few deaths.

Decrease KDA = plenty of deaths, few kills or assists.

The right way to decide your KDA in a Cellular Legends sport

You’ll be able to decide your KDA by checking the scoreboard on the finish of the match.

On the high of the chart you possibly can see three icons for every group. The numbers beneath they’re your kill, dying and help counts.

  • Sword — variety of Kills
  • Cranium — variety of Deaths
  • Fist — variety of Assists

KDA kill death assist scoreboard Mobile Legends 1

On this match, Karrie, the MVP on the left group has a KDA of 8/5/5.

The right way to decide your Total KDA in Cellular Legends

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You can too go to your Profile and click on Battlefield > Statistics.

On this dashboard, you will see your total efficiency throughout all of your video games, together with your KDA.

Low KDA but high Push statistics Mobile Legends

You can too filter the Statistics by season (Present Season or All Season), and by sport sort (Traditional, Rank, Brawl).

How vital is a excessive KDA in Cellular Legends?

Gamers normally choose your efficiency primarily based in your KDA ratio. In any case, it is an easy metric to check. They could trash speak you saying “LOL I’ve a better KDA than you, noob!”

However in the long run, so long as you are not feeding—your KDA does not actually matter!

Having a really excessive KDA does not undoubtedly imply you’re a good Cellular Legends Participant. Having a low KDA additionally doesn’t suggest you are dangerous both.


To start with, keep in mind that the goal of Cellular Legends is pushing towers and destroying the enemy throne.

It does not matter in case your group is 20 kills forward if the enemy group focuses on pushing your base and taking Lord to assist them with their goal.

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Alucard fighter hero savage in teamfight Mobile Legends Bang Bang

Second, it will depend on your hero’s function. Clearly, Marksman and Mage heroes could have larger KDA than different roles.

Tanks, Helps and Pushers will in all probability have decrease KDAs but it surely doesn’t suggest they did not contribute to the group.

For instance, in case you are a Tank it is regular to have virtually no kills in any respect. You would possibly even have a number of deaths, however it could possibly imply that you just did your finest to tank incoming injury and defend your group.

Here is one other instance.

Masha low KDA but high turret damage win Mobile Legends

On this sport it does not matter if I had the bottom KDA as a result of I additionally did 70% of the tower injury which led us to win the sport.


Having a excessive KDA does not at all times imply you carried out effectively in a Cellular Legends match.

a low KDA additionally doesn’t suggest you probably did terribly in a sport.

Do not forget that the aim of Cellular Legends is to take down enemy towers. It isn’t a contest of who has extra kills!

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