Weight Training – What Are Reps, Sets, and Timing?

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Should you take a look at lots of the Train Routines within the FitForever Library, you may discover the common use of three phrases: units, reps, and timing.

What are reps?

Reps is brief for repetitions and refers back to the variety of instances you do a sure train with out stopping. One rep is whenever you go from beginning place, by means of the train, after which return to beginning place. So, should you’re doing a primary dumbbell bicep curl and wish to do 10 reps, you may go from beginning place, curl up the dumbbell, after which return to beginning place 10 instances.

What are units?

A set is a gaggle of reps. Staying with the instance of the dumbbell bicep curl, the train could name for 3 units of 10 reps. This implies you do 10 reps of the train with out stopping, then relaxation, do 10 extra reps and relaxation, after which 10 extra reps and relaxation. Many weight lifters will alternate to a different train between units.

What’s timing?

Timing, or rep timing, is utilized by skilled athletes and bodybuilders, however is a crucial a part of weight coaching typically ignored by novice weight lifters. Timing is just the time it takes, in seconds, to get by means of one rep. Timing is usually displayed by 3 numbers, like 8:1:8. For the instance of a dumbbell bicep curl with 8:1:8 timing, you may merely curl the dumbbell up for a depend of 8 seconds, maintain it on the prime of the train for 1 second, after which decrease the dumbbell to a depend of 8 seconds. Following timing lets you take your time to isolate the muscular tissues, and stops you from swinging, or throwing the weights up.

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