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The Thousand Sons

Who Are The Thousand Sons?

Ah, the tragic story of the Thousand Sons. The fifteenth Legion of House Marines, the Thousand Sons had been pre-eminent warriors and students who claimed the world of Prospero as their very own, the place they constructed grand cities and libraries, and sought to grasp the truths of the Universe.

The XV Legion was uniquely composed virtually totally of psykers and their mastery of the psychic arts was unparalleled. This was some extent of friction with a number of different Legions who seemed upon psykers with suspicion or disgust. Their distinctive present additionally introduced with it the curse of the flesh change, degenerative mutations that stricken many within the legion and precipitated their numbers to dwindle quickly till the arrival of their Primarch, Magnus the Purple.

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Magnus stabilized the gene-seed of his legion and for a while, it seemed as if the Thousand Sons had a vibrant future. As a part of the Nice Campaign, the sons of Magnus noticed nice success in bringing worlds into compliance via their mastery of psychic warfare and adept diplomacy. Sadly, this may not final; the suspicion and derision of their fellow Astartes would come to a head and result in the Council of Nikea, which resulted within the Emperor’s decree that the legions would now not make use of Psykers. Whereas this affected most legions to a point, it was successfully a repudiation of your entire fifteenth legion and compelled them to withdraw to their homeworld.

Shortly after the Edict of Nikea, Magnus discovered via the Warp of Horus’ treachery and sought to psychically warn the Emperor. This proved to be his undoing: the Emperor was livid on the clear violation of his edict and shaped a sanction fleet to return Magnus to Terra and maintain him to account. Horus then manipulated the House Wolves into as a substitute attacking and destroying the world of Prospero.

Regardless of the Edict of Nikea, Magnus and his legion had remained staunchly loyal up thus far. However the destruction of their homeworld turned the legion to nominally be a part of Horus’ traitors, although that they had virtually no participation within the heresy itself save for becoming a member of the ultimate battle on Terra. Retreating into the Eye of Terror, the legion embraced Tzeentch and the worship of Chaos. Magnus could be remodeled right into a Daemon Prince and as soon as once more the flesh-change would plague the sons of Magnus.

With the legion as soon as once more succumbing to mutation, its ultimate demise blow would come from inside, dealt by Ahzek Ahriman, Chief Librarian of the Thousand Sons. Decided to avoid wasting his brothers from the flesh-change and blinded by hubris, he wove a grand ritual referred to as the Rubric of Ahriman that might halt the mutations that had so lengthy stricken his legion. In a way, he was profitable; in a single fell swoop, a lot of the legion was turned to mud, House Marines remodeled into dust-filled residing automata encased inside their now-sealed astartes armour. Solely probably the most psychically gifted within the legion had been spared from turning into Rubric Marines and it was left to them to herd their now principally empty-minded brothers. With the rubric, the legion was successfully destroyed and scattered all through the Eye of Terror as fragmented warbands. As for Ahriman, he was banished by Magnus and could be hunted by his brethren for millennia to come back, although they’d finally settle their variations with the intention to stage an assault on the House Wolves and Fenris within the Time of the Wulfen marketing campaign.

The place To Learn Extra

Thousand Sons are blessed by copious phrases written about them, and a number of them are even good. Whereas written largely from the angle of a House Wolves Skjald, Dan Abnett’s* Prospero Burns is a good take a look at the Thousand Sons from an outdoor perspective and covers one of the crucial essential occasions of their historical past.

Even higher for understanding the legion post-heresy is Chris Wraight’s Conflict of the Fang which has Magnus invading Fenris and consists of a number of nice scenes from the angle of the few remaining Thousand Sons sorcerers and the way they’re coping with the aftermath of their legion’s shattering.

The Ahriman trilogy by John French is a unbelievable character-focused story that appears at Ahriman’s journey from exile again to pre-eminent chaos sorcerer in his quest to undo the harm wrought on his legion by his rubric spell. John French is a good author and his tackle Ahriman is fascinating and well-written, supplying you with a most important character you form of wish to root for but additionally hate.

Some folks additionally like Thousand Sons by Graham McNeill. I feel he’s a misogynist and unhealthy author so I haven’t learn it nevertheless it offers you a take a look at the legion pre-heresy in addition to the burning of Prospero from the Thousand Sons’ perspective.

Taking part in the Thousand Sons

Kill Workforce

Thousand Sons will be fairly good in Kill Workforce. As one of many solely factions with entry to the Psychic Part in non-Commanders video games, you primarily have an additional alternative (or two) to take an enemy mannequin off the board with out retaliation.

Between Rubrics, Terminators and Tzaangors, you’ve gotten a stable vary of low cost our bodies and costly heavy-hitters to construct a roster with. You’ll sometimes endure from not having something that may shoot additional than 24″ however with just about all your ranged weapons sporting AP-2, you’ve gotten a stable probability of attending to that essential damage roll. Tzaangors are good low cost our bodies for holding goals and will also be fairly nasty in melee.


Thousand Sons are a strong military in eighth version. We’ve already lined easy methods to play Thousand Sons in exhaustive element in our Begin Competing: Thousand Sons article. Test it out!


Apocalypse performs properly for large monsters and Primarchs so a combined Thousand Sons pressure with Daemons and Daemon Engines will be fairly enjoyable and fluffy. As a result of card mechanics, you’ll discover psychic powers are sadly de-emphasized so the Thousand Sons lose a little bit of their gimmick. You’ll nonetheless wish to convey a number of psykers to make use of a few of the spells you’ve gotten entry to, however you need get a ton of additional mileage out of it.

Portray Thousand Sons

Bonds’ Technique

Relating to the normal Rubric scheme, there’s mainly two methods to go about this:

  1. Basecoat the mannequin in gold after which fill within the armour panels with blue.
  2. Basecoat the mannequin in blue after which paint the gold trim.

I’ve tried each strategies and so they’re equally legitimate (Duncan’s Warhammer TV tutorial makes use of technique 1) however I favor technique 2. The explanation for that is that it offers me the chance to do simpler gradient work with the airbrush on the armour panels and this in the end ends in higher tonal selection and a greater wanting mannequin. Should you’re simply gonna do basecoat and wash, then technique 1 might be simpler.

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So right here was my strategy:

  1. For meeting, I used fairly a number of subassemblies to make my life simpler. I stored the pinnacle and backpack separate, which is typical, but additionally the shoulder pads since they’re fairly cumbersome and might make arm particulars laborious to get to which are nonetheless seen after meeting. Additionally, as a result of I’m specializing in Kill Workforce, I magnetized the weapons on all my Rubrics, which might additionally make portray them a lot simpler.
  2. The important thing to this scheme is the blue and for this I used Reaper’s Ocean Blue triad. It begins with a pleasant darkish greenish blue and goes as much as a vibrant aqua. It makes for an excellent transition and you’ll see my strategy to creating distinction within the preliminary spray. It appears fairly darkish however comes out fairly wealthy and vibrant as soon as all is alleged and finished.
  3. There’s not a ton extra colours to do. For the white I used my typical technique of VMC Gentle Sea Gray as a stable basecoat, combined with white ink to strengthen the impact, after which hit with Reaper Ghost White. This gave me a pleasant crisp white that went on easily. For the yellow I needed one thing fairly saturated and used VMC Deep Yellow combined with yellow ink to up the saturation. For the Gold I used the same old Scale75 stuff, principally Necro Gold right here for that worn gold look together with Dwarven Gold for the brighter spots. Then a gloss coat and pin wash with oils to line the panels.
  4. Final step is to edge spotlight, which is sort of easy on these guys since there’s nowhere close to as many edges as on a primaris dude. I take advantage of a vibrant sky blue for the blue armour, a desaturated yellow for the yellow and Scale75 Citrine Alchemy for the gold. For the bases, I went with a impartial stone shade that might assist offset the blue of the mini.

Robert “TheChirurgeon” Jones’ Technique

Thousand Sons had been all the time a part of my plan to cowl all 9 Traitor Legions. I purchased these off one other goon proper earlier than the second a part of “Curse of the Wulfen” marketing campaign dropped in seventh version, which gave me a whole Thousand Sons military to color. This was nice timing for me rules-wise, however the issue was additionally they launched new Rubric Marines proper after I completed portray my two squads! Since then I’ve added to the military in spurts, with slightly right here and there. My scheme predates the discharge of the “Thousand Sons Blue” paint shade, and so is predicated extra on the 2nd version Chaos Codex scheme, with a deeper blue.

Rubric Marine Credit: Robert "TheChirurgeon" Jones Rubric Marine Credit score: Robert “TheChirurgeon” Jones

Prime: Black. At all times Black.

The Blue: Like Bonds, I’m in a “blue first, then trim” mindset as a result of it makes doing fades and gradients with the blue simpler. I begin by base coating all the things with Kantor Blue, then I do a number of passes drybrushing progressively lighter mixes of Kantor Blue and Lothern Blue whereas the paint continues to be moist till I get one thing that’s nearer in shade to Caledor Sky. Then I edge spotlight with Lothern blue.

Yellow Stripes: Basecoat with Averland Sundown, then spotlight with watered-down Flash Gitz Yellow.

Gold Trim: Retributor Armour base, shade with Agrax Earthshade in a number of layers (normally 2) to uninteresting and create shading. Edge with Runefang Metal or Ironbreaker.

Steel Elements: Basecoat with Leadbealcher, then wash with Nuln Oil, then spotlight with Ironbreaker. I used Ironbreaker used for all of the rivets.

Gems: Khorne Purple as a basecoat, then I shade that with Carroburg Crimson and Nuln oil as much as the nook. Put a dot of Abaddon Black and Reaper Pure White within the higher proper nook, put a swirl of Mephiston Purple and Evil Sunz Scarlet within the decrease left. Commonplace GW gemstone process.

Tabards: Basecoat with Celestra Grey, cowl and spotlight with Reaper Pure White.I’ll normally add a design to this with Abaddon Black, or draw one thing utilizing a .005 Micron Pen.

Bolter: Basecoat with Mephiston Purple, shade with Carroburg Crimson, then edge spotlight with Evil Sunz Scarlet.

Eyes: Moot Inexperienced.

The Two Beans’ Technique


Tzeentch had all the time intrigued me since I began the 40k pastime. The concept of an omnipotent god pulling everybody’s strings whereas his followers use magic and daemons in opposition to brute pressure and traditional (within the forty first millennium no less than) weaponry. Studying via Codex Imperialis from the 2nd Version starter field set simply drew me in, and as an Imperial House Marine participant, I knew I used to be lacking out on one thing. I imply, take a look at this:

Within the Grim Darkness of the Far Future, there may be this far-out wanting dude. The issue was, there was ONLY that dude. There have been no different miniatures in manufacturing for the Thousand Sons. In actual fact, the selecting for CSM on the time had been very slim. For World Eaters there was a field of 10 plastics minatures that had been all the identical pose and a handful of metallic minis in blisters, Emperor’s Kids had two sculpts, Dying Guard and Thousand Sons had one sculpt every. The Chaos military checklist was additionally barebones, three complete pages in Codex: Military Lists which was a small booklet solely meant to get somebody began in a military and to tide folks over till their actual Codex ebook was launched.

Now seeing as how my choices had been restricted, each for modeling and for checklist constructing, I simply form of admired the thought of getting a Chaos military. It wasn’t till the summer time of 1997 and the discharge of Codex: Chaos that the seeds of heresy lastly take root. The military checklist was up to date and balanced to the extent of the opposite codex books. Every of the 4 Chaos Gods had their very own distinctive marine items, with Tzeentch’s Thousand Sons having a cool gimmick of being MAGIC MUMMY MARINES. The mannequin line additionally expanded, with new plastic and metallic miniatures. There was one exception, nonetheless. There have been no new sculpts for the Thousand Sons. There have been nonetheless photographs within the Codex that led me down a path of pondering that this wasn’t actually a lot of a deterrent.

This opened the doorways broad on beginning a Thousand Sons military for me. I didn’t have an entire lot of cash as a jobless bum teenager, however what I did have was a ton of older fashions given to me by buddies in my gaming group and a rising bits field. This led me to my first squad of Thousand Sons.

I used to be All In on this convert your dudes side. I had even replicated the conversion proven within the high left nook of the Codex picture. I acquired a twisted pleasure in grinding down a pewter miniature simply to gather its head, and a good higher pleasure in clipping the pinnacle off an older out of manufacturing lead marine captain. Sadly, no footage survive of that man.

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There was one subject with fielding Thousand Sons as An Military. The lore of “everybody’s a sorcerer or a mummy thrall” didn’t permit for an entire lot of selection in pressure composition. There have been no Havok or Veteran Squads within the Thousand Sons. That is the place I made a decision to not solely convert my miniatures, but additionally convert the lore a bit. What we name these days, Forging the Narrative.

A small contingent of Thousand Sons stranded after the Horus Heresy, lucky sufficient to keep away from being changed into sorcerous automatons by the Rubric of Ahriman. They sweep throughout the galaxy searching for their Rubricae brotheren, gathering them beneath their banner whereas looking for for the information and energy to reverse the Rubric of Ahriman, along with putting blows in opposition to the betrayal of the False Emperor and his crumbling Imperium.

I ended up exiting the pastime in third Version for no matter causes, and so much has occurred with the Thousand Sons since. With mannequin strains in 40K and Horus Heresy, there’s no scarcity of Sons to construct from. Returning to the pastime in 2017 after an extended hiatus, I made a decision to construct a pressure with related themes to my first CSM military. Enter the Misplaced Sons.

Utilizing military guidelines from Codex: Heretic Astartes and fashions from principally Horus Heresy with a number of fashions and conversions from 40k, AOS, WHFB. They may finally be the bigger a part of a Tzeentch assortment consisting of Daemons, Knights, and common Thousand Sons.

Misplaced Sons Paint Scheme

The Mannequin


  • Kantor Blue base
  • Nuln oil utilized liberally
  • Kantor Blue drybrush
  • Thousand Sons Blue drybrush/spotlight
  • Blue Horror edge spotlight

Tabards/Robes/veteran colours (shoulder pads, kneepads, helmets):

  • Xereus Purple base
  • Screamer Pink spotlight
  • Pink Horror edge spotlight

Weapon casings/uncovered cabling/limb articulation/melee weapon grips:

  • Abaddon Black base
  • Eshin Gray drybrush
  • Celestra Gray spotlight
  • Administratum Gray edge spotlight


  • Abaddon Black base
  • Skavenblight Dinge drybrush
  • Stormvirmin Fur spotlight
  • Dawnstone edge spotlight

Gray metallics/vents/cybernetics/gun metallic/unpowered blades:

  • Leadbelcher base
  • Nuln Oil Gloss
  • Runefang Metal spotlight or Necron Compound drybrush if bigger space
  • Stormhost Silver edge spotlight

Gold trim/blade hilts/gold ornamentation/:

  • Retributor Armour base
  • Reikland Fleshshade Gloss
  • Auric Armour Gold spotlight
  • Liberator Gold edge spotlight
  • Stormhost Silver level/nook spotlight

Bronze bits (flamer nozzles/swords)

  • Warplock Bronze base
  • Screaming Bell spotlight
  • Hashut Copper edge spotlight
  • Sycorax Bronze edge level/nook spotlight

Thousand Sons heraldry (alternating bands on armour/ornamentation/banners):


  • Thousand Sons Blue base
  • Nuln Oil recess shade (if massive space)
  • Ahriman Blue spotlight
  • Blue Horror edge spotlight


  • Averland Sundown base
  • Yriel Yellow second base
  • Cassandora Yellow recess shade (if massive space)
  • Flash Gitz Yellow edge spotlight


  • Ceramite White base
  • Waywatcher Inexperienced glaze


  • Stormhost Silver or Auric Armour Gold base
  • Soulstone Blue, Waystone Inexperienced, or Spiritstone Purple over metallic base

The Base

  • Zandri Mud base for big stones/bricks/rubble/ruins
  • Armageddon Mud/Armageddon Dunes/ Agrellan Badland/Agrellan Earth for the highest of the bottom itself
  • Armageddon Mud positioned in spots on high of surfaces, in corners as random small rubble and mud
  • Agrax Earthshade shade
  • Zandri Mud drybrush
  • Tyrant Cranium lighter drybrush
  • Wraithbone tremendous drybrush
  • Cassandora Yellow shade
  • Tyrant Cranium drybrush
  • Wraithbone tremendous drybrush
  • Cranium White ultra-fine drybrush
  • Season with Mordheim Turf

Tyrant Cranium drybrush over decrease half of mannequin, getting heavier as you go down. Make it look messy. Ft needs to be virtually absolutely lined as if to fade into the bottom.

Car treads/wheels/undercarrages:

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  • Liberal utilization of Agrax Earthshade and Typhus Corrosion
  • Zandri Mud drybrush
  • Tyrant Cranium lighter drybrush
  • Wraithbone tremendous drybrush
  • Cassandora Yellow as a tint on flat surfaces and edges (keep away from moving into recesses)
  • Tyrant Cranium drybrush *Wraithbone tremendous drybrush
  • Cranium White ultra-fine drybrush

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