THE STUD LESBIAN: The Evolution Of A Revolution

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Many proceed to ask, what’s a Stud? I am my opinion a Stud is a complimentary time period used loosely to explain a bunch of horny, empowered, assured, sturdy girls. Finally a power of nature! A stud is proud, fierce and obsessed with all of her convictions. She is set, formidable, motivated, and to not be silenced! A stud is an aggressive, clever religious girl who’s a masculine lesbian! A stud is a lady who defines power, not permitting or affirming anybody else’s definition. She defines her! She is the epitome! A stud is the final word selection, the cream of the crop, and undoubtedly the choose of the litter!

Studs are passionate, and loving. They’re compassionate and nurturing. Many studs need long run relationships, and marriage. There are even studs that wish to have and lift kids! I imagine studs make nice dad and mom, as a result of they’ve a spectrum of abilities, training, and spirituality. Studs current themselves with a excessive sense of delight, exuding pure magnificence that no beauty can present.

Many studs are religious, embracing religious practices as an alternative of organized faith. Many studs have adopted teachings from non-denominational church buildings, additionally metaphysics, and even Buddhism! So far as the Biblical Scripture, studs have taken the stance that historical textual content and condemnation don’t mirror our optimistic loving life.

A stud would by no means put on frilly, floral or polka dot clothes! A stud would by no means put on ruffles; polish her nails shiny goofy colours, or put on a push up bra. A stud would by no means put on panty hose, stilettos, put on full make-up, or large gaudy jewellery. A stud would by no means put on horny female lingerie. Studs would by no means put on flowers of their hair, or tremendous tight clothes!

Some widespread names for stud girls are butch, dom, boi, aggressive, drag king, stone butch, high and the record goes on. All studs are totally different. Some studs are stone-butch, who don’t establish with something feminine or female. There are additionally girls thought-about soft-studs who could have an androgynous look or character. There are studs who’re athletes, some have a hip hop look, and others put on tailor-made Armani fits and Stacy Adams. Many studs are bikers adorned with leather-based chaps and a cranium cap, whereas others have a rustic western look!

Once I was youthful, I felt awkward and misunderstood. I appeared like a boy! As adolescence disappeared, I observed my type of gown intimidated and incited straight folks. It made them uncomfortable. I did not have an issue with my look, however everybody else did! As I grew into stud hood, pictures of what was thought-about correct regularly flooded my consciousness. In every single place I turned, the church, the tv and in each journal, female girls have been extra accepted. The package deal I offered was not splendid. My aunt would say, “A correct girl is meant to appear to be this, sit and smile like this. A respectful girl should stroll like this, act this manner, and discuss like this”! I had completely no real interest in being a correct girl! I simply needed to go shoot basketball, and replace my Scorching Wheels assortment!

What studs signify challenges peoples beliefs, morals and their notion of God and Biblical scripture. What we represented crosses folks’s boundaries. We make folks suppose.

Many ask why are studs so masculine, why you so onerous? Effectively, traditionally studs/masculine girls have systematically been discriminated in opposition to exiled from society and even murdered. Again within the 1950’s a masculine girl needed to be onerous for a lot of causes. At first she needed to defend herself in opposition to the various horrors of being masculine in an early American society. Masculine girls supplied for themselves, not relying on anybody for his or her sustenance or survival. In essence they did the identical guide labor as their male friends.

I imagine studs seem masculine to the surface world as a result of the world can’t relate. Studs really feel a sure sense of power and delight in expressing their true nature. Typically studs are criticized by society for making an attempt to appear to be a person. The very fact is, studs do wish to appear to be males. Studs wish to be comfy. They wish to look the best way they really feel emotionally or spiritually.

A stud’s masculinity is a broad spectrum. Do you know many feminine Olympic athletes have been disqualified for not being genetically feminine? My expensive good friend Marie is phenotypically feminine, however genetically male! Not solely is Marie hormonally and chemically male, she has male attributes! Based on Marie’s docs, Marie was born with the pure overproduction of the male hormone testosterone. She has minimal to no manufacturing of feminine hormones. So I ask, are studs wrongfully discriminated in opposition to as a result of they could have extra male chromosomes or born with an over manufacturing of testosterone?

In western society each start is predicted to be conceived with XY or XX chromosomes. Usually these with XY or XX chromosomes will develop as much as be a person or a lady. They’ve exterior and inner organs which might be clearly distinguishable. Due to this fact these individuals who’re born XY or XX shall be naturally interested in the other intercourse. Typically this isn’t he case when a feminine toddler is born with male chromosomes and hormones!

One other reality is that hormones set off nature or aggression. Genetically many feminine infants are uncovered to the male androgen (intercourse hormone) referred to as Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia or CAH. Feminine infants uncovered to the male hormone develop up trying and appearing like boys. Initially these kids are referred to as tomboys as a result of they exhibit a tough or masculine nature. They’re athletic, muscular, mannish, and rather more aggressive than females born with out the male hormone. As a substitute of being interested in female gendered toys, garments, or actions they’re fairly the other. The male androgen influences their likes, dislikes, and orientation. Many studs/ lesbians develop facial hair and their voice deepens throughout adolescent! Finally all of their behaviors are management by this hormone! A few of these traits are all stud/butch traits.

One of the best ways to know the magnitude of this data is that intercourse and gender are two various things. They don’t have anything to do with sexual deviance. Studs/ lesbians aren’t making an attempt to be males!

After all the conservatives need this scientific data to stay hidden in order that we are able to stay everlasting targets for biased legal guidelines, violence and discrimination.

Once more, I believe it’s ridicules to discriminate in opposition to any particular person. All through historical past the Bible is used to discriminate in opposition to homosexual folks. The very fact is, the books of the Bible have been written in a pre-scientific age. The authors of the quite a few books weren’t conscious of sexual minorities, chromosomes, DNA, or girls that produce testosterone. They didn’t have the expertise to find out the precise info concerning the different sexes and the chromosome variations wherein we’re born.

Like society, our group is extraordinarily various; there are lots of kinds of studs from quite a few backgrounds, from each tradition and faith. Some cultures embrace girls who’re lesbian, most don’t. Many cultures like our personal have been taught to oppress something that’s totally different or they don’t perceive.

One of many greatest issues within the homosexual and lesbian group is homophobia. Homophobia is born from Biblical and non secular ignorance that fuels the ache that studs combat each day. This virus causes the shortage of visibility, the sensation of being powerless and damaging media stereotypes. Due to this ignorance it’s believed that every one studs hate males! Studs wish to be or imitate a person. Studs suppose they’re males, due to this fact have a psychological sickness! Studs are the abomination! It is believed that every one studs abusers, womanizers, and that they carry illness! All of those myths grew from worry, ignorance and Biblical intolerance.

The answer to eliminating these negatives is to offer folks with optimistic data that displays our picture, our politics, struggles and triumphs.

The one-sided biased legal guidelines of this land, and all that govern it, have solely quenched and strengthened STUD our spirits!

After all the church, the varsity, the medical heart, Uncle Leroy, and Grandma requires any masculine girl to be female and visually pleasing of their eyes. We’re anticipated to be mushy, passive, demure, and aesthetically pleasing to everybody exterior ourselves. However that isn’t our actuality. I refused to disregard my true self. I have been labeled all kinds of issues like dyke and bull dagger. By means of all of that, I embraced my range and my variations from others. I’ve a transparent understanding and acceptance of who I’m and who we’re.

My prayer is that masculine girls will begin a revolution, a large motion towards mainstream visibility! Masculine girls’s visibility and the eagerness behind it are lengthy overdue!

Stud girls are a power with limitless potential and energy. I really feel it’s crucial to dispel the stereotypes, and the myths. We should empower ourselves now not permitting anybody or thought course of to manage us. All girls wrestle for acceptance, love, and self-affirmation, however for us it is totally different. We’re totally different.

This nation is ALWAYS speaking about group and unity. It does not matter if the particular person is a tough core stud with fifty tattoos, hip hop gear, or a shinny new chopper. We’re a robust and assured nation. It is time that we stand up and embrace who we’re beneath the floor.

What the world should know is that God/ Spirit has by no means created something exterior of itself! By no means. All the pieces that we are able to see and contact got here from one supply! God doesn’t choose, hate or kill. God will not be homophobic, discriminative or sexist. God would by no means use a religious textual content to marginalize his personal creation. God doesn’t love with situations, neither is God compartmentalized.

“There’s nothing extra highly effective than an thought whose time has come”
Dr. Martin Luther King

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