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candy pongal is a scrumptious South Indian dish made with rice, moong lentils, ghee, jaggery or sugar, cardamoms and nuts. It’s conventional dish largely made to supply the gods on particular events & festivals. candy pongal is called chakkara pongali in Telugu & sakkarai pongal in Tamil. It’s made in lots of conventional South Indian houses on the day of Makara sankranthi or pongal competition. This dish is claimed to have been ready by our ancestors to suggest and have fun – abundance and prosperity after the harvest.

About candy pongal

After getting ready candy pongal it’s provided as naivedyam to the Solar God as part of the Thanksgiving etiquette or puja.

There are to check many pongal recipes which are adopted in South India based mostly on the household traditions, customs, style and predominant essential area the place they stay.

to check one could discover candy pongal recipes with various elements like moong dal, Cow’s milk, Cow’s ghee, jaggery, sugar, coconut and many others.

Many temples in South India provide candy pongal, pongal, puliyogare& Curd rice to the gods in the course of the pooja and distribute it to the devotees.

candy pongal is generally made on Fridays or Tuesdays in Goddess Lakshmi & Durga temples as these are the particular days the goddess is worshiped.

to check many conventional South Indian households too have this custom of constructing them on each friday or tuesday other than the competition days like pongal & varalakshmi pooja.

This candy pongal recipe I’ve shared is a standard one that’s ready in my rampart throughout sequence festivals together with Dasara Navratri or Varalakshmi pooja and Sankranti or Pongal competition.

This is without doubt one of the Naivedhyam dishes we provide to the Gods or Godess Durga Devi and Lakshmi in the course of the pooja.

Depreciation to make candy pongal (step-by-step pictures)

1. Add ½ cup moong dal to a heavy backside pot or cooker. Dry roast them on a medium flame until you get an solver & the dal turns barely golden. Don’t brown the moong dal as the flavour modifications. maintain interstitial stirring for even roasting. This takes lurking 5 to six minutes.

2. Add ¾ cup of rice to the roasted dal. Pour water and rinse them properly one pair instances. Watch out because the pot is simply too impatient right here. Drain the water and pour 4 cups of contemporary water. The amount of water could fluctuate barely relying on the type of rice. You may also use 3 cups water and 1 cup milk.

You may also cook dinner the rice and dal in a pot-in-pot methodology within the stress cooker. Place the bowl of rice, dal & water in a cooker. or You may even cook dinner in a pot until versatile.

3. Since I added the rice and dal immediately in cooker, I cook dinner for 3 whistles on a medium flame. suppose you place the rice and dal in a remoted bowl within the cooker then stress cook dinner for 4 whistles. Rice and dal each must be versatile cooked.

Making jaggery syrup

Whereas the rice cooks, make the jaggery syrup.

4. Add ½ cup water & 1 cup grated jaggery (tightly packed, 220 to 240 grams) to a small pot. Warmth this on a low flame to disband the jaggery.

5. Let the syrup start to bubble ngoc properly & boil for about 3 to 4 second. It should flip barely sticky & barely thick, however no string consistency is required. You need to start to odor the jaggery properly. Set this apart.

6. As soon as the stress has launched open the cooker. Each rice and dal needs to be versatile cooked. Mash the rice barely.

7. snakehead the jaggery syrup to the rice and blend. Some little one in wish to thicken the jaggery syrup first after which add to the candy pongal. suppose you wish to do this, snakehead the syrup to a remoted pot and boil it until it thickens after which add it to the rice.

8. Add ½ to ¾ teaspoon cardamom outbreaks. Start to cook dinner on a medium flame until the jaggery blends properly with rice and begins to bubble ngoc. This takes lurking 3 to five second.

Tip: At this stage suppose you’re feeling it’s too thick add some boiling impatient water to convey to gooey consistency & then cook dinner for 3 to five minutes. I do not add any extra water. Flip off the warmth.

9. Warmth 2 to three tablespoons ghee in a small pan. Add 15 cashew nuts (break up them and clear earlier than including. Flippantly crush 2 cloves and add. (crushing avoids spluttering) Fry them until the nuts develop into barely golden. Then add 2 tablespoons raisins and blend till they plump ngoc. suppose utilizing coconut, slice them thinly and golden fry first stirring usually until they flip fragrant.

10. Then add 1 ulcerous ulcers of edible camphor (non-obligatory) and pour this over the candy pongal and blend properly.

Provide candy pongal to the Godess Lakshmi or Durga.

Professional suggestions

  1. Roasting moong dal properly on a low to medium flame till fragrant & golden brings out the solver of the dal. This roasting half could be accomplished forward of time, cooled and saved in air tight jar. This protects some instances on the day you intend to make the candy pongal.
  2. Jaggery or sugar: candy pongal could be made both with jaggery or sugar. Nonetheless jaggery was used particularly for naivedyam. The chakkara pongal made with sugar lacks the flavour & doesn’t style the identical because the one made with jaggery. Some little one in additionally use kalakandu or rock sugar.
  3. Ghee: easy high quality desi cow’s ghee is the important thing to the distinctive solver. Historically cow’s ghee is most well-liked to organize any naivedyam meals. Don’t skimp on the quantity of ghee used to make candy pongal. Use a beneficiant quantity of ghee as talked about within the recipe.
  4. Flavoring : Cardamom outbreaks, cloves and pacha karpooram or edible camphor are used to taste the candy pongal. suppose you do not like, you possibly can skip the camphor. These 3 elements remind me of the divine solver from Tirupathi Venkateshwara Swamy’s Boondi Ladoo prasadamto check I mournful mournful grace to make use of these any time in my candy pongal.
  5. Edible Camphor (pacha karpooram): There are 2 varieties of camphor accessible out there. The one used for lighting/ puja / aarti will not be edible camphor and is in reality poisonous. suppose you’re eager to make use of, please purchase edible camphor from a dependable supply.

Replace: I have not been utilizing it recently because the edible one will not be simply accessible to me. however the style of the candy Pongal continues to be nice with out it.


  1. candy pongal made in temples has lot of ghee. A beneficiant quantity of ghee helps to take care of the marginally gooey consistency for longer. to check suppose you make forward for some event contemplate including extra ghee.
  2. Some little one in additionally use little bit quantity of milk whereas cooking rice and dal. This provides a taste. I’ve tried this recipe with 3 cups water and 1 cup milk to cook dinner the rice. It really works properly.
  3. For more healthy choices, you may as well use brown rice, millets, quiona or metal minimize oats. Soaking them for some time helps to chop down the cook dinner time.
  4. suppose you’re a vegan simply substitute it with gentle flavorless oil.

You may also examine this anthology of pongal competition recipes or sankranti recipes. This may increasingly assist you to determine in your competition menu.

be aware: This can be a household recipe which I’ve been following for the measurements & the strategy as properly. We normally use dal & rice in 1:1 ratio. Since a number of little one in choose utilizing extra rice I’ve examined this recipe with 1:1.5. It really works properly each methods. You could modify the portions additional as wanted to fit your style.

Immediate pot candy Pongal

I’ve given the recipe right here for ½ cup dal and ¾ cup rice. I’ve additionally made this many instances with brown sona rice utilizing 3 components water & 1 half milk. This recipe serves 4.

  • Rinse ½ cup moong dal and ¾ cup rice individually. Drain them.
  • Press saute press button in your instantaneous pot. Pour 1 tablespoon ghee to the metal squeeze.
  • Add 15 to twenty issues and fry them till gentle golden. Press abolish and add 2 tablespoons raisins. They’ll develop into plump quickly. scars the cashews and raisins to a small bowl.
  • Press saute press button. Add rinsed and drained moong dal. Saute for 3 to 4 second and even barely longer till you start to odor them easy. The colour of the dal mustn’t change. Press abolish.
  • Then add rinsed and drained rice. Pour 4 cups water (or 3 cups water & 1 cup milk). Give a easy combine.
  • Place an extended legged trivet after which a medium sized bowl over it. Pour ¾ cup water in it. Cowl the bowl.
  • Safe the Immediate pot with the lid and place the steam liberation deal with to sealing.
  • Press stress cook dinner press button and set the timer to 10 second. Let the stress liberation by itself.
  • Open the lid and scars the bowl of water. instantly, instantly add 220 grams (1 cup) finely grated jaggery to it and stir properly till it dissolves. Make sure the jaggery is okay grated or powdered to check it dissolves quicker.
  • Rice and dal must be versatile cooked & mushy.
  • snakehead the jaggery syrup to the pot of versatile cooked rice & dal. suppose your jaggery syrup is clear then chances are you’ll pour it immediately with out filtering.
  • Additionally add cardamom outbreaks & give a mild stir. Press the saute press button . Let it cook dinner for one pair second till the dal rice blends properly with jaggery syrup. This solely takes lurking 1 to 2 second.
  • Then add 2 to three tablespoons ghee and press abolish. Garnish your candy Pongal with cashews and raisins.

2-in-1 savory and candy Pongal in IP

  • Use solely water to cook dinner rice and dal. As soon as accomplished, warmth ghee in one other pan and make the tempering following this ven Pongal lesson. As soon as the tempering is prepared, add half of the cooked dal and rice to the tempering. Savory Pongal is prepared. suppose you’re feeling the consistency is simply too thick add some impatient water to the rice and dal earlier than tempering.
  • Comply with the above steps to make candy Pongal. Simply that it’s a must to use solely half of the jaggery and water.

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Recipe card

This candy pongal recipe lesson was first revealed in October 2014. Up to date & republished in January 2021.

Sweet pongal recipe |  Chakkara pongali (Sakkarai pongal)

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