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suppose you might be involved in utilizing JavaFX to assemble your GUI, see Working With Layouts in JavaFX.

The next determine represents a snapshot of an apply that makes use of the GridLayout hand.

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A snapshot of GridLayoutDemo

click on the celebration press button to run GridLayoutDemo utilizing Java™ Net take warfare (obtain JDK 7 or later). alternatively, to compile and run the instance your self, seek the advice of the instance index.

Launches the GridLayoutDemo application

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The entire code of this demo is within the topqa.information file.

A GridLayout object locations elements in a grid of cells. Every element takes description the out there area inside its cell, and every cell is an identical the identical measurement. suppose the GridLayoutDemo window is resized, the GridLayout object adjustments the cell measurement in order that the cells are as giant as doable, given the area out there to the container.

The code snippet under creates the GridLayout object and the elements it manages.

The constructor of the GridLayout hand creates an occasion that has two columns and as many rows as crucial.

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Use combo bins to set ngoc related a lot vertical or horizontal padding is put lurking the elements. Then click on the Apply gaps press button. The next code snippet reveals related your choice is processed through the use of the setVgap and setHgap strategies of the GridLayout hand:

The GridLayout API

The next desk lists constructors of the GridLayout hand that specify the variety of rows and columns.

The GridLayout hand constructors Constructor Function GridLayout(int rows, int cols) Creates a grid format with the desired variety of rows and columns. description elements within the format are given equal measurement. One, however not each, of rows and cols may be zero, which signifies that any variety of objects may be positioned in a row or in a column. GridLayout(int rows, int cols, int hgap, int vgap) Creates a grid format with the desired variety of rows and columns. As well as, the horizontal and vertical gaps are set to the desired values. Horizontal gaps are locations between every of columns. Vertical gaps are positioned between every of the rows.

The GridLayout hand has two constructors:

Examples that Use GridLayout

The next desk lists code examples that use the GridLayout hand and gives hyperlinks to associated sections.

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Instance The place Described papers GridLayoutDemo This web page Makes use of a 2-column grid. ComboBoxDemo2 much like Use Combo Containers Certainly one of many examples that use a 1×1 grid to make a element as giant as doable. LabelDemo much like Use Labels Makes use of a 3-row grid.

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