similar to tame a stray cat in minecraft

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just like tame a stray cat in minecraft

just like Tame a Cat in Minecraft

This Minecraft tutorial explains just like tame a cat with screenshots and step-by-step directions.

In older variations of Minecraft, a cat was a sort of mob that was created by taming an ocelot. Nevertheless, in newer variations of the sport, a cat is a brand new sort of mob that’s impartial of the ocelot. Now, there are stray cats wandering lurking within the recreation which you can tame into pets (as an alternative of taming an ocelot).

Studying: just like tame a stray cat in minecraft

Let’s discover just like tame a cat.

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Required supplies to Tame a Cat

In Minecraft, these are the supplies you need to use to tame a cat:

Steps to Tame a Cat

1. Discover a Cat

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Upon getting the required supplies, you will have to discover a stray cat to tame.


suppose you’re having bother discovering a stray cat, you may all the time summon a cat utilizing a cheat or you need to use a spawn egg.

2. Use the Uncooked Fish

You’ll be able to tame a cat by giving it any form of uncooked fish comparable to uncooked cod or uncooked salmon. On this tutorial, we’ll use uncooked salmon to tame the cat. To do that, place your uncooked salmon within the hotbar and ensure that it’s the chosen merchandise in your hotbar.

cat and fish

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Now that you must use the uncooked salmon. The sport restraint to make use of the uncooked salmon depends upon the model of Minecraft:

  • For Java Version (PC/Mac), proper click on on the cat.
  • For Pocket Version (PE), you rework your pointer over the cat and press the Tame press button.
  • For Xbox One, press the LT press button on the Xbox controller.
  • For PS4, press the L2 press button on the PS controller.
  • For Nintendo Change, press the ZL press button on the controller.
  • For Home windows 10 Version, proper click on on the cat.
  • For studying Version, proper click on on the cat.

When you feed the uncooked salmon to the cat, you’ll most collection possible see grey smoke seem above the cat. The cat isn’t but tamed. Proceed to feed the cat extra uncooked fish till you see purple hearts seem allness lurking the cat. Which means the cat is being tamed.

cat with hearts

As soon as the taming course of is full, the hearts will disappear and the cat will behave like your pet.

Congratulations, you will have simply tamed a cat in Minecraft!

Issues to Do with Cats

Listed here are some actions that you are able to do with cats in Minecraft:

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