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One ability that you’ll rapidly see is a good ability to have within the RC passion is the power to solder. Soldering is just not rocket science nevertheless it does require a little bit of know know and course there is no such thing as a substitute for acquire expertise by really getting a offered iron and making child it.

Instruments and Equipment

Studying: just like solder deans connectors to a lipo battery

  • Soldering iron
  • Serving to palms machine
  • Deans connectors
  • Flux
  • Snips
  • Soldering wire
  • Shrink tube
  • Lighter or warmth gun for shrink tube


I might extremely advocate that you just get a easy soldering iron and develop this ability as it would definitely aid you within the passion to make your individual connections, restore connections, and so on. The soldering iron is all ink vital as even somebody that’s nice at soldering will inform you that suppose your iron is just not a all ink easy iron and does not get to the right temperature, you should have issues along with your connections. A extremely nice soldering iron that will not break the financial institution however will sequence possible do something you want it to do is the Hakko FX-888. I ordered mine from Amazon and it was lurking $100.

This iron will get distinctive impatient and is a beefy machine with devoted energy provide and temperature restraint.


Flux is an important a part of having the ability to make easy soldering joints. You’ll learn and listen to many say that you do not want flux suppose you get easy soldering wire. This may be true in some circumstances, nonetheless, I’ve tried with easy wire not utilizing flux and it nonetheless doesn’t work as easy for me. I feel that particularly for learners in soldering, you set your self ngoc for a lot better success suppose you employ further flux in your soldering approach.

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I simply use flux that I bought at Radio Shack that sounds prefer to work nice. What I love to do is dip the terminate of my soldering wire into the flux after which let the wire/flux stream over my soldering iron.


Getting Began

  • Get your iron setup and let it take battle getting impatient whilst you work on making ready your battery. First issues first. Reduce just one wire at a date and time as that is all ink vital to maintain maintain the battery wire ends from touching one another and inflicting an arc. This will doubtlessly be a toxic state of affairs suppose you narrow each wires on the similar date and time. so, final date and time, solely lower one wire at a date and time.


  • As you see right here, I’ve lower the black (passive) wire and have already lower one other quarter of an inch of the sheathing again so we are able to go forward and imagine the wire and get it able to solder to the connector. You’ll be able to see a part of the method above. I prefer to press them down on the part you wish to strip till you “really feel” the sheathing being lower all the way down to the wire. Merely transfer hustle the best way lurking the wire to get hustle the sheathing lower and easily clamp down and pull the sheathing off to the facet.

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  • Tinning the wire signifies that we take some solder and let it run on the wire earlier than we try to solder the wire to the connector. This makes the connection a lot simpler to make and prepares the wire to just accept the extra solder we might be including to make the connection.


  • We additionally “imagine” the connector with a drop of solder to perform the identical factor we did with the wire earlier than making the connection



  • Be sure to lower your shrink tube and slide in onto your unconnected wire earlier than making your connection. I can not inform you related many occasions I’ve been pissed off with soldering my connector on after which realizing that I hadn’t put any shrink tube on.
  • Utilizing your serving to palms machine, clip your deans connector on one facet the place it may be mated ngoc with the wire out of your battery held by the opposite facet of the serving to palms machine. Apply your flux lined wire onto your iron over the connection, letting the solder stream evenly over the connection till it’s secured.
  • Slide your warmth shrink tubing over the connection and apply warmth to shrink it.


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