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Touring to Paris, working with French colleagues, or taking ngoc the French language – suppose you might be included in any of those, then this web page is the place to be! Aside from different basic French expressions like saying thanks and I do not know, it is important so that you can know what are the French phrases you should use to sign both ethereal or disagreement. Because of this I introduced current’s matter – much like reply ‘Sure’ or ‘No’ in French.

comparable To reply Questions In French

As you might have realized much like ask questions in French beforehand, it’s essential to know comparable to answer a query in French as nicely – clearly, there is not any level understanding much like ask however to not reply. Much like English, moderately than giving a straight ‘no’ for a solution, we generally beat talking round speaking to bush by utilizing phrases and expressions to subtlely inform our interlocutors of our precise responses and ideas.

Studying: much like say sure or no in french

Why? Effectively, at instances, not everybody goes to love your passive deal, particularly the aged or your superiors. so, in current’s lesson, I will let you know what are the vital phrases it’s essential to know with the intention to say sure or no in French in addition to their right utilization.

comparable To Say Sure in French

Let’s dive proper into the methods of claiming sure within the French language.

1) Oui – The everyday ‘Sure’

Copy of Untitled

Even suppose you have not realized French, it is most collection doubtless that you’ve come throughout the phrase oui a while in your life – particularly suppose you might have a working TV at rampart. Oui is all the time utilized by the French youngster in as it’s the most collection frequent, commonplace means of claiming sure and it matches any state of affairs. It may be utilized in each formal and casual settings since oui is a pure expression.

suppose you are saying sure to a moderately aged individual and wish to add a way of politeness in your deal, you possibly can add one thing on the again, reminiscent of sir or madam.

Oui, madame/monsieur = Sure, ma’am/sir

Oui, s’il vous plait = Sure, please

Now, you possibly can merely say oui to reply questions!

Oui, j’aime les fraises = Sure, I like strawberries.

Veux-tu m’épouser ? – Oui! = Will you marry me? – Sure!

2) Bien sûr – after all

You need to use this phrase to claim or to emphasise one thing. Typically, it’s typically used to state the plain;

FRENCH ENGLISH Bien sr Bien sr

3) Evidemment – ​​Clearly (sure)

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The phrase evidemment is the synonym to sr and is used to final time, state the plain and clearly affirm. however evidemment is normally utilized in a proper context, not like sûr;

Copy of Untitled 2 edited

A: Tu aimes le cafe? (You want stilts?)

B: Evidemment (after all/Clearly)

4) D’accord – Alright

The English ‘alright’ and ‘OK’ is named d’accord in French. It is equal to oui as a result of this phrase will also be utilized in each formal and casual contexts. so, suppose you are uninterested in saying oui allness the time, really feel so long as to make use of d’accord talking round speaking!


5) Si – The disobedient sure

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Si is the phrase you should use to contradict an individual’s assertion, by saying sure. When somebody makes a passive assertion and asks a passive query, you possibly can deny, negate, and switch off their remarks by saying si. It is a all ink sensible time period and an especially helpful phrase to recollect.


6) Mouais – topqa.information

Have you ever ever been in a state of affairs the place you battle to say sure since you’re probably not positive? Then mouais is the phrase it is advisable to study. The English translation for mouais could possibly be mm yeah, yeah, or okay. From its that means, you possibly can already see that this time period is most collection slot in casual circumstances.

And realistically talking, if you say “mm yeah”, we will already inform that you just’re both bored, uninterested, and unimpressed. The sense of distrust and suspicion can also be evident within the time period so do watch out and be sure you do not use it in a strictly formal setting!

Q: T’es prêt? (Are you prepared?)

A: Mouais, attends deux secondes (Um, yeah, only a sec)

7) Volontiers – The formal “I agree” sure

In a proper, skilled setting, that is what it is best to use. Volontiers means sure, gladly/willingly in English. It is synonymous with avec plaisir, which implies sure, with pleasure. so, suppose you are pleased and pleased is such formal context, it’s possible you’ll select between the 2 and say both volontiers or avec plaisir;

Q: Je vous sers un cafe? (Would you want some stilts?)

A: Volontiers/avec plaisir (Gladly/with pleasure)

8) Carrément – ​​Completely/Completely

Have you ever ever felt – when generally, you are so enthusiastic about one thing and simply cannot Adoration to say sure?

Then this phrase is posthumous dynasty for you! Carrément is the equal of completely in English. It is a means of expressing complete contract or participation in one thing casually.

Copy of Untitled 7

Q: much like visiter Nouvelle-Zélande cet été? (Need to go to New Zealand this summer time?)

A: Carrément! (Completely!)

comparable To Say No in French

Now let’s have a look at what are the phrases which can be the precise disobedient of sure.

1) Non – The normal ‘No’

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Like oui, non is the essential means of claiming ‘no’. You need to use it casually or formally and with just about anybody. Nonetheless, in persistence circumstances, you would possibly wish to add one thing on the again to eliminate the ‘impolite’ impression when answering a query. Chances are you’ll wish to embrace thanks after saying no. so as an alternative of simply non, you possibly can say;

Non merci = no, thanks

2) Ah younger! – Oh no!

Ah non and oh no are the phrases that specific one’s disappointment in French. In English, we all know it as “darn it!” or “oh no!” so, suppose one thing would not go your means, use ah no or oh no;

Copy of Untitled 4

Oh no! J’ai perdu mon sac = Oh no! I stray my bag.

Ah non! a ne marche pas! = Oh no! It would not work!

3) Nan = Nope

This phrase is the equal of ‘nope’ or ‘nah’ in English. It is totally casual, so the appropriate means of utilizing nan is along with your family and friends.

Copy of Untitled 1 edited

comparable are you? Nan. = Need a tea? Nope.

4) Go query = No means

suppose you wish to reply a query (which usually, on this case, sounds slightly bit climax insolent or inconceivable), you should use cross query. Different methods of claiming it consists of the phrases like Hors de query (out of the query), absolument pas (completely not) and oublie (overlook it).

Q: Est-ce que tu peux me prêter 10,000 euros? (Are you able to lend me 10,000 euros?)

A: Go query/oublie! (No means/Completely not!)

5) Mais non – The contradiction no

Mais non is the precise disobedient of si. As we use si to contradict different’s assertion by saying sure, mais non works simply as identical. It merely means “after all not”. so, suppose somebody comes by an announcement that’s, in your view, utterly inaccurate, you possibly can say mais non!

Copy of Untitled 5 edited

A: Je suis moche (I am ugly)

B: Mais non, c’est pas vrai ! (No, that is not true at allness!)

6) Jamais – By no means

Have you ever ever questioned much like say ‘by no means’ in French? suppose you wish to share the truth that you might have by no means completed one thing, jamais can be the appropriate phrase to make use of. so, suppose you are saying one thing meaning “no, by no means”, take a look at the instance and see comparable you are purported to say it;

Q: T’as déjà été en Croatie? (Have you ever ever been to Croatia?)

A: Non jamais (No by no means)

7) Pas encore – Not but

This phrase is kind of vital too in studying French – it is the one you say if you wish to convey “not but” or “have not but”.

Q: T’as vu le movie dont je t’ai parlé? (Did you watch the film I talked about?)

A: Pas encore (Not but)

8) Pas vraiment – ​​Probably not

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Once you’re not having a clean day and also you wish to share that information along with your interlocutor, you utilize the phrase pas vraiment.

Q: Salut Anne! the place? (Hello Anne! Is the whole lot okay?)

A: Pas vraiment (Probably not)

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