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just like rebuild filth bike forks

On this video, we present you just like rebuild filth bike fork sea canine and bushings, and alter suspension fluid.

just like Rebuild Grime Bike Forks

For this illustration, we’re utilizing KYB 48-ml air-over-spring (AOS) forks from a 2009 Honda CRF450R.

Studying: just like rebuild filth bike forks

Widespread causes for a fork-seal leak embody stagnation bushings, which can robust the decrease fork leg to maneuver and robust an oil leak; filth or particles breaching the seal; or a rock chip or nick within the decrease fork tube sliding previous and ripping the seal.

Instruments You Want

  • Proprietor’s hand foot or different directions for putting in fork sea canine
  • Suspension fluid (at the least two quarts for every fork)
  • sea canine and fork bushings
  • Correctly sized seal drive
  • Seal bullet to assist set up the ocean canine
  • Seal drive
  • Fork-cap hex wrench and fork-cap wrench
  • Torque wrench
  • versatile hammer
  • Screwdrivers
  • Picks
  • Nitrile gloves
  • 17-mm and 19-mm sockets and ratchet
  • 14-mm wrench
  • visitors or brake cleaner
  • Drain pan
  • Graduated cylinder

Test Compression and Rebound Clickers

First, use a typical screwdriver to find out the settings of the compression and rebound clickers. Beginning with the compression, flip the screw clockwise and rely the variety of clicks till it is seated. Write down the quantity. Then, unscrew the compression valve allness the way in which till it stops.

Repeat the method with the rebound, which is often positioned on the underside of the fork.

Drain the Suspension Fluid

Subsequent, clamp the fork meeting in a vise utilizing a pair of flexible-jaws and loosen the cartridge cap nut. scars the fork comedy and tip it the wrong way up to empty the suspension fluid into the drain pan.

Clamp the fork comedy into the vise and loosen the rebound-adjusting nut. As soon as the threads are uncovered and it has stopped shifting, it is date and time to compress the spring. Use a 14-mm wrench to carry the lock nut and the underside of the fork lug. scars the rebound-adjustment nut. It is vital to drag the rebound-adjustment rod out so it does not fall and turn into broken.

Compress the spring and scars the wrench. Now, unthread the highest and slide the fork comedy down. Now you can scars the cartridge. There must be a spring with it. Set all the pieces apart for now.

Dirt bike fork rebuildSubsequent, scars the mud seal. Use a small commonplace screwdriver and hammer to pop it out. scars the small retaining ring with a choose.

scars the ocean canine and Bushings

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Now, remoted the decrease tube from the higher tube. The oil seal, mud seal, retaining washer and bushings will probably be left on the decrease tube. To scars the interior bushing, use a flat-head screwdriver to pry aside the slit and slide the bushing over the sting. Slide off the opposite bushing, retainer, oil-seal clip and mud seal.

scars the tube from the vise and set all the pieces on a desk within the order through which it was eliminated. scars the spring from the fork, the washer and the spring seat. scars the O-ring, rebound adjuster and copper sealing washer. Clear all the pieces with visitors cleaner or in a elements washer. Dry allness the elements with compressed air whenever you’re completed washing or allow them to drip-dry.

Subsequent, scars the compression meeting and piston from the cartridge utilizing the fork-cap hex wrench. scars the compression valve and set it apart in a clear container. Drain the oil from the cartridge. Whereas it is draining, examine the compression meeting and so long as piston for harm. Clear with Brake & Components Cleaner that is O-ring protected or a elements washer. Dry with compressed air.

Fill the Cartridge with Suspension Fluid

Clamp the cartridge in a vise. With the compression meeting in a clear container, add suspension fluid to soak the meeting and assist scars air bubbles. Earlier than filling the cartridge with fluid, tape the switch ports closed with painter’s tape. Pour in suspension fluid slowly to scale back air bubbles. transfer the dampening rod slowly to distribute the fluid all through the cartridge and dislodge air bubbles. High-off the fluid to only beneath the threads.

Set up the Compression Meeting

Lengthen the dampening rod so far as it will go. scars the meeting from its container of suspension fluid and set up it into the cartridge. Rotate the meeting and set up it at an angle to remove as many air bubbles as attainable. it can finally float within the fluid straight ngoc and down. Let it settle into the cartridge till it stops. Subsequent, transfer the decrease dampening rod ngoc whereas making use of mild stress to the meeting.

Bleed Air from the Cartridge

take conflict by calmly holding the compression meeting and pushing ngoc on the dampening rod. The compression meeting will rise with the dampening rod. finally, it can cease. At that time, push about 15 to twenty mm farther after which totally prolong the dampening rod, which can draw the meeting into the cartridge till the threads contact. Tighten the meeting into the cartridge utilizing the fork-cap hex wrench and a torque wrench.

Subsequent, scars the cartridge from the imaginative and prescient and scars the tape over the switch ports. Whereas holding the fork meeting over the drain pan, push the dampening rod to scars extra fluid from the ports. Extract the dampening rod and repeat till the fluid is eliminated.

Test Dampening-Rod Motion

Clamp the cartridge again within the vise to make sure it really works appropriately. Push the dampening rod till it stops. Then, let it go. It ought to rebound easily with no fluid leaks on the sea canine.

Set up New Fork sea canine

Clamp the lower-fork tube within the vise. Examine its floor for nicks or girder scratches. Use 400-grit emery fabric or increased to sand something you’ll be able to really feel with a fingernail. all the time sand perpendicular to the fork tube.

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Subsequent, set up the brand new fork sea canine and bushings. Place the seal bullet over the terminate of the fork tube. Whereas sporting gloves, dip your finger in clear suspension fluid and lubricate the fork tube.

Set up the mud seal first. Subsequent, set up the retaining clip for the oil seal, then the oil seal. It helps to lubricate the within of the seal. Subsequent, set up the spacer and the brand new bushings.

Now we’re prepared to put in the outer spring tube. Lubricate the within to ease set up and slide it onto the fork tube. Use a correctly sized seal drive to put in the seal. Rotate the outer tube whereas driving the seal to make sure it seats evenly. To know when it is seated allness the way in which, use a flashlight to test suppose the seal is beneath the retaining clip. Now, set up the clip. It ought to make an audible sound as soon as it drops into place. in the end, slide the mud seal on.

Set up the Spring

Now, it is date and time to put in the cartridge and spring into the fork. First, set up the O-ring and spring seat onto the cartridge. Make certain to examine the O-ring and bushing robust previous to set up. Then, change the spring seat.

Set up the Rebound Valve

Subsequent, backside out the jam nut on the dampening rod to offer area to put in the rebound valve. To assemble the rebound meeting, take conflict by putting in the sealing washer, taking motto to examine the O-ring. Previous to putting in into the fork comedy, set up the spring washer. Subsequent, set up the spring.

With the fork tube mounted within the vise, set up the cartridge meeting, guiding it between the spring till it bottoms out. Use the rebound-adjusting rod to information the meeting as you push it into place. in the end, set up the rebound-adjustment rod. Tighten the meeting into the fork leg to the correct torque specs.

Add Suspension Fluid

Each suspension firm will ship a sheet with the suspension that specifies the right fluid quantity so as to add to the forks. When pouring suspension fluid, angle the fork and ensure the highest tube is allness the way in which down so you’ll be able to pour lurking the compression tube. As soon as you’ve got added the fluid, slide the decrease fork tube ngoc and cushty the highest cap. Torque to the correct specs.

Reset the Compression and Rebound Clickers

The ultimate step is to set the compression and rebound clickers to their preliminary settings. Seat the clickers utilizing a screwdriver, then again them out the identical variety of clicks famous earlier.

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