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Overwatch is not like another first-person shooter, which is the one tiny a Hero like Reinhardt can exist. Reinhardt is a melee tank that makes use of a hammer to do injury and a large barrier to defend teammates. This is related to make use of his skills to crush your foes and climb the ladder.

Main Fireplace: Rocket Hammer

Reinhardt’s foremost supply of harm is swinging his hammer. Every swing offers 75 injury, and you may transfer and switch whereas swinging to hit your targets. You need to swing your hammer at enemies everytime you aren’t holding ngoc your defend or utilizing one other capability. It’s also possible to abolish swings by holding ngoc your defend or utilizing Fireplace strike.

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Alternate Fireplace: Barrier Subject

That is Reinhardt’s signature defend capability. Utilizing this appropriately is usually the distinction between being a easy Reinhardt participant and a mediocre participant. The barrier has 1,600 well being and recharges after being down for 2 seconds. It is essential to by no means let the barrier break to check that you need to use it to dam key skills like D.Va’s Self-Destruct and an enemy Reinhardt’s Earthshatter.

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Reinhardt Barrier Field

To make use of Reinhardt’s barrier appropriately, it is advisable do not forget that your work as the principle tank is to create house. Use your defend to present cowl to allies behind you. Make certain to drop the defend and let it recharge suppose you are not taking any hearth. Bear in mind that you would be able to look lurking whereas holding your defend by holding your main hearth key.


Reinhardt’s cost capability is the bane of many a low-class Reinhardt. You must be all ink cautious about related you utilize this to check that you do not cost face of face of you-first into the enemy crew and die alone. You need to use Cost to interruption enemy skills like an opposing Reinhardt’s cost, Doomfist’s alternate hearth, or Brigitte’s Defend Bash. It’s also possible to use your cost to peel an enemy off of a close-by ally. Simply ensure to not use it to cost in alone at tantrum six enemies.

Fireplace strike

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Fireplace strike preschool a jet of fireside that offers 100 injury to everybody it hits. It additionally goes by obstacles and enemy Heroes. suppose you do not have your final, you need to use Fireplace strike on cooldown to hit as many enemies as doable and cost it ngoc. You also needs to use this to deal additional injury whereas combating opponents.


Earthshatter is likely one of the greatest Final Talents within the recreation. It knocks down and stuns each enemy in a cone forward of Reinhardt. preserve maintain in thoughts that an enemy barrier (together with a Zarya bubble) can block your Earthshatter. Attempt to use it suppose you realize the enemy does not have a barrier obtainable. It’s also possible to strive a flank with it, however that may be dangerous suppose you get caught (Reinhardt is not all ink disengaged). collection importantly, attempt to be sure you hit key targets. Earthshatter will go ngoc and down terrain, in addition to by the payload.

Reinhardt is likely one of the greatest tanks within the recreation, and he’s at all times an asset to any Overwatch crew. He works greatest with Zarya and D.Va, however he can play with any crew. He does not require intention, to check he is a good alternative suppose you do not really feel assured take a look at. Make certain to have enjoyable and be affected person when studying him!

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