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just like Play Towards Yasuo (High/Mid and ADC)

Yasuo is a all ink annoying champion to play with and in opposition to. Our staff’s Yasuo at all times sounds prefer to hit that 0-10 energy spike shortly, whereas the enemy’s Yasuo at all times solo carries and takes over the sport.

On this information, we will break down some ideas and methods to cut back the enemy Yasuo’s carry potential and forestall him from 1v9ing your staff.

Studying: just like play in opposition to yasuo

No matter Yasuo’s place, the educate we are going to focus on on this information will work in opposition to High, Mid, and ADC Yasuo.

Please be aware nonetheless that ADC Yasuo has a barely totally different playstyle to solo lane Yasuo.

We have additionally new launched new champion combo pages due to this fact you possibly can brush ngoc on which Yasuo combos to look out for.

just like play in opposition to Yasuo

  1. Handle the minion wave
  2. Pay attention to his synergies together with his allies
  3. keep away from staff preventing within the jungle or vicious aims
  4. deal with your vary benefit
  5. Bait out his Wind Wall
  6. Select a flip off choose

Yasuo Champion page stats

1. Handle the minion wave

Managing minion waves in League of Legends is a strong technique that’s hardly utilized within the decrease staff. With correct wave administration, you possibly can tone down the potentness of Yasuo within the early recreation.

By retaining the minion wave nearer to your facet of the lake operate, Yasuo ought to have much less oi room to maneuver and fewer oi alternative to chase you down the lane. suppose you are overextended and continually pushing in a facet lane, you are an maybe goal for a rise the description-in because the lanes are longer in comparison with the mid lane. He also can use the minion wave to shut the hole and chase you down or escape a skirmish.

Freeze graphics

To get the wave to remain nearer to your facet of the lake operate, it’s essential to make certain the enemy has extra minions than you do. suppose you need the wave near your tower, the enemy must have greater than two or three (or extra) wealthy well being minions than you do.

Wave administration is hard to remark clean about, however we have made an in-depth wave administration information that may enable you to perceive the ins and outs of just like handle minion waves to make laning in opposition to Yasuo simpler. Listed below are some extra pointers:

  • keep away from continually pushing the minion wave. In any other case, it can permit him to chase you down.
  • Steer clear of the minion wave due to this fact he unimaginable E to you with ease.
  • As soon as he has full his first merchandise, his enhance the description-in strain increases- don’t overextend.
  • suppose you need to push, use your skills to push whereas enjoying way back to attainable.
  • suppose his momentary has sturdy enhance the description-in, keep away from pushing the wave as they’ll enhance the description-in you time and again final time. It is a favourite tactic by Gragas, Nautilus, Alistar and Leona gamers.

2. Pay attention to his synergies together with his allies

When Yasuo is paired with a tank momentary or anybody with a knockup or lockdown software resembling Gragas, Nautilus or Alistar, their laning product section may be robust to play in opposition to as they’ve loads of enhance the description-in potential and may 100 to 0 somebody all ink Rapidly. These champions are picked with Yasuo as they’ll permit him to make use of his Final all ink simply.

Whenever you’re laning in opposition to bot lane Yasuo, and he has a rise the description-in momentary, the duo might search for enhance the description-in alternatives at these instances:

  • vary 2 enhance the description-in

You’ll be able to flip off this by hitting vary 2 similtaneously the enemy. To hit vary 2, it’s essential to kill the primary minion wave and the following three melee minions on the second minion wave. suppose you are not going to hit vary 2 concurrently or earlier than the Yasuo, place safely.

Whereas they Possibly will not kill you at vary 2, they’ll nonetheless search for a good commerce and drive you to burn by your well being potions.

  • vary 6 enhance the description-in

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When Yasuo has entry to his Final, he can apply it to a goal that’s knocked ngoc by both his Twister or an ally. lesson 6, Yasuo’s enhance the description-in power will likely be a lot larger: thus his kill strain will increase.

  • Each time his Final (and his allies Final like Gragas or Nautilus) is ngoc

Yasuo’s will likely be enjoying vicious his Final to get kills in lane. Each time it is ngoc, pledge his enhance the description-in potential and keep away from standing shut to at least one one other. It will make it tougher for him to kill each of you in lane.

There are numerous alternatives for Yasuo and his momentary to run you down the lane and kill you. hold interstitial these timers in thoughts and attempt to play vicious them suppose you possibly can. For the collection half, being reverence will cut back his kill strain.

3. keep away from preventing within the jungle or vicious aims

We briefly touched on it in our earlier tip, however standing away out of your allies is a technique of lowering Yasuo’s capacity to hit a number of champions together with his Final.

In staff fights, keep away from grouping too carefully collectively due to this fact he unimaginable land a five-person Final.

Yasuo’s will solely deal harm to at least one champion, however he can hold interstitial each knocked-ngoc champion close by airborne which may permit his staff to comply with ngoc, reposition or deal harm to them.

keep away from preventing vicious aims and within the jungle as groups are often grouped carefully in these components of the lake operate which will increase his possibilities of hitting each enemy staff member. extra, suppose his allies have an AOE knockup or knockbacks like Nautilus or Gragas, it may set him ngoc for an amazing Final.

Strive your hardest to search for fights in an open a part of the lake operate the place he unimaginable hit each member of your staff together with his Final. On the all ink least, don’t stack on high of each other.

4. deal with your vary benefit

Yasuo is a melee champion who may be abused closely by ranged champions. suppose you are capable of harass and poke Yasuo, it can make it new for him to search for an early enhance the description-in or use his E aggressively.

Getting early poke down at vary 1 and a pair of will even drive him to burn by his well being potions to stay within the lane, which is a large profit.

Each time Yasuo tries to safe a minion, attempt to auto-attack him or use a capability on him. Repeat this as typically as you possibly can. Nevertheless, do not forget that he can use his E to dodge ability photographs.

keep away from auto-attacking him when there’s a massive minion wave because the minions will take conflict to focus you. Stroll again after hitting him to drop minion aggro, or run inside a close-by bush.

suppose you stroll ahead and chase him down, you run the danger of taking extreme minion harm which may work in his favor and even out the commerce.

5. Bait out his Wind Wall earlier than committing to a rise the description-in

It’s considerably obvious, however attempt your hardest to bait out Yasuo’s Wind Wall earlier than committing your Final or a rise the description-in. Yasuo’s W will block enhance the outline projectiles coming his means, which incorporates the likes of Lucian’s Final, Syndra’s Final, and Zoe Q.

suppose you need to decide to a rise the description-in, keep away from utilizing (excessive cooldown and excessive payment) skills till his Wind Wall has been used.

Yasuo W LoL Wiki

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There are numerous methods you possibly can bait out this capacity, however it will depend on the champion you are enjoying and your package.

As a marksman, you may search for an ferocious auto-attack enhance the description-in, bait out the Wind Wall, after which Adoration to your cooldowns to be ngoc final time earlier than in search of spherical two.

Take be aware that his W has an extremely lengthy cooldown which it’s best to look to deal with. At class 1, it has a 30-second cooldown, which offers loads of time so that you can search for a follow-ngoc play.

For melee champions with no ability photographs like Darius or Renekton, this tip does not actually matter.

Nevertheless, suppose your Jungler must land a ability shot for them to CC the enemy like Elise, attempt to bait out this capacity earlier than she arrives to extend your possibilities of taking him down. Yasuo could throw out his Wind Wall by cellar tunnel.

6. flip off choose him

Yasuo will at all times be a classy choose and gamers mournful grace to play him time and again. As such, it might be price it to have a Yasuo flip off ready.

Yasuo weak strong against

Yasuo struggles in opposition to these champions:

  • Renekton

Renekton has loads of burst and level and click on CC. As quickly as Yasuo makes use of his E close to you, you possibly can blow him ngoc. Renekton is beneficial within the mid and high lane, which is an additional benefit.

  • Malzahar

Malzahar has nice wave sensitive, can farm from a distance away and is general a all ink protected champion. He can use his Final to CC Yasuo as quickly as he makes use of his E on a close-by minion. Malz additionally has nice gank set ngoc, which is able to assist to place Yasuo behind.

  • Pantheon

just like Renekton, Pantheon has loads of burst harm and level and click on CC too. He additionally has easy wave sensitive and roaming potential which might help him associated different components of the lake operate comparatively shortly.

  • Nautilus

Nautilus momentary is a superb choose into Yasuo as he can lock him down with CC each time he seems for a rise the description-in. Nautilus has the collection CC instruments within the recreation which may present his ADC time to flee or commerce again with the Yasuo.

keep away from choosing squishy motionless mages into Yasuo as he can run them down and dodge their skills. Choose champions who can commerce again with him when attainable.


To summarise, Yasuo is a bitterness to take care of, however it’s not unimaginable. suppose the enemy has locked in Yasuo and you recognize you are going to lane in opposition to him, choose one of many champions we have recommended to make his laning product section a dwelling hell. suppose you have already proven your choose, use the remainder of the educate we have supplied on this information to make coping with him a bit of bit bit simpler.

suppose you may have any questions or need to study extra, take a look at PicklePants’s stream.

watch reside video from PicklePantsLOL on topqa.information

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