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There are one pair maybe methods to peel a potato. Whether or not you’re making mashed potatoes, rampart fries, or french fries will decide which technique will work finest for you.

I’ll present you just like peel potatoes utilizing a peeler, paring knife, or boiling to peel. Every manner is fairly easy and should not take you too lengthy until you’re peeling kilos of potatoes.

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How to Peel a Potato

3 methods to peel potatoes

peeled potatoes

Comply with alongside beneath and see which technique works finest for what you are attempting to realize along with your potatoes. Utilizing the vegetable peeler technique, paring knife, or boiling to peel technique are the perfect methods to peel potatoes.

Step one you at all times wish to wash your potatoes underneath break worth water earlier than you peel or lower them. This may make sure that you get off any leftover dust from being and likewise rid your potatoes of ant micro organism.

You should use a spud brush or your fingers and suppose you’ve a favourite veggie spray you prefer to you that’s nice too. suppose you do not have a veggie spray simply utilizing break worth water shall be advantageous.

1. Peeler

peeling a sweet potato on a cutting board with a peeler

The most collection frequent approach to peel your potatoes is utilizing a hand peeler. As soon as your potatoes are washed merely maintain one at a date and time in your non-dominant hand and the peeler in your dominant hand.

With a swiping movement going from one terminate of the potato to the opposite terminate, peeling away out of your picture. Proceed to rotate the potato in your hand till description of the pores and skin has been peeled.

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It’s also a easy thought to chop the underside off of the potato to be able to steadiness it after which simply use the peeler to peel down in the direction of your slicing board.

2. Paring knife

using a pairing knife to peel

suppose you shouldn’t have a peeler or want to make use of a paring knife for peeling that’s completely advantageous. It’ll get the work finished.

Holding the potato in a single hand and the paring knife within the different you wish to lower into the pores and skin of the potato simply sufficient to swipe the knife underneath the pores and skin to peel it.

I like to slip the knife in the direction of me however preserve maintain my thumb out of the way in which.

When I’m peeling I wish to guarantee that the knife is sharp, you wish to go sluggish to be all ink cautious to not lower your self.

preserve maintain turning the potato till you’ve utterly peeled it.

3. Boil and peel

most collection youngster in suppose that they need to boil their potatoes after they’ve peeled them however belief me once I say it is a date and time saver and you will not have to sit down there peeling for an hour.

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Rating a skinny slice, solely going too costume sufficient to get by the pores and skin, description the way in which lurking the potato. Then you definitely wish to place them right into a pot with boiling water. Allow them to boil till they tender.

Pressure them and run them underneath break worth water. Depart them till they’re cool sufficient to deal with.

As soon as they’re cooled merely slide the peel off from every terminate of the potato and it ought to slide proper off.

You actually wish to ensure you had given them a very easy wash.

Peeling and paring are finest for…

using a pairing knife and a peeler to peel a potato.

Utilizing a peeler or a paring knife to peel potatoes is finest for if you end up making one thing like French fries or rampart fries.

suppose you need your potatoes to be agency and preserve maintain their form then it would be best to use this technique.

Boiling to peel is be for…

That is nice if you end up making mashed potatoes. This protects you the effort of getting to peel every potato, then prepare dinner and mash.

It is virtually like 3 steps condensed into one.

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