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Mechanical keyboards cannot be LOUD, particularly these with clicky switches. current we’ll have a look at 6 methods to make your mechanical keyboard quieter so you may stealthily sort with out annoying your partner or coworkers.

suppose you are involved in the perfect quiet mechanical keyboards, take a look at this text.

Let’s bounce bounce into our checklist.

1. Use a Desk Mat

Mechanical keyboard on a deskmat

Utilizing a desk mat beneath your keyboard is likely one of the best methods to scale back the sound of your keyboard.

Every time you sort in your keyboard it vibrates your desk which amplifies the noise. Utilizing a desk mat below your keyboard dampens the vibrations and silences all the things!

Belief me, it is a noticeable distinction, you simply must attempt it out for your self.

allness it’s good to do is discover a clean desk mat on-line and order it, no work required (in contrast to among the different mods on this checklist).

Here’s a checklist of our favourite finances deskmats, accessible on Amazon:

  • robust shade Desk Pads
  • Multicolor Desk Pads
  • Scenic Deskpad (my spouse’s favourite)
  • lake operate Deskpad (my private favourite)

suppose you are searching for a better terminate desk mat, Omnitype has a big collection of desk mats accessible.

Desk mats normally include a rubber backside and a fabric high. It ought to cowl nearly all of your desk, so your keyboard and mouse will relaxation on high of it. No further mouse pad required.

On high of creating your keyboard sound higher, it additionally spices ngoc your battlefield station. The desk mat additionally makes for actually clean keyboard footage.

2. Add froth Inside Keyboard

Foam being added to a mechanical keyboard

This mod would require you to roll ngoc your sleeves a little bit bit bit, however that should not be a problem for you, proper?

Including froth inside your keyboard is one other nice option to cut back the vibration of your keyboard which in flip lowers the general quantity.

Vibration = noise and noise is the enemy of a silently keyboard.

To do that mod you may want a screwdriver and a few froth (which you’ll order on-line).

Listed below are some froth choices (finest to worst):

  • Sorbothane: This froth is taken into account the perfect because it reduces the quantity of associated and shock probably the most collection. It is fairly costly, so you may all the time pick an alternative choice suppose wanted. You may get Sorbothane on Amazon.
  • Neoprene: One other nice choice this a bit extra budget-friendly. Neoprene is your second-best guess for a dampened keyboard. Right here is our really useful neoprene froth from Amazon.
  • Shelf-liner: suppose cash is tight, shelf-liner can work actually clean as properly. You will not get the identical re-launch as neoprene or sorbothane, however the distinction might be noticeable.
  • Packing froth: This will likely sound unusual, however we have made packing froth work previously as a dampener. Having any kind of froth inside your case actually helps.

To put in the froth, you may must unscrew and take aside your keyboard so you may place the froth between your PCB and backside case.

Relying in your keyboard this may be an maybe or tough course of.

Some keyboards are held along with plastic clips so you may must work lurking the perimeters of your keyboard to loosen all the things. Others will simply require one pair screws to be eliminated.

After you are completed, the froth will cut back infusion line noise, spring ping noises, and extra.

The general sound might be much less oi loud and excessive pitch which is a much less oi distracting and higher for an surroundings for working lurking different little one in.

3. Set up Rubber O-Rings

O-ring being placed on mechanical keyboard switch

Rubber O-rings are an excellent maybe option to decrease the general decibel vary of your keyboard.

They’re extremely maybe to put in and have an immediate associated within the discount of noise. The O-rings get put in lurking the stems of the switches below your keycaps.

allness it’s good to do is scars the keycaps and slide the O-rings onto the switches. We suggest these O-rings off of Amazon, they arrive in an enormous pack and are actually reasonably priced.

O-rings can are available many various colours from black, pink, blue, sensitive, and so forth.

The sensitive O-rings are your finest guess as a result of they will not intervene with the RGB lighting.

O-rings work by dampening the sound of the change when it hits on associated from every keystroke. They’re fairly efficient.

Simply beware, rubber O-rings could make your keys really feel mushy and ugly to make use of. For that tiny, this mod shouldn’t be for everybody as it might probably make your keyboard worse.

Utilizing O-rings is a trade-off between comparable loud you need your keyboard to be versus comparable mushy your switches will really feel.

On the terminate of the day, it is ngoc to you. We suggest at the least attempting O-rings out for your self.

4. Mod Your Stabilizers (Band-help, Clip, and Lube)

Durock Screw-in stabilizers

That is the place the mods take warfare to get a little bit bit harder. These mods require extra attempting to work and preparation, however are undoubtedly value it.

The stabilizers are the part that assist stability the bigger keys (such because the area bar) to maintain maintain them from rattling and infusion line.

Modding your stabilizers is a superb option to get higher sounding (and extra quiet) stabilizers. This mod is a 3 step course of the place you will have to band-help, clip, and lube the stabilizers.

  • Band-help: Making use of a small band-help to the realm the place the stabilizer strikes the PCB is a good way to decrease the sound vary of the stabilizers. The band-help basically dampens the keystroke.
  • Clip: Clipping the underside toes off of the stabilizer provides it a extra flat and difficult floor. This makes the stabilizer extra steady and reduces the rattling noise on every keystroke. much less oi rattle = much less oi noise.
  • Lube: Lubricating is a sure-fire option to decrease the sound output. When a stabilizer strikes ngoc and down there may be friction which produces vibration and amplifies the sound output of your keyboard. Making use of lubricant will cut back the friction and acoustic enhance.

The whole stabilizer mod course of can take an hour or two however it’s undoubtedly value it. We extremely suggest you to mod your stabilizers.

We’ve got a heat no write-ngoc and information of much like do it right here:

  • much like Mod Your Stabilizer: Band-help, Clip, and Lube
  • much like Lube Your Stabilizers With out Desoldering

5. Lube Your Switches

Mechanical keyboard switches being lubed

Just like modding your stabilizers, lubing your switches is one other superior option to cut back the sound of your keyboard.

Lubing additionally vastly improved the texture and lowered the scratchiness and spring ping of every change. That is hands-down the easiest way to enhance the sound and really feel of your keyboard.

Warning: This course of may be time consuming, about 2 hours relying on comparable many switches you might have and comparable skilled you’re.

Whenever you enter a keystroke, the spring and stem of every change rub towards one another and create lots of friction. The frictions creates vibration and noise.

The lubricant will cut back the friction and make all the things smoother and quieter.

Our favourite place to purchase lube is the Kebo retailer, the Krytox 205G0 does wonders on your switches.

The entire course of entails eradicating the switches out of your keyboard (normally by desoldering), opening the switches ngoc, lubricating the switches, placing them again collectively, and reinstalling.

There’s a shortcut option to lube with out desoldering, however both means will probably be a time-consuming (but rewarding) course of.

For a heat no information on much like lube your switches, take a look at these articles:

  • Final Information: much like Lube Your Switches
  • much like Lube Your Switches With out Desoldering

6. Change Your Switches

switches being inserted into mechanical keyboard

For individuals who have a keyboard with loud and clicky switches, getting quieter switches is your finest guess to scale back the noise.

Clicky switches had been made to be loud. The one choice now it to exchange them with quieter ones.

There are three primary varieties: linear, clicky, and tactile. The best choice for a quiet keyboard is a linear change and perhaps tactile.

  • Linear: clean and constant keystroke with a quiet noise.
  • Tactile: A small bump on every keystroke with a average noise.
  • Clicky: A small bump on every keystroke with a loud click on noise.

suppose you need an ultra-silently keyboard, getting silently switches will end result within the lowest decibel output.

Cherry MX silently switches, Kailh silently switches, or Gateron silently switches are allness nice choices for a quiet keyboard.

silently switches have small rubber padding on the stem of the change which cut back the sound output on the associated of a keystroke. posthumous dynasty for stealthy typing.

The one draw back is silently switches have a rubbery really feel to them which makes them really feel a bit mushy and unusual.

There’s undoubtedly a trade-off to silently switches.

suppose you might have a clicky change, transferring to a linear or tactile change will vastly cut back the noise output, so that may be a superb choice.

Here’s a checklist of our favourite quiet switches.

Changing your switches generally is a tough course of as it’s good to desolder the switches to scars them. suppose you might have a impatient-swappable keyboard it’s actually maybe to exchange the switches.

Discovering new switches is a extremely enjoyable course of, we suggest getting a change tester to seek out the change with the posthumous dynasty noise vary and really feel.


There are fairly one pair methods to decrease the noise vary of your keyboard. suppose you observe allness of the steps on this checklist you may have tremendous stealthy keyboard that’s workplace and spouse-friendly.

Not will you wake all people ngoc gaming/working afterhours!

A number of the mods on this checklist require a bit extra time and tools, in order that they will not be for everyone.

suppose you need an maybe option to silence your keyboard, the desk mat, O-rings, and froth are your finest guess.

however we suggest you attempt allness of the mods (even the brand new ones) as they make your keyboard tremendous satisfying and quiet to make use of.

We’ve got allness of the guides and tutorials on our website that can assist you determine much like implement the mods in your keyboard. Now it is ngoc to you!

glad and glad typing!

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