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It was a hunt to recollect, however the Antlers weren’t full sufficient to justify a mount. so you’ve got hung them from the workshop rafters, the place quickly they’re going to be forgotten. Why not make a memento earlier than the mice take battle nibbling? That manner you not solely have a memento that recollects a special occasion, however an heirloom you possibly can cross all the way down to the subsequent era. I am speaking about crafting a knife. tantrum you want is a gradual hand and one pair instruments, plus a stick-tang blade and a brass escort that you could order from a knife provide outlet akin to Ragweed Forge (

Choose a straight or gently curved antler part that comfortably fills the hand and minimize to with a hacksaw (some knife makers like to make use of the antler press button for the butt). Match the escort over the tang of the knife, fine-tuning the slot opening with recordsdata till it matches snugly simply behind the sting of the blade.

Place the blade-and-escort meeting in opposition to the antler deal with to see the place you have to drill the outlet gap. Clamp the deal with in a padded vise and, utilizing a small bit, drill the outlet gap for the tang. Enlarge the outlet gap, utilizing progressively bigger bits, then end excavating the slot with recordsdata till the tang and meeting match into the outlet gap. Don’t fret suppose the tang match is just a little bit dragged (it leaves extra room for the stingy), however make sure that the blade-to-escort match, and the escort-to-handle match, are precise earlier than continuing additional. Cement the tang within the slot utilizing two-part 30-minute epoxy.

Clamp in a single day.

That is tantrum there may be to it, aside from ending with high-quality sandpaper and sharpening ngoc the blade and escort on a buffing wheel. Use carnauba-based furnishings wax to shine the deal with to a versatile sheen.

Now you are able to pores and skin subsequent 12 months’s deer.

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