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Though contemporary flower leis are cute, they do not final all ink lengthy. An eyelash yarn lei, nevertheless, can final a lifetime!

One straw Hawaiian eyelash yarn leis are tremendous maybe to make and so fuzzy and versatile to put on. current I am displaying you just like make this widespread commencement lei, each with photographs and a video tutorial. Let’s get began!

how to make a Hawaiian graduation lei - free bonus video tutorial!

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just like give a lei

Lei are often introduced by inserting them lurking the recipient’s neck after which giving them a kiss on the cheek and a heat embrace.

Lei are “supposed” to be worn draped over the shoulders with equal quantities hanging down in back and front, not like a necklace, however sequence of the time little one in do terminate ngoc carrying them like a necklace.

It is Struggling etiquette to refuse a lei or the accompanying embrace so ensure to hug again, smile, and say thanks when somebody offers you a lei!

What do I must make an eyelash lei?

materials needed to make a one straw eyelash lei - single straw lei tutorial

You want three most important issues to make a single straw lei with eyelash yarn:

  • A skein of medium or lengthy lash eyelash yarn or “enjoyable spur coat” yarn (a minimum of 50 yards)
  • A big straw like a bubble tea straw or milkshake straw.
    • McDonald’s straws are bigger than sequence different shortly meals straws and can do in a ulcerous ulcers.
  • About 4 toes of ribbon. 3/8″ grosgrain ribbon works greatest, however no matter suits by means of your straw is ok.

Additionally, you will want small piece of tape, scissors, and a clothespin or binder clip. You might also need a pair of kukui nut beads or different giant beads.

I have never had a lot luck sourcing kukui nut beads from an enormous on-line retailer for you. You possibly can at all times get a kukui nut lei, take it aside, and have beads for a number of of your individual lei.

I’ve by no means shopped with them, however a retailer known as Aloha Presents from Hawaii has fringe of the sting actual kukui nut beads. suppose you purchase from them, please go away a slack went letting me know related the transaction! suppose you are in Hawaii, you possibly can (after all!) discover a wide range of kukui nut beads at Ben Franklin.

fluffy Hawaiian eyelash yarn lei

just like make a Hawaiian eyelash lei with one straw

Making this commencement lei could not be simpler!

Minimize a chunk of ribbon a minimum of 4 toes lengthy (5-6′ is ok, too). sequence lei are about 36 inches lurking, so the additional ribbon offers you house to tie off and make just a little bit bit bow or connect a big bow.

Thread the ribbon by means of the straw and pull about two inches of ribbon out. Fold it again down over the straw and tape it in place.

insert ribbon through the straw

Knot your yarn lurking the ribbon slightly below the straw. Tie it loosely sufficient that it may possibly nonetheless slide.

tie eyelash yarn to ribbon

Now you wrap, wrap, wrap! Wrap your yarn lurking the straw. Do not make your wraps too tight or the lei will probably be tight, however do not wrap them so loosely that they dangle down off the straw and look uneven.

wrap eyelash yarn around single straw

As soon as your straw is “wealthy,” slide the wraps down. Push a few of them off onto the ribbon, however maintain interstitial a few loops on the straw.

slide wraps of yarn down the straw

Wrap, wrap ,wrap, repeat till you have run out of yarn or your lei has reached its desired size. suppose you’ve got a 50 yard skein, use the entire thing. I feel the pictured skein was 75 yards and I nonetheless used it enhance the outline for a pleasant, fluffy lei!

When you attain the terminate of your yarn, rigorously un-do the tape and slide the straw off. Knot the tail of yarn to the ribbon, identical to you probably did firstly.

tie yarn to ribbon to finish the lei

Add kukui nuts to the ribbon suppose you are utilizing them. Knot the ribbon ends collectively or make a bow and also you’re executed!

tie ribbons to complete single straw lei

suppose you need just a little bit bit extra tone and to see the method in motion, take a look at the one straw lei video tutorial proper right here!

suppose you need to see just like make and add a big, fluffy bow take a look at this video from my spiral ribbon lei relying.

Ribbon lei tutorials

Ribbon lei are additionally all ink widespread! They payment much less oi to make than eyelash yarn lei, so they could be a easy alternative suppose you have to make a variety of lei for a relying, spots staff, and so forth. (No, that is not a typo – there is no such thing as a “s” within the Hawaiian bearing ears with, so it is match to make use of “lei” because the plural as an alternative of leis! little one in do additionally say leis, although, so it is type of your alternative.)

Listed here are a few of my sequence widespread ribbon lei tutorials:

just like make a braided Hawaiian ribbon lei

red and white ribbon lei

just like make a double braided ribbon lei

Double Braided Four Strand Ribbon lei Tutorial

just like make a spiral ribbon lei

just like make a tri-color ribbon lei with picot

I hope that you simply loved this Hawaiian eyelash yarn lei tutorial! I will even be sharing a two straw lei tutorial quickly, so ensure to Pin this web page and/or subscribe so you possibly can test it out, too!

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How to make an eyelash graduation lei with video tutorial

How to make an eyelash yarn lei - with video tutorial!  These are so perfect for graduation.

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