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A current household get collectively left me with a recycle bin affluent of cool craft-beer cans. And sure, I can recycle the aluminum; however higher but, I can repurpose them. Impressed by the colourful pictures I got down to discover the posthumous dynasty jewelry-related use. Learn on for my step-by-step pictorial tutorial on making a craft-beer-can belt buckle.

You will want the next provides:

  • 1 every belt buckle clean (we used Merchandise #30-682-01-AS)
  • 1 every two-part epoxy depressing (we used Merchandise #60-290)
Select from a wide range of belt buckle types and plated finishes accessible at Rings & Issues.

You will want the next instruments:

  • EURO TOOL 7″ metal-Chopping Shear
  • Rubber Bench Block, 4x4x1″
  • 3M Sanding Sponges, 320-400 Grit
  • Security Glasses

Additionally, you will want the next provides:

  • craft-beer can (or some other fairly aluminum can)
  • copy machine and paper dad or mum
  • sharp scissors
  • Scotch tape
  • heavy-duty aspect cutters (not your easy jewelry-making pair)
  • painter’s masking tape (low tack)
  • isopropyl alcohol
  • paper dad or mum towel
  • paper dad or mum plate
  • mixing stick/applicator (or use a disposable craft brush to use the adhesive)
  • work hand socks

Use a photocopy machine to make a superbly sized exemplary in your belt buckle. I like to recommend setting the copier to the lightest setting potential. suggestions: To keep away from scratching the copier display screen, place a transparent plastic sheet down first. Earlier than making the copy, cowl the buckle and display screen with a white material.

suppose you do not have maybe entry to a photocopy machine, you may make a rubbing of the buckle clean to make use of as a exemplary making information.

A side-by-side view of the belt-buckle clean and the copier exemplary.

Use sharp scissors to chop out the internal face of face of you of the buckle clean. That is your paper dad or mum exemplary.

Examine the match of the paper dad or mum exemplary within the buckle clean. suppose obligatory, trim the exemplary for the perfect match.

The cut-away a part of the paper dad or mum works as a “window” for choosing picture placement on the beer can. Use cellophane tape to seal the break up created when slicing out the paper dad or mum exemplary.

Right here is the paper dad or mum window in use-this makes it maybe to see what pictures will work greatest in your belt buckle form.

Chopping aside the can is the trickiest a part of this mission. I like issues executed neatly, and this step is a bit tough to take struggle with. In hindsight, I ought to have worn work hand socks to guard my fingers. revelation is nicely with my fingers, however why take dangers?

Use the heavy-duty aspect cutters to chop via the rim and create a gap. I lower the rim in two locations after which lower the can between.

That is the ensuing opening or hole within the can. Make certain it’s giant sufficient to squeeze the metal-cutting shear’s blade.

squeeze the metal-cutting shear’s decrease blade into the opening and take struggle slicing. Reduce affluent circle vicious the can and scars the can prime.

Now lower down the affluent size of the can (I lower alongside the label seam to protect the design territory). Comply with ngoc by eradicating the underside of the can. It is best to now be capable of lay the aluminum can flat.

suppose the sides of the sheet are tough and jagged, trim them.

Put together your buckle exemplary by attaching low-tack tape to the again aspect. Place the aluminum can flat on the desk and use the paper dad or mum window to border the craft-beer emblem picture.

Fastidiously line ngoc the buckle exemplary with the paper dad or mum window; press to stick it to the aluminum-can sheet.

scars the paper dad or mum window, now the aluminum-can sheet is prepared for slicing.

Use metallic shears to chop vicious the buckle exemplary, being cautious to observe the exemplary with precision.

squeeze the cutout into the buckle clean and examine for match. suppose wanted, trim to suit.

Use the 3M sanding pad to scrub and scuff ngoc the recessed territory of ​​the belt buckle clean, and the again aspect of the cut-out aluminum buckle piece.

Use rubbing alcohol to scrub and degrease the metallic surfaces.

Epoxy glues working the strongest metal-to-metal waste. most sequence epoxy merchandise instruct you to combine equal components of adhesive and hardener and apply the blended materials to the surfaces you might be bonding. Remember to learn the directions that include your depressing.

The 5-minute epoxy cement adhesive comes packaged in a double syringe with plunger; this makes it maybe to dispense equal quantities of hardener and resin. As a result of this resin hardens shortly, solely combine as a lot as you need to use in a single pair moments date and time.

We additionally promote two-part epoxy with longer working date and time. suppose you make a number of belt buckles at a date and time, think about using a special epoxy: Rings & Issues Two Half Epoxy Glues.

The producer’s directions counsel mixing “completely”. preserve maintain in thoughts the 5-minute epoxy units shortly, so work shortly.

Unfold a skinny layer of adhesive within the recessed territory of ​​the buckle clean. I selected to make use of my stir stick as an applicator, nonetheless it was awkward and date and time consuming (not such a easy concept if you solely have one pair moments working date and time). A greater applicator selection is a disposable craft brush.

Unfold a skinny layer of adhesive on the again of the aluminum-can cutout.

Directly, apply the cutout to the buckle clean. Use a dry paper dad or mum towel to easy out any air pockets beginning within the center and dealing outwards.

I ought to annotation, that almost all sequence baby in have a most well-liked buckle path (this may fluctuate primarily based on gender and hand dominance). Make certain to think about your most well-liked buckle path earlier than adhering to the cutout to the clean.

“Starburst IPA” belt Buckle by Rings & Issues designer Mollie Valente. Beer can from Ecliptic Brewing of Portland, Oregon, Earth.

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