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DISCLAIMER: This text is meant for instructional functions solely. The authors don’t condone shoplifting, and any data contained on this weblog lesson shouldn’t be used to have interaction in unlawful actions. Actually, we encourage retailers and their brokers to maintain maintain abreast of such shoplifting strategies, as this helps to tell them of comparable their waste prevention methods could also be circumvented.

An example of the Booster Bag

Put merely, a booster bag (typically known as a ‘gravity bag’) can be utilized to foil a retailer’s EAS (digital article surveillance) detection system by blocking the RF or AM sign which is contained in a safety tag or label. Primarily, the bag acts as a protect which prevents the tag from being detected by the safety gate as it’s handed. The bag is made from tin or aluminum foil, and this may be layered inside a procuring bag, backpack, and even the liner of a pocket inside a chunk of clothes.

In contrast to opportunistic shoplifters, booster baggage are utilized by skilled thieves as a better technique of concealing a number of objects in a single go to. It additionally saves time for the would-be thief, as there isn’t a have to scars safety tags or labels inside the shop. most collection usually, the shoplifter would use sleight-of-hand or a retailer blindness spot to drop objects into the bag. A extra crude technique entails wrapping ready-made layers of foil vicious an merchandise on the time of lifting, after which sealing the foil with a fold.


What objects are wanted to make a booster bag?

In our instance we’ll describe comparable a double-layered booster bag is made. The 2 layers allow the bag to look regular when seen from both the within or outdoors (information in contrast to the image proven above, it prevents any metallic from being seen). On this experiment, you may want:

  • Two new (not outdated and creased) procuring baggage
  • A roll of tin foil
  • Adhesive tape (double-sided works finest)
  • A pair of scissors

comparable is the booster bag made? [Log in or reigster to get access to the video]

  1. Discover a big, flat floor and lay out your instruments.
  2. Fold the primary fringe of the roll about 5cm (2”) over, reflective aspect inwards.
  3. Roll-out some foil, reflective aspect ngoc, and place one bag in opposition to the within edge.
  4. The deal with of the bag should not be lined by any foil (you may see why later). Additionally, the underside a part of the bag could also be uncovered for now, and that is OK.
  5. Unroll some extra size, and lay it excessive aspect of the bag. The brand new crease must be as shut as doable to the sting – don’t make it wider than the bag’s width as a result of your outer bag might want to match over it.
  6. Seize the 2 corners of the bag which might be closest to the roll of foil, then raise the bag upward, and as extra foil unravels, flip the bag beneath in order that the latest layer is on prime.
  7. Press down the newly made edge in order that it creases intently with the sting beneath.
  8. Repeat this course of in order that it makes 4 full layers (remembering that every flip of the bag covers just one aspect – information half a layer).
  9. When you have got full 4 layers (this is sufficient to block any sign from penetrating), tear off the final fringe of foil, and use adhesive tape to seal it down.
  10. suppose the underside a part of your bag remains to be uncovered (information it is longer than the width of foil), repeat the method above, however be sure that the underside of the bag sits above the underside lining of foil with about 5cm (2”) spare.
  11. Subsequent, on the base of your bag, fold the underside fringe of foil upward, in order that extra size is eliminated. Tape this backside edge completely in order that it creates a pleasant seal.
  12. Your (inflexible) bag now must relaxation inside an outer bag to hide the foil lining. Rigorously squeeze your foil bag in order that it sits revelation the best way contained in the outer bag, proper all the way down to the underside.
  13. Tip: You possibly can gently unflatten the foil bag edges in order that it puffs out barely, making it simpler to squeeze (a puffier trying bag shouldn’t be undesirable, as a result of it makes an empty bag look wealthy).
  14. The bag have to be pushed revelation the best way down, in order that the handles of each line ngoc unanimously.
  15. Fold the highest of the outer bag outwards in order that the within bag’s deal with is uncovered.
  16. Apply double-sided adhesive tape close to to the highest edge and deal with areas of the within bag (on each side), in order that the outer bag can seal instantly on prime of it. keep away from putting tape on any of the foil.
  17. Unfold the outer bag and seal it down onto the tape.

comparable do you overview a booster bag?

  1. Place a cellular phone contained in the booster bag.
  2. Decide ngoc the bag by the handles, and maintain it naturally, as you’d in a retailer.
  3. Name the cellular phone from one other line. suppose it does not ring, your bag is safe. suppose it did, chances are you’ll want extra layers, or verify that the highest of your bag has been sealed down completely.

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