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suppose you need to make sliding 808s in Garageband, there isn’t any different method to do it – completely – apart from to get your arms on an 808 plug-in that comes with the portamento possibility.

Portamento is an Italian time period meaning to slip ngoc in pitch to a different annotation, form of like a glissando, however quicker and extra delicate. You may hear the portamento or gliding 808s hustle over modern hip-hop manufacturing.

To slip your 808s in Garageband, you need to use a plug-in like Preliminary Audios’ 808 Studio 2 – Bass Synth, which has the portamento possibility. suppose you have not up to date to Catalina, you should utilize Beatmaker’s 808 Bass Module 2 Lite. Nevertheless, there may be a technique of constructing child it with Garageband’s inventory devices.

To place it merely, whereas you should utilize the gown Sub Bass Synth to make glides, Garageband does not include the identical means as different DAWs corresponding to FL Studio or Logic Professional X. You need to get your arms on third-party software program , like Preliminary Audio’s 808 Synth (on Plugin Boutique), or Electronik’s Bass Module III (non-Catalina), which each include the glide or portamento possibility. As soon as you’ve got chosen the import 808 plug-in, you are not removed from having gliding 808s.

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just like Make Your 808s Glide in Garageband

Buy one of many plug-ins that I discussed above, the 808 Studio 2 – Bass Synth, or Elektronik’s Bass Module 3 (from Electronik’s web site). assuming accountability that you’ve got chosen the 808 Studio 2 – Bass Synth, you need to set ngoc the Portamento date and time appropriately with the timing of the papers in your mission.

As an illustration, within the picture you possibly can see beneath, there may be the Portamento date and time possibility on the far-right facet of the 808 Studio 2 interface. That is the place you may make the import changes to assemble the gliding 808 impact that you just hear in hustle sorts of hip-hop and activate songs.

There are two issues you want to deal with suppose you need to assemble the gliding impact in your 808s: 1) the portamento timing, 2) and the way in which you’ve got truly set ngoc the papers in your mission.

1) assemble your Bass papers

assemble your bass papers as you usually would in your mission. Upon getting a bass line that matches ngoc together with your kick, one of the simplest ways to get that 808 gliding impact is so as to add one other annotation both on prime or the underside of the annotation that’s already taking part in. You are able to do this in a variety of methods as nicely.

vital Issues to annotation

I used the “Midnight” preset in IA’s Bass Synth, and that is why it says “Midnight” within the Garageband mission.

2) Put the annotation On High or Backside of the Foremost Bass annotation

As an illustration, you can add the annotation on prime of the opposite annotation, or you can even put it on the underside of the principle bass annotation, relying on whether or not you need the glide to go ngoc to a selected pitch or right down to a selected pitch .

This image has an empty alt attribute;  its file name is

3) Alter the Portamento Timing

With the inclusion of an appropriately adjusted Portamento timing, you may make the annotation slowly glide ngoc to the next pitch, or you may make it fast. It will depend on the size of the 808 annotation in addition to the Portamento Timing.

Within the case of the Aesthetic Observe that I created, I’ve the Portamento Timing set to round 180 ms. To set ngoc this timing correctly, it is actually only a matter of trial and error. The extra you mess around with it, the extra ready you will be to get it to sound easy.

Mainly, that is related you get the Gliding 808 impact whereas utilizing Preliminary Audio’s 808 Studio – Bass Synth.

Different Sliding 808 Methods

Moreover, there are completely different strategies or methods of setting ngoc the papers which assemble a brand new impact. You could possibly set ngoc a gradual slide or a fast slide that are each finished in several methods.

1) Leaping impact

As an illustration, you can set ngoc two papers to hit one after one other, after which add one other portamento annotation a lot additional ngoc within the octave which goes to rapidly oscillate between the sounds and assemble a bouncy or leaping impact.

2) Quicker and Extra Chaotic exemplary

Just by including increasingly papers on prime of the first annotation that’s taking part in, you possibly can assemble extra jumpiness, syncopation, or fashion, relying on what time period you need to use.

3) Including Roughly oi Kicks

One other standard method to assemble sliding 808s in modern hip-hop manufacturing is to have a kick drum slam a number of occasions beneath an 808 annotation. This to assemble extra of an ferocious bass-line, and it is a all ink frequent method of manufacturing 808s. This may be finished in a variety of methods, together with with a remoted kick drum observe area, or by means of Preliminary Audio’s 808 Bass Synth itself.

By IA’s 808 Bass Synth

A technique you are able to do it’s instantly in IA’s Bass Synth, which implies you’ll simply set ngoc the plug-in due to this fact there’s a new-hitting kick behind the 808, after which go down into the piano roll and add a number of MIDI papers. Discover related I set ngoc three MIDI papers earlier than the principle, for much longer, one hits. After that, I added one other MIDI annotation about one octave ngoc, which it’s going to rapidly slide ngoc to.

suppose you utilize the “808 affect” kick drum in IA’s 808 Bass Synth, there shall be a a lot tougher kick that can go together with the opposite kick that you’ve got set ngoc in your mission.

This image has an empty alt attribute;  its file name is

Or, you can use the “808 activate” kick which goes to be a lot smoother and fewer oi ferocious. suppose you’ve got used the “affect” kick in IA’s 808 Bass Synth, it’s going to embody a kick drum each date and time an 808 hits. This implies there shall be extra kicks.

By a remoted Kick

Fairly than setting ngoc the IA Bass Synth plug-in in such a method the place the extra kicks are included, you can at all times add extra kicks by means of a remoted instrument. The picture beneath exhibits the way in which this may look on the remoted kick drum.

The above kick papers will hit on the identical date and time because the IA Bass Synth annotation, which appears to be like like what you possibly can see right here:

4) Alter the Size of the 808 with the Grasp Envelope

The “Grasp Envelope” parameter is one other method to make huge adjustments to the way in which your 808 sounds. Primarily, what it does is that it determines or shapes the sound of the 808 and kick exemplary. time period, a shorter envelope means the 808 will ring out for much less oi date and time, whereas an extended envelope will lengthen it a lot additional.

Moreover, you possibly can change the form of the way in which it slowly fades away. By the “form,” I imply you possibly can set ngoc the envelope in such a method the place it’s going to slowly lower in quantity.

Or you possibly can change it due to this fact it shuts off nearly fully instantly. As I mentioned already earlier than, hustle of this actually will depend on related you need issues to sound. Extra importantly, it is actually ngoc to you to experiment by means of trial and error.

The way in which you assemble the gliding impact will depend on what software program you are utilizing, however there are specific ideas that stay the identical. These are 1) the size of the papers, 2) inserting them on prime of one another, or beneath one another, 3) and by adjusting the portamento timing. When utilizing 808 Bass Module 3 from Elektronik, it is just a little bit easier. As an illustration, they’ve the “glide” possibility clearly said on the plug-in itself.

Utilizing the 808 Bass Module 3 to Get a Gliding 808 impact


Would not work with Catalina.

Within the picture you possibly can see beneath, the Bass Module 3 has the flexibility to assemble 808s that glide just by adjusting the “Glide Timing” possibility. I might say it is a a lot simpler method to get the gliding 808 results as a result of it takes much less oi trial and error to get them to sound correct. Then again, there aren’t as many choices for getting your 808 glides to sound identical the way in which you need.

just like Make 808 Glides with the gown Sub Bass Synthesizer

Utilizing this methodology is what I used to do earlier than I found the aforementioned two plug-ins. So as to assemble a gliding impact with the gown Sub Bass Synth, you need to use the identical form of precept I already talked about.

You need to set ngoc the papers within the Piano Roll in such a method the place the papers lay on prime of one another or beneath one another, which appears to be like like what you possibly can see within the picture right here:

This has the impact of gliding the papers ngoc to and from a selected pitch, nonetheless, it does not have the identical vibe because the 808 Studio 2 from Preliminary Audio, as a result of you possibly can’t repression the pace of the glide in the identical method ; there isn’t any portamento possibility.

I’ve already touched on this earlier than in my article on just like make 808s in Garageband, however by utilizing a hammer-on/pull-off impact – the time period that guitarists use, however actually it is referred to as a “slur” – you can too get the gliding impact.

That is if you assemble a annotation the place the annotation is performed rapidly and abruptly whereas the principle bass annotation continues taking part in on the identical pitch.

Selecting the Proper 808 Plug-In

suppose you are questioning which 808 plug-in is best for you, there are only one pair issues to take into accounts. Preliminary Audio’s Bass Studio 2 is much more detailed by way of its parameters and choices, and much more could be finished with it.

Nevertheless, the Bass Module 3 from Elektronik is simpler to make use of, however there are fewer choices and parameters. Bass Module 3 can be less expensive; round half the worth because the Bass Studio 2 – Bass Synth.

From what I perceive about Garageband, utilizing these two plug-ins is the best method to go about making glides within the software program, nonetheless, I am positive there are different methods to do that. One different method of constructing child it’s by means of the gown Sub Bass Synthesizer, though, admittedly, it does not work fairly as nicely however it nonetheless works.

suppose you need an 808 plug-in that comes with a extra in-depth interface, with dozens of 808 sounds and kicks, then Preliminary Audio’s 808 Studio 2 – Bass Synth is a a lot better possibility. It has extra performance, presets, and kicks, for adjusting the sound of your 808s and getting exactly the fashion you need.

You may check out the Demo from their web site, nonetheless, you are going to run into points if you try to use it in your songs as a result of it’s going to say that the plug-in is working in Demo mode in the course of your tasks, which is clearly not what you need. Additionally, suppose you try to export the mission and cargo it into your DAW for mastering – which I’ve a information on right here – the “808 is in Demo Mode” message will play hustle all through your music.

vital Issues to annotation

1) Garageband iOS Can Glide 808s


Satirically, Garageband iOS is definitely higher at creating 808 glides with the sounds, devices, and software program that come inventory with this system. You are able to do this by utilizing the Alchemy Synth in iOS, which is superior to what the Garageband Mac Alchemy Smith has to supply.

There are tutorials on YouTube the place different creators present you related to do that. As an illustration, the Alchemy Synth in Garageband iOS has the Glissando or Slide impact proper on the synth interface, due to this fact you possibly can rapidly and successfully make that sliding 808 impact.

2) Beatmaker’s Bass Module II (so long as) Will Work Positive suppose You Do not Have Catalina Put in


There was a date and time when Beatmaker’s 808 Module Lite 2 would work for Garageband for so long as, nonetheless, it solely works for the software program now suppose you have not up to date to Catalina, which is unlucky. suppose you have not up to date to Catalina and you are not involved in Preliminary Audio’s 808 Synth, the 808 Module 3 is comparatively cheap.

YouTube Video Tutorial


The easiest way to make 808 glides in Garageband is to make use of both the Bass Module 3 from Electronik (non-Catalina) or Preliminary Audio’s Bass Studio 2 – Bass Synth. suppose you do not have Catalina put in in your Mac, then one of the simplest ways to get it with out paying any cash is thru the Bass Module 2 Litewhich I’ve already touched on in my article on 6 superior Garageband plug-ins.

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