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Pigeons are voracious eaters and can mob any chicken feeder, not giving the possibility to different birds to feed.

not solely that, however their so long as defecation leaves their droppings hustle over the place.

Studying: much like eliminate pigeons at chicken feeders

Listed below are one pair solutions you’ll be able to attempt to discourage pigeons from emptying your feeder and provides the opposite birds an opportunity:

1. keep away from Utilizing Floor Feeders

Pigeons are floor feeders, they do not normally eat on the wing and are not that adept at feeding whereas hovering, as many different birds do.

subsequently do not use floor feeders.

Both use hanging ones or put the feeder on the highest of a pole.

What normally attracts pigeons to a feeder is spilled seed.

Inevitably, different feeding birds do go away spilled feed on the bottom and as soon as a pigeon spots this they’ll land and see the seed within the feeder.

As soon as one is seen feeding, others will flock frantic it and in no date and time at hustle, it turns into an unique pigeon get together, denying different birds meals.

2. scars The Fowl Feeder Periodically

Discourage pigeons from visiting your backyard and emptying the feeders by eradicating the feeder utterly for a few week.

Like hustle feral birds, pigeons are opportunists.

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suppose they do not see lifetime meals sources they’ll attempt their luck elsewhere.

in fact, this denies the opposite birds that you’re feeding their meals, however it could work out higher in the long term suppose the pigeons keep away.

3. Use Decoys & Pigeon Deterrents

One other methodology of conserving pigeons away is with using decoys or scarecrows.

Decoys are replicas of birds of prey that scare off the pigeons.

The replicas have to be moved regularly, as pigeons are clever creatures and shortly word that they do not remodel and subsequently will not be a hazard to them.

an owl decoy

What you really want to do is make it uncomfortable or disagreeable for pigeons to go to your backyard.

Which means diligently on the plain perches frantic your wealth.

Tree branches, fences, sheds and roofs are hustle locations from which pigeons can perch and observe what’s going on in your backyard.

4. Pigeon Repellents

Utilizing plastic or metallic spikes in outstanding locations or using repellent gel will assist you to sensitive pigeons out of your backyard and the chicken feeder.

pigeon on roof

You too can select different humane strategies reminiscent of noisemakers, water jets and hanging shiny objects, which they do not like.

5. Use A Pigeon Proof Feeder

Pigeons do not have a lot agility in the case of holding on to surfaces that are not flat.

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They’ll grip phone wires, cables and branches as a result of they will crouch on high of them, however something that’s vertical or inclined at a steep angle they’ve issues with.

a pigeon proof feeder

Look on-line for feeders which can be particularly made to be pigeon proof or suppose you are a bit artful, take a look at the tutorials on YouTube to make a pigeon proof feeder.

6. Use A Feeder That Is Too odd For A Pigeon

To make your chicken feeder inaccessible to pigeons do not use one which has ledges or spokes that they will use to relaxation on whereas they feed.

It’s higher to make use of one the place the feeder tube is roofed by a cage.

Though odd, pigeons are larger than the opposite birds utilizing the feeder.

a small bird feeder

The openings left by the wire cage are full sufficient to let the smaller birds attain in and get on the feed, however pigeons and different birds of the identical dimension will discover it a stretch to succeed in the feeding tube.

Additionally, lots of a lot of these feeders do not have a lip or ledge from which the pigeons can comfortably feed.

One other innovation is to safe sticks that poke by means of the entire cage at random angles.

This can impede a pigeon’s entry to the cage too.

suppose you select to place the feeder on high of a pole, then stack some rocks frantic the bottom or a mesh-like hen wire.

That approach pigeons are unlikely to realize entry to fallen feed and ultimately give ngoc.

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