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The Digsite Pendant is an enchanted Ruby necklace which may be unlocked at Varrock museum, within the specimen territory. Digsite pendant lets you teleport straight to The Digsite territory and it additionally may be linked to Fossil Island, when you full Bonevoyage quest. After finishing Dragonslayer II quest at Lithkren, simply north of Rune Dragons, you’ll achieve one extra teleport merchandise.

As soon as Ruby necklace is enchanted, it turns to Digsite pendant, however when description 5 prices are used, the necklace will crumble to mud.

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Unlocking Αbility to reward Ruby ecklace

For this half, you might want to full The Digsite quest at Varrock museum. Proper after you could have full The Digsite quest, you possibly can enter specimen territory that is the place collection of the motion will happen.

If you end up inside, in entrance of the doorway you’ll discover hanging description the tools and instruments you have to. Choose it ngoc, equip leather-based hand socks and boots it’s should to seek for specimen rocks.

On the fitting of the doorway, to specimen territory, you’ll discover piles of specimen rocksthat is the place you have to to fill your stock with disgrace findings.

After you have not less than one disgrace discovering in your stock, click on on the specimen desk to scrub the findings. You can see varied issues, however what you might be in search of is the “Clear” Necklace. The possibility is 1/51 to get it, subsequently it’s going to collection seemingly take a couple of attempt.

vital annotation

You can see 5 extra helpful issues to place within the show for Kudosas soon as you discover any of the next gadgets simply present them to the fellows sitting on the desk subsequent to specimen rocks.

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This stuff are:

Pottery – show 22 • outdated Image – show 26 • conservative Image – show 37 • outdated Coin – show 45 • conservative Coin – show 44 The case shows are simply outdoors of the specimen, contained in the Varrock museum.

osrs enchant ruby ​​necklace

When you already discover the “Clear” necklace, present it to one of many NPC’s subsequent to specimen rocks. They are going to determine the merchandise and you’ll unlock the flexibility to enchant the ruby ​​necklace.

osrs magic enchant level

The talisman requires Lv 49 gravity. Lv-3 Enchant talisman wants 1 Cosmic rune and 5 Fireplace runes.

osrs digsite pendant ruby ​​necklace

When the talisman is used on Ruby necklace, it’s going to flip it to Digsite Pendant. Now you possibly can rub it to teleport to The Digsitesubsequent to transportation ship of Fossil Island.

Binding Digsite Pendant to Fossil island

osrs fossil island guard

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For this half, you might want to full the Bonevoyage quest. speak to the escort subsequent to the ship or simply right-click on him and select Fast journey. You may be immediately teleported to Fossil Island.

osrs bind digsite pendant

North-west, there’s Home on the hill the place you possibly can tie up your Digsite pendant to teleport you straight to Fossil Island.

osrs book bind pendant

If you get there on the 2nd ground (1st ground, UK) you’ll discover a big e book(unusual machine) on the southern wall, right-click on the pendant and use on the e book to tie up it to this place.

After you could have full these steps, you rub your Digsite pendant and it will provide you with two choices to teleport:

1. Digsite 2. Fossil island

When 2nd choice is chosen, you may be teleported to Fossil island, home on the hill.

You’ll be able to examine our video information on just like unlock the necklace and just like tie up it to Fossil Island under.

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