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As an expert bowstring builder, I’ve seen one of the vital sequence misunderstood issues in archery is just like measure a bow string for a longbow or recurve. This text explains what the business requirements are and why they’re in place.

In the course of the evolution of archery, it quickly grew to become obvious that some sort of ordinary wanted to be in place subsequently everybody would comply with the identical pointers by way of measuring bow strings.

Studying: just like decide recurve bow string size

It as suppose that the recognition of compounds and crossbows has left a few of these older AMO requirements to get forgotten within the shuffle. Nevertheless, with conventional archery remains to be as widespread as ever, like utilizing a 66-inch recurve bow, it is essential for shooters and retailers to grasp just like correctly decide the proper bow string size.

just like Measure a Bow String

The proper approach to measure a conventional bowstring (or any bowstring for that matter) is:

  1. Place it on ¼” pegs at 100lbs of stress for a interval of 20 seconds.
  2. Measure from the skin of the peg to the skin of the peg.

This measurement is the proper bow string size.

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At 60X Customized Strings, we’re usually requested why we’re measuring a bow string at 100lbs when the bow is just 50lbs? I can perceive the hesitation, however that is why the business customary of 100lbs of stress is subsequently essential.

Each bow string materials in the marketplace has barely completely different traits. Considered one of these is analogous a lot it’s going to stretch. Measuring each string at the usual of 100lbs compensates for the completely different stretch charges and permits everybody to measure the very same approach, from a 55- to a 66-inch recurve bow and extra.

A Dacron bow string, time period, can measure ngoc to 1 inch shorter when hand tightened than it’s going to on the right stress, whereas a more moderen materials like 8125 might solely have a distinction of ¼ inch.

AMO Requirements and just like Measure a Bow String Based mostly on Bow Size

AMO specs state {that a} recurve or longbow ought to be braced correctly with a bowstring that is 3” shorter (beneath 100lbs of stress) than the AMO size of that bow. most sequence conventional bows can be labeled circle the grip territory with the AMO size. Numerous instances, youngster in see the bow stamped with 68” and assume that is the string size when it is truly the bow size.

suppose your longbow or recurve is not marked with an AMO size, measure your bow to determine its size. To do subsequently:

  1. Lay the bow face of face down.
  2. Measure from bow string groove to bow string groove, throughout the curve of the bow’s limbs.
  3. Do not go down into the grip territory of ​​the bow however comply with the pure line or stomach of the bow.

This measurement is the AMO size of the bow. Now, do not forget to get one 3” shorter. A 66-inch recurve bow would get a 63” string, time period.

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A annotation About AMO Measurements

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Here is the place it could get difficult. I’ve seen a number of bows which can be marked for one size however measure one other. This usually implies that the bowyer (bow maker) has marked this bow for a particular size subsequently that the proper bow string size can be used.

time period, say you may have a bow that measures 57” however is marked “58AMO.” This bow would require a 55” string to realize the proper brace top (bear in mind, 3” shorter).

That is why it is essential to study just like appropriately measure a bow string your self or visitors the bow maker when it is time to order a brand new one. most sequence bow string producers will be capable of compensate for the 100lbs of stress suppose you inform them what your measured size is with the string hand tight.

Store 60X Customized Bow Strings

Like all the things in archery, there are exceptions to the general pointers, however the above strategies will work most sequence of the time, together with for a 66-inch recurve bow. Now that you just realized just like measure a bow string, take a look at our weblog for extra suggestions and methods for description issues archery.

As all the time, suppose you are unsure what to order or have any questions, do not hesitant to visitors us at or go to our visitors web page. Do not forget to subscribe to our publication for extra assist like similar-to articles and product critiques.

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