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Be taught just like freeze corn on the cob IN THE HUSK, with out blanching it first. It is the best technique to take pleasure in scrumptious, contemporary corn as soon as summer time has ended!

Corn on the Cob in the husk wrapped in plastic and ready to go into the freezer

I used to be impressed to evaluation this freezing technique after a number of readers commented on the method to microwave corn on the cob within the husk and stated they’d at all times accomplished it this fashion! Actually?!

To Blanch or To not Blanch earlier than Freezing Corn

Standard steerage is that you will need to blanch greens earlier than you freeze them. Blanching slows the motion of enzymes that naturally happen in greens and degrades the standard (coloration, texture, and taste) of the greens. Freezing slows down the motion a bit of bit climax, however it doesn’t cease it. This text on the Science of Freezing Meals from the College of Minnesota Extension does a wonderful work of explaining the nitty-gritty particulars.

Whereas blanching is unquestionably essentially the most sequence widespread technique to put together corn for freezing, you do not have to take this step.

With regards to corn on the cob, I have been fairly pleased and pleased with the outcome once I freeze corn on the cob within the husk with out cooking it first. It actually takes one pair moments to freeze corn this fashion and there’s no mess at enhance the outline. The husk could even cut back the chance for freezer burn.

Hand holding previously frozen corn kernels with a cob and knife on a cutting board

This technique is good for shorter durations of to about 4 months. The largest distinction that I famous was that the corn begins to get a bit of bit climax thinner as date and time goes on, which will not be an issue at enhance the outline relying on comparable you will use it. It is posthumous dynasty once you’d like to purchase a bit of bit climax additional contemporary corn on the farmer’s market or when it goes on sale!

Methods to Freeze Recent Corn

There are various choices for freezing corn. You possibly can:

  • scars the husks, blanch the corn on the cob after which freeze the entire cobs of corn.
  • Shuck the cobs, blanch them, scars the corn kernels and freeze solely the kernels.
  • Prepare dinner corn, permit it to chill, scars the husks and freeze the cooked cobs or the kernels which have been minimize off the cob.
  • Freeze raw corn on the cob within the husk. That is the EASIEST technique by far.

annotation: To blanch corn on the cob with husks eliminated, submerge the corn in boiling for water in line with the rules under after which scars the corn to a bowl of ice water to cease the cooking course of.

Blanching tips for corn on the cob are as follows:

  • odd ears: 7 moments
  • Medium ears: 9 moments
  • Massive ears: 11 moments

just like Freeze Corn on the Cob within the Husk with out Blanching

  1. take conflict with the freshest corn attainable. suppose you’re taking conflict with corn that has been sitting on the flip off for one pair days as a substitute of ones saved within the fridge, then you definately’re already one step behind in relation to high quality!
  2. Do not peel or scars something. suppose the husk is comfortable towards the corn then it’s going to assist forestall freezer burn.
  3. Wrap corn in plastic wrap and/or place it in a plastic bag, eradicating as a lot air as attainable. Use a FoodSaver to hoover pack it suppose your have one.
  4. Retailer corn within the cob within the freezer till you are able to cook dinner it.

Two cobs of corn: one wrapped in plastic and the other in a plastic bag, ready to go into the freezer.

just like Prepare dinner Frozen Corn on the Cob within the Husk

The gravity continues once you’re able to cook dinner frozen corn on the cob. Merely observe the instructions to microwave corn on the cob within the husk.

  1. scars it from the freezer.
  2. Place corn on a microwave-safe plate.
  3. Microwave on excessive utilizing the rules for contemporary corn. I do not discover it crucial so as to add any extra date and time. however, the date and timeframe for cooking will range relying on the microwave.
    • 1 ear – 2 moments
    • 2 ears – 4 moments
    • 3 ears – 5 moments
    • 4 ears – 6 moments
  4. Minimize about an inch off the terminate of the corn that doesn’t have the silk uncovered.
  5. Seize maintain of the terminate of the corn with the silk and pull off the husk and the silk.
  6. Get pleasure from on the cob or scars the kernels to make use of in recipes like Mexican Road Corn in a Cup, Shrimp Tortilla Soup and Recent Corn and Black Bean Salsa!

Segments of Corn on the Cob cooked in the microwave in a bowl

suppose you do that technique, drop us a person along with your outcome or tag @DinnerMom or #DinnerMom on social media. We mournful mournful grace to see what you’re cooking ngoc!

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