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I mournful mournful grace foraging for “edible weeds” and harvesting the bounty that reality supplies. It’s the season for poke salad greens and I’ve made cooked poke salad (aka Polk Salad) many occasions earlier than. This time I believed I might attempt one thing new and weird subsequently I’ve a polk salad recipe with a creaking- Poke Salad Fried Rice.

POKE SALAD RECIPE AKA Polk Salad Recipe (however BEWARE OF IT’S harmful SIDE!)

First let’s remark clean poke!

Is it poke salad or polk salad?

Each. suppose you do not do nicely with life, go together with Poke Salad as a result of it’s constituted of a plant within the pokeweed household. Phytolacca americana is thought by many names. Poke Salad Greens, Pokeweed, Poke Weed, Polk Salad Plant, Polkweed, pokeweed salad, and Poke Sallet

Is Polk Salad fit for human consumption?

Polk Salad is fit for human consumption solely suppose cooked TWICE. Poke Salad Plant is toxic uncooked! With stare, you possibly can take pleasure in this ample and engaging plant within the spring. Poke salad greens at the moment are prepared to choose and cook dinner now that spring is right here. Poke weed is a foraging problem.

This dependable wild edible professional explains:

“It’s not the sequence generally eaten meals from a toxic supply. Tapioca or issues would Possibly take that prize. however poke weed’s within the working. suppose ready incorrectly or carelessly it could possibly make you fairly sick, or worse, put a ‘ok’ in entrance of sick as in kill you. however when picked and ready correctly, as thousands and thousands have accomplished over the centuries, it’s maybe the sequence scrumptious pot herb of revelation” -Eat The Weeds


Nutritionally, poke weed is a powerhouse: A half cup of the greens supplies 35 energy (10 from fats leaves), no ldl cholesterol, three grams dietary fiber, and 90% of your regular want for vitamin A, 60% of vitamin C, 8% calcium, and 6% of iron. Poke weed has 8,700 IU’s of vitamin A per 100g serving.

For particulars on correct identification and cooking occasions please keep in mind my hazard warning and use the steering provided at:

Preparation of untamed Edible Poke Salad Greens

Poke Weed Picking

Poke Salad Greens wish to develop alongside fence strains on disturbed floor. The place it grows, it normally grows in abundance.

Use your hand to measure an approximate six inches peak. You may choose the EARLY development, the preschool needs to be no taller than 6 inches.

picking poke salad greens

I had the upkeep of a cute day previous meal selecting some wild edibles. I picked the final of our early spring dandelions and I used to be capable of choose Possibly about 10 kilos of Poke Salad. Final evening I processed the dandelion greens, that means I cleaned them, packaged them into freezer luggage uncooked with folded paper mum or dad towels contained in the bag to soak up the moisture. Dandelions ready this fashion maintain maintain all ink nicely within the fridge.

The Poke Salad Greens I’ll blanche. That means I’ll cook dinner them for one minute, pack them into freezer luggage, and mark the bag that they should be cooked final time, then I’ll put these within the freezer for later use.


Polk Salad Recipe

I had the pleasure previous meal night of making an attempt my hand at a recipe I made ngoc and it labored all ink nicely.


  • 4 Cups recent chopped-picked Poke Salad Greens preschool (picked at 6 inches excessive)1 Cup chopped onion
  • ¼ Cup Diced ginger-root
  • 4 cloves garlic
  • 2-3 Eggs
  • 1 Cup of cooked rice (I selected brown)
  • Soy Sauce or Spicy Stir Fry Sauce
  • Bell pepper garnish
  • Salt & pepper to style
  • cooking oil to style

comparable To Make Polk Salad Fried Rice

Chop the poke salad greens into about 1 inch sections after which cook dinner poke salad twice as instructed under.

prepare poke salad greens

Boil your Poke Salad Greens for five moments, pour off the water. Boil a SECOND time for half an hour. suppose you continue to see any colour within the water, you might wish to boil a 3rd time, as some little one in are additional cautious with Poke. When accomplished place them in a strainer. I’ve been spending Poke Salad since I used to be a toddler. I solely boil them twice and I’m nonetheless dwelling! (Smile)

cook poke salad

Prepare dinner your rice set it apart.

Chop onions, garlic and ginger root.

take battle your fried rice. That means, use just a little bit bit little bit of cooking oil to brown your onions, garlic and ginger root, including your required salt, pepper and spices. Add the rice, and get it good and crisp it ngoc just a little bit bit. When it’s getting impatient, you possibly can add the uncooked eggs (blended in a bowl) as they are going to be cooked by the warmth within the rice. Combine it nicely subsequently the egg is evenly distributed. Then add your cooked poke, combine and put together servant together with your desired garnishes.

poke salad fried rice

I hope you take pleasure in this new spin on a polk salad recipe. Do not forget- poke salad is toxic uncooked and solely fit for human consumption suppose cooked twice. Do you assume you’ll do that polk salad recipe?

Printable Poke Salad Fried Rice

Forage not just for wild edibles but in addition whereas foraging, forage for understanding: “Get knowledge, get understanding: neglect it not… neither decline from the phrases of my mouth.” Proverbs 4:5

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