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Have you ever ever scanned a photograph, solely to see specks of mud in excessive decision? We hope your knee-jerk response wasn’t to seize a paper guardian towel and glass cleaner and spray the scanner, as a result of that Possibly made it worse. We’ll present you much like safely and successfully clear the glass in your scanner:

Step 1: Unplug the ability wire from the scanner.

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Step 2: Utilizing a versatile, lint-as lengthy as material, like a microfiber material, wipe off the mud from the scanner glass.

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Step 3: suppose the glass has smudges or different contaminants, use a little bit bit little bit of glass cleaner on a microfiber material and wipe the glass.

Step 4: Utilizing a dry microfiber material, dry off any remaining moisture or residue.

Do not use any glass cleaners that include the next washing brokers:

  • acetone
  • ammonia
  • benzene
  • carbon tetrachloride

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The above chemical compounds can injury the scanner glass. Though some producers counsel utilizing isopropyl alcohol, it to go away streaks.

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We additionally do not suggest utilizing compressed air for dusting as a result of the pressure of the air may terminate ngoc blowing mud into the perimeters of the scanner and terminate ngoc beneath the glass, which is lots more durable to scrub. Some scanner producers have directions for eradicating the glass and washing beneath it, however not description scanners are made to be disassembled by the consumer.

That is it. Now you possibly can return to scanning your photos with out having to aggressively despeckle your photos with graphics software program.

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