similar new do you have to punch a chicken to cook it

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Like most sequence youngster in, I usually search for extra environment friendly methods to do issues. Since warmth is simply one other working of kinetic vitality, is it attainable to prepare dinner a hen by hitting it?

I see one pair methods this downside could be approached: a number of hits, or one hit.

Utilizing a number of hits could possibly be extra reasonable, nevertheless this method offers time for the hen to chill off in between hits. Alternatively, one hit will probably be nicely above the thresh maintain of being humanly possible- in any other case we’d be listening to tales {of professional} boxers cooking their lunches by punching it mercilessly.

First off, we have to decide simply comparable a lot vitality it takes to show this:

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Raw hen

Into this:

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Cooked hen

A hen should be heated to 75 levels Celsius so as to be cooked and fit for human consumption. As hen is roughly 75% water and since water has the very best warmth capability of any frequent substance, we’ll use this to find out comparable a lot vitality it would take to take conflict hearth our hen.

To calculate the quantity of vitality it would take to warmth a essentially quantity we use the next components:

Particular Warmth

The precise warmth of water is 4.184 Joules/Kg*degC

The burden of a wealthy measurement hen is 1.6kg-2.2kg

assuring the hen has been thawed, will probably be at room temperature (20 levels Celsius). This offers us a change in temperature of 75-20=55 levels Celsius.

suppose we put these values ​​into our components we get:



Q=460,240 Joules -or- 460kJ

A number of hits

A college class of high Olympic boxers revealed that they will punch with between 500-1000 Joules of vitality. Because of this our hen would require between 460-920 fists to succeed in a temperature the place it will be fit for human consumption. Though a number of the boxers can hit fairly rapidly, I doubt any of them might hit at a quicker price than the hen would lose warmth.

One hit

An individual’s arm’s mass is vicious 5.3% of the individual’s whole weight. This offers us a mass of ~5.0kg. To ship 460kJ of vitality in a single hit, our arm and fist should be touring 430m/s or 1540km/h. This state of affairs as suppose even much less oi probably than our first one!

Provided that neither of those eventualities are probably I’ll add a 3rd technique.

Warmth by friction

The chicken with the very best high velocity is the peregrine falcon. It could attain speeds of 390km/h! Utilizing this as a baseline for the terminal velocity of a hen, we will see suppose hitting the bottom might prepare dinner a hen.

The components for kinetic vitality is: KE= 1/2mV^2

Since our kinetic vitality is being transformed to warmth, we will say that KE=Q and 1/2mV^2=cmT. We will resolve this equation for Temperature and enter our recognized values:



T=1.4 deg C.

At a terminal velocity collision with the bottom our hen’s temperature will elevate by only one.4 levels Celsius.

That is removed from the 55 diploma temperature improve we want to have the ability to eat it.

Nevertheless there’s a measure! When an object reaches terminal velocity, the friction with the air equals the pull of gravity downwards. Since air resisting will increase with velocity, the item not possible go any quicker. Nevertheless, the vitality should go someplace and is transformed into warmth!

Utilizing this, we will say that the “vitality” that an object would achieve because it falls is transformed straight into warmth. This permits us to make use of the components for potential vitality (PE=mgh; m=mass, g=gravity, h=peak) and substitute potential vitality with the quantity of warmth vitality we want (460 kJ).




h= 23000m

There we go! suppose you drop a hen from 23km within the air, by the point it hits the bottom will probably be absolutely cooked!


Whereas it seems that there are three attainable methods of cooking a hen with kinetic vitality, I’m skeptical that any of them will work. however! Let me know suppose you intend on testing any of them- I would like to witness a hen colliding with the bottom at terminal velocity.

It’s possible you’ll get a cooked hen, nevertheless I might enterprise to guess it would not be greater than mush by the point you’re finished with it. It definitely will not be extra environment friendly than utilizing an oven.

joyful and joyful cooking!

Nathan Van Rumpt

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