Sigil Magic For Beginners: How To Make A Powerful Sigil

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Sigil magic is a well-liked matter and many people wish to know find out how to make a sigil, what a sigil is, find out how to cost a sigil, or find out how to create a sigil. In the present day I’ll be masking all of the fundamentals for learners!

Making a sigil is the method of making a logo or picture to carry a want to fruition by means of your unconscious thoughts. Incorporating sigil magic into your apply can take your spirituality to the following stage. There are a lot of other ways to create sigils which is beautiful as a result of you’ll be able to customise a way that works finest for you!

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What’s a Sigil?

The time period sigil is derived from the Latin phrase sigillum which suggests seal or signet.

A sigil is a logo or design you create that works along with your unconscious self to assist carry your targets and goals into actuality. Sigil magic allows you to focus and turn out to be clear about your intentions.

The sigil itself doesn’t comprise magical skills however operates because the mode of transportation into your unconscious, which is why it’s best to at all times create your individual sigils! Utilizing sigils designed by another person removes the connection and doesn’t enable the sigil to be positioned into your unconscious thoughts.

Sigils and their many capabilities and powers had been defined by sixteenth-century German polymath and doctor Henry Cornelius Agrippa, in a e-book detailing totally different aspects of Occult Philosophy. Described as ‘the magical encyclopaedia of the Renaissance’, this work introduced collectively Greek and Roman occultism drawn from classical sources with medieval Jewish Kabballah, aiming to offer technical explanations and procedures for sensible magic. Occult Philosophy defined intimately how magic could possibly be employed virtually, laying naked the secrets and techniques of the pure world together with stones, herbs, bushes and metals, the celestial and mathematical world encompassing the affect of planets, stars and numbers, and the mental world of pagan gods, spirits, angels, devils.

Science Museum Group Journal

Sigil Magick

How Do Sigils Work?

When studying how sigils work, it’s important to know you’re making an attempt to go round your aware thoughts and join along with your unconscious self.

The aware thoughts will put up boundaries, skepticism, or place restrictions in your intentions, making it difficult to materialize your needs. Nonetheless, in case you can instantly hook up with your unconscious, your religious energy isn’t restricted!

No phrases are wanted, and an intention-based image can talk on to your unconscious self! Sigils work by inserting an thought into your unconscious, and by doing so, will start to work in direction of your intention whilst you go about your every day life. This visualization will immediate your unconscious self to begin searching for methods it may assist manifest your want or aim!

When you’ve accomplished your sigil work, place it out of your thoughts and don’t dwell on it. You need your sigil to go away your aware thoughts and simmer in your unconscious thoughts.

subconscious mind

How To Make a Sigil: Varieties and Strategies

When making a sigil, be at liberty to include colours, private symbols, or letters of your alternative. Don’t enable these varieties and strategies to restrict you! Bear in mind, there’s no unsuitable strategy to create a sigil! Create what feels pure to you and let your instinct affect you!

Phrase Sigils

The creation of phrase sigils originated with English artist Austin Osman Spare (1886-1956) and his improvement of Zos Kia Cultus. His concepts later turned the idea of chaos magic.

Within the early 1900s, Aleister Crowley invited Spare to hitch his Thelemite magical order. Spare was a member for under a short while as a result of he despised the strict construction and ceremonial magick Crowley practiced. In Spare’s e-book “The Guide of Pleasure,“ he described Crowley and his followers as – “These Magicians, whose insincerity is their security, are however the unemployed dandies of the Brothels. Magic is however one’s pure capacity to draw with out asking; ceremony what’s unaffected, its doctrine the negation of theirs”.

Spare was very excited by medieval grimoires, together with The Lesser Key of Solomon. Nonetheless, as an alternative of utilizing sigils to summon spirits, he needed to create and apply sigils for private practices. He tried to keep away from the advanced Enochian magic Aleister Crowley used and as an alternative simplify the method.

Intercourse was an integral a part of Spare’s practices, and his aim with sigil creation was to speak with the sexual power of his unconscious self. He revealed his concepts for phrase sigils which he known as sigilization, in his e-book “The Guide of Pleasure.” Sadly, he died in 1956, lengthy earlier than his sigil concepts turned fashionable throughout the early Nineties.

Word Sigil Creation Example

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To create your individual phrase sigil, begin along with your intention (Spare referred to this as your assertion of want), take away any repeating letters, and use the remaining letters to design a sigil.

In case you battle to jot down down your intention, you’ll be able to attempt utilizing Spare’s suggestion to begin with “I want.” Nonetheless, in additional fashionable magic, many consider it’s important to jot down within the current tense as in case your intention has already come to fruition. (Instance – I really feel lovely in my very own pores and skin – see picture under).

The selection, in fact, is totally as much as you! Bear in mind to make use of optimistic phrases and keep away from adverse feedback like don’t, received’t, or not. Use sturdy and highly effective phrases you’d like your sigil to symbolize.

When you have too many letters remaining and discover it difficult to mix them right into a sigil design that resonates with you, attempt eradicating vowels to simplify the method. Be happy so as to add just a few artistic touches or place a circle round your remaining picture to comprise its power.

A typical frustration with sigil creation is the aesthetic. Don’t let the creative magnificence maintain you again, as an alternative let your instinct information you!

Pictorial Sigil I am always changing and growing

Pictorial Sigils

One other method Spare created is the pictorial sigil which is becoming since he was an artist. He believed utilizing pictures to convey an intention as an alternative of phrases might make it simpler for the sigil to attach with the unconscious.

Listed below are just a few examples –

  • Paintbrush in case you’d like to enhance your portray skills
  • Flame if working with the factor fireplace
  • Coronary heart for love
  • A wave, drop of water, or snowflake if working with the factor water
  • Greenback signal for prosperity
  • Protect or antlers for defense
  • A mountain if working with the factor earth
  • An eye fixed to enhance your instinct or divination skills
  • Star to symbolize all 4 parts and self
  • The Moon

This may be some of the artistic and sigil-making strategies. Ensure you’re in a relaxed and artistic mindset whereas making a pictorial sigil. Have enjoyable with it! I created an instance under across the keyphrase I’m at all times altering and rising to offer you an instance.

Simply because footage are included into this sigil, this doesn’t imply you’ll be able to’t additionally mix letters or symbols into your sigil as effectively! Be happy to incorporate any designs that add which means to your religious apply, like Celtic Ogham Alphabet symbols or Elder Futhark Rune symbols.

Lo Shu Grid Example

Magic Squares

Let’s start with the historical past of the preferred magic sq. – the Lo Shu grid. Chinese language emperor Yu observed grid markings on the again of a tortoise shell and believed the three×3 design was an ideal magical sq.. The Lo Shu grid was usually utilized in a wide range of methods: as a logo of concord, in astrology, divination, talismans, and in Taoist magic.

A magic sq. containing numbers is taken into account magical when the numbers whole the identical quantity when added horizontally, vertically, AND diagonally. You’ll be able to see within the Lo Shu Grid instance under that each route totals 15.

Sator Square Example
Lo Shu Grid Instance

The Romans additionally used magic squares, however they contained letters as an alternative of numbers. They usually had 5 letters and had been used for amulets and positioned on partitions. Essentially the most well-known is the Sator sq., a brilliant palindrome as a result of it may be learn left to proper, proper to the left, and up and down. As you’ll be able to see within the instance under, the Sator sq. comprises 5 phrases in Latin – Sator, Arepo, Tenet, Opera, and Rotas.

Magic Square Sigil Chart
Sator Sq. Instance

Magic squares turned very talked-about throughout the Center Ages and began showing within the work and literature from varied topics together with arithmetic, astrology, occultism, alchemy, and different students.

Alchemists usually created sigils to correspond and replicate a planet’s power and information. These might later be utilized in rituals to symbolize or summon the planet’s energy.

You should use magic squares to create your individual distinctive sigils. Start along with your intention. For this instance, we’ll use – My success is inevitable. (That is from certainly one of my favourite music manifestation songs by Geminelle). Then shorten it to a particular key phrase or phrase. We’ll use success for instance.

Mix the chart under with the Lo Shu Grid to create a novel sigil.

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By utilizing success together with the chart under we get the numbers 1 3 3 3 5 1 1. Then take away any consecutive numbers and we’ll find yourself with – 1 3 5 1. Maintain studying under to see how we’ll use this with the Lo Shu Grid.

Success Sigil Lo Shu Grid Example

Insert a circle into the primary and final quantity within the Lo Shu Grid (for this instance of 1 3 5 1, the circle will begin and finish in number one). Then draw a line connecting every quantity in consecutive order to create your distinctive sigil.

Success Sigil Example

As soon as your sigil is full, you’ll be able to embellish it, add traces or dots, rotate it into no matter place you want, or go away it as is! Mine appears to be like like a martini glass, huh? LOL!

Magic Circle Sigil
Success Sigil Instance

Magic Circles

One other method incorporates your chosen key phrase or phrase. We’ll proceed with the intention above – My success is inevitable. This time I’ll use the total phrase for instance. Merely draw or hint a circle and write the alphabet inside the circle. (Instance under)

Success Magic Circle Sigil

Insert a circle by the primary and final letter inside your circle. Then draw a line connecting every letter to create your distinctive sigil. You’ll be able to simplify “My success is inevitable” into M Y S U C E I V T A B L – I included the vowels this time to indicate you one other variation.

My Success Is Inevitable Magic Sigil
automatic writing

Automated Writing Sigils

This system means that you can chill out, meditate, and focus in your intention or want. Loosen your grip in your pencil or pen and let it transfer in your paper. The ultimate outcome will look scribbled and unclear. Utilizing your instinct pull out what pictures or shapes you see within the form earlier than you. Use this to create a sigil.

how to destroy sigils

The right way to Cost or Activate A Sigil

There are a lot of methods to cost or activate a sigil, however you’ll want to determine which one works finest for you. After you completed creating your sigil you wish to detach from it emotionally and spiritually. Put it someplace out of thoughts. This may be so long as you are feeling mandatory, just a few days, every week, or possibly a moon cycle. When you’ve totally indifferent out of your sigil, it’s time to cost it.

You’ll be able to cost your sigil in a wide range of methods the preferred are by means of emotional, sexual, or religious power, however it’s essential you discover a manner that works finest for you. It’s essential that you simply really feel snug! There’s no unsuitable strategy to do it!

Essentially the most essential step in sigil activating is that you simply embed the picture of the sigil into your unconscious thoughts.

Listed below are just a few concepts –

  • Music that’s rhythmic, enjoyable, or emotional to you’ll be able to assist to place you right into a trance-like state. Drums, rattles, chanting, or singing bowls may also be helpful
  • Throughout meditation. Calm down and convey the picture of your sigil to your thoughts. Repeat your key phrase or phrase as you focus and meditate in your sigil
  • Anoint it with Moon Water
  • You’ll be able to take a look at your sigil or give it some thought throughout an orgasm (both with a accomplice or by your self)
  • Cost it throughout an especially emotional time and also you’re experiencing intense emotions (this may be disappointment, concern, happiness, and so on.)
  • Motion rituals like dancing, drumming, or clapping
  • Place with corresponding crystals of your alternative for so long as you are feeling is required
Kitchen witch sigil

How To Destroy Sigils

There will be some debate about destroying sigils and if it’s required or not. When making an attempt to determine for your self, take into account your sigil intention. Bear in mind sigil magic is about creating and releasing it into your unconscious thoughts. If you destroy a sigil it permits the intention or want to be launched so it may fulfill its objective. Then you’ll be able to transfer on about your life and permit the sigil to do its factor.

Nonetheless, generally regularly seeing a sigil can act as a reminder to your unconscious self and can repeatedly give power to your intention or want. It’s also possible to select a semi-permanent sigil that will probably be slowly launched over time. See under for some artistic methods to make use of everlasting or semi-permanent sigils.

In case you determined to destroy your sigil, make a ritual out of it. Spend a while with it earlier than you ship it out into the universe and your unconscious. You might wish to document your sigil and corresponding intentions into your grimoire, Wiccan Guide of Shadows, or religious journal for reference later. Listed below are just a few methods to destroy and launch a sigil –

  • Burn your sigil that’s written on paper, a bay leaf, or carved right into a candle (burning is the commonest method and may also be used whereas additionally concurrently activating your sigil)
  • Tear it up
  • Launch right into a stream, river, or water of alternative
  • Bury them
  • Launch it into the wind
  • Erase it if the sigil is written in pencil
  • Blow on it

Now your work is full! It’s essential to launch your sigil and never let it preoccupy your ideas. You need your sigil to go away your aware thoughts and simmer in your unconscious thoughts.

The Peculiar Brunette

Artistic Methods to Use a Sigil

In case you intend to make a everlasting or semi-permanent sigil listed here are a twenty artistic methods to make use of it!

  1. Place behind your cellphone case
  2. Use in Kitchen Witchery –
    • Burn into picket spoons
    • stir into tea or soup
    • unfold icing onto a cake
    • carve into the underside of pie crust
  3. Write inside or on the underside of your sneakers
  4. Sew into your clothes or different materials (pillowcases, quilts, blankets, fiber artist initiatives, and so on)
  5. Carve into wooden or firewood
  6. Place in your pores and skin (as a tattoo, with make-up, or one thing that may be washed off like eyeliner or mascara)
  7. Write on a bay leaf in case you intend to burn it
  8. Place onto rocks
    • Put round your private home for defense
    • Carry it with you
    • Bury them outdoor
    • Convey them to your home of employment
  9. Carve into candles
  10. Place into your Wiccan Guide of Shadows, grimoire, or religious journal
  11. Use ash from incense or smoke cleaning to jot down your sigil wherever you want
  12. Draw onto a foggy windowpane or in your mirror after you bathe
  13. Make right into a key ring
  14. Place right into a e-book or on a bookmark
  15. Maintain in your purse or pockets
  16. Place behind jewellery or a watch so it’s at all times with you
  17. Carve into an ice dice and place it out within the solar to soften (nice when working with ice or water in your religious apply)
  18. House rework or design initiatives
    • Freshly poured concrete or DIY concrete pavers
    • Beneath flooring or carpet
    • Use when portray a wall in your house or behind wallpaper
  19. In clay pots in your backyard house (you’ll be able to add some aptitude to it by turning the wrong way up and inserting a photo voltaic gentle inside)
  20. Place it in your altar

I hope you discovered this publish about find out how to make sigils useful, plenty of like to you, and keep in mind as at all times…

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Sigil Magic For Beginners: How To Make A Powerful Sigil

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