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Rebecca Duncan is a choose for Place 2 of the Oregon Supreme Courtroom. She assumed workplace in 2017. Her present time period ends on January 6, 2025.

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Duncan gained re-election for the Place 2 choose of the Oregon Supreme Courtroom outright within the major on Might 15, 2018, after the final election was canceled.

Duncan was first appointed to the court docket by Gov. Kate Brown (D) in 2017.[1] She was subsequently elected to the court docket in a nonpartisan election in 2018. To learn extra about judicial choice in Oregon, click on right here.

Duncan was beforehand a choose on the Oregon Courtroom of Appeals, Place 2. She was appointed to the court docket by Governor Ted Kulongoski (D) on January 7, 2010, to fill the seat vacated by Walt Edmonds.[2] She was appointed to her appointed seat in 2010 and re-elected in 2016.

In 2020, Ballotpedia printed Ballotpedia Courts: State Partisanship, a examine inspecting the partisan affiliation of all state supreme court docket justices within the nation. As a part of this examine, we assigned every justice a Confidence Rating describing our confidence within the diploma of partisanship demonstrated by the justices’ previous partisan habits, earlier than they joined the court docket.[3] Duncan obtained a confidence rating of Gentle Democrat.[4] Click on right here to learn extra about this examine.


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Duncan obtained an undergraduate diploma from the College of Wisconsin at Madison in 1993 and her JD from the College of Michigan Regulation Faculty in 1996.[2][5] Previous to her service on the Oregon Supreme Courtroom, she was a choose on the Oregon Courtroom of Appeals, Place 2, from 2010 to 2017. Earlier than her time as a choose, she labored as an assistant chief defender with the Appellate Division of the Workplace of Public Protection Companies.

Duncan labored within the State Division’s Workplace of the Authorized Adviser in Washington, DC, supporting the Workplace of Regulation Enforcement and Intelligence, whereas in legislation faculty. Upon commencement, Duncan served as a trial lawyer with the Metropolitan Public Defender in Washington and Multnomah counties.[2]



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Duncan gained re-election on Might 17, working unopposed.[6]

Oregon Courtroom of Appeals, Place 2, 2016 Candidate Vote % Votes Rebecca Duncan Incumbent (unopposed) 98.87% 645,237Write-in votes 1.13% 7,368Whole Votes (100% reporting) 652,605 Supply: Oregon Secretary of State Official Outcomes


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In Oregon, appointed judges are required to run within the election following their appointment in the event that they want to stay in workplace. state, Duncan ran unopposed for election to the Oregon Courtroom of Appeals and was donated on November 2, 2010, with 98.21 p.c of the vote.[7]


Ballotpedia Courts: State Partisanship (2020)

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State supreme court docket judicial choice in Oregon

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The seven justices on the Oregon Supreme Courtroom are chosen by nonpartisan elections.[8] Judges’ phrases start on the primary Monday in January following their election.[9]

Judges serve six 12 months phrases. Judges looking for to serve multiple time period should stand for re-election.[8]


To serve on this court docket, a choose have to be:

  • a US citizen;
  • a state resident for a minimum of three years;
  • a state bar member; and
  • underneath the age of 75.[8]

Chief justice

The chief justice is chosen by peer vote and serves in that capability for a six-year time period.


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If a midterm emptiness happens on the court docket, the governor appoints a substitute. The appointmentee serves till the subsequent normal election happens 60 or extra days after the appointment, at which level she or he could run for election.[8] The map beneath highlights how vacancies are stuffed in state supreme courts throughout the nation.

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