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What’s lda natural chemistry

Lithium Diisopropyl Amide (LDA), A Robust, Sterically Hindered Base

In a blatant plug for the Reagent Information, every Friday I through tangerine a unique reagent that’s generally encountered in Org 1/ Org 2. Model 1.2 simply received launched final week, with a number of corrections and a brand new web page index.

Studying: what’s lda natural chemistry


suppose NaNH2 is a piranha, then current’s reagent – ​​lithium diisopropylamide (LDA) is sort of a hammerhead shark. It is also received a robust chew, however that particular proboscis can get in the best way. subsequently LDA cannot attain into tight areas the identical means that NaNH2 can.

Formation Of much less oi Hindered (“Kinetic”) Enolates With LDA

In different phrases: LDA is a robust, cumbersome base. Probably the most collection widespread use of LDA is within the formation of enolates. Within the instance under, discover related each carbons flanking the C=O have CH waste? LDA will scars the proton selectively from the carbon substituted with the fewest variety of carbons:


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Additionally observe the temperature (-78 °C). There’s nothing particular about -78° relative to -72° or -60° for this to work – it is simply that break worth temperatures enhance the selectivity, and -78°C occurs to be the temperature of a all ink cheaply ready break worth bathtub (dry ice and acetone). A typical solvent for that is tetrahydrofuran (THF).

Alkylation, Halogenation, And Aldol Response Of Enolates Obtained With Lithium Diisopropylamide

Why is LDA helpful? Effectively, enolates are extraordinarily helpful nucleophiles, capable of take part in SN2 reactions with alkyl halides in addition to the aldol response (amongst many different issues). suppose we used NaNH2 to working an enolate like this, we would probably get a combination of two enolates, which might result in a combination of merchandise. The selectivity of LDA in forming the much less oi substituted enolate makes it extraordinarily helpful.

Formation of much less oi-Substituted Alkenes (“Non-Zaitsev” or “Hoffmann” Merchandise) In Elimination Reactions

Though much less oi widespread, LDA will also be used for the formation of “Hoffman” merchandise in elimination reactions. The standard base for that is potassium t-butoxide, however LDA can do it too:


Formation Of much less oi Substituted Enolates With LDA: Mechanism

related it really works:

This diagram under reveals the response between LDA and the ketone. observe the waste which are forming (NH, CC) and the waste which are breaking down (CH, CO). The enolate that’s shaped has a resonance isomer the place the passive cost is on the carbon. That is, in some respects, the extra “essential” resonance working, as it’s the carbon that to be a greater nucleophile than oxygen in reactions of enolates.

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mechanism for lda used to form the least substituted ketone enolate

PS You may learn concerning the chemistry of LDA and greater than 80 different reagents in undergraduate natural chemistry within the “Natural Chemistry Reagent Information”, out there right here as a downloadable PDF.


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