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  • Emily Kearns
  • Printed on-line: 07 March 2016


Pandora, whose determine combines ‘all’ and ‘presents’, was a goddess associated with the earth, nonetheless she is more healthy typically referred to as the first human female, the rationale for all man’s woes. If the determine has any relevance proper right here, it sounds ironic; nonetheless the 2 Pandoras would possibly really be associated through the idea of the earth as first ancestor. Within the account of the Hesiodic poems (see hesiod; Op.53-105 is the fuller mannequin) *Zeus induced Pandora to be created to have the ability to punish *Prometheus and the human race. She was authentic out of clay by *Hephaestus, given ‘presents’ by ‘all’ the *Olympian gods, and despatched as a gift herself to Prometheus’ brother Epimetheus. Right here she opened an enormous jar and launched all methodology of evils into the world; solely Hope was left to counterbalance these.


  • Greek Fable and Faith

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