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Revision Date: April 14, 2021 Rotate / Zoom Rotate / Zoom iconCtrl + Shift + Z

The command to open the Rotate/Zoom dialog will be discovered within the Layers Menu or invoked with Ctrl + Shift + Z. The toolset permits a free rotation of a layer in regards to the three axes (X, Y, and Z). As well as, there are panning, zooming and tiling choices.

Rotate/Zoom Dialog

Roll / Rotate

Outer Ring

The energetic layer will be rotated in regards to the Z axis by clicking and dragging dragging the outer ring of the Roll / Rotate management Shifting the outer ring has the identical impact as shifting the uppermost slider or typing a price into the highest numeric worth field. Rotation might be in regards to the middle of the layer.

Roll Control outer ring demo
Rotate/Zoom Roll Management outer ring

The Z axis is aligned by means of the middle of the Roll management “globe” and the reticule. If the Roll management is realigned so the reticule is pointing South East, the Z axis will even be aligned to the South East. Rotations utilizing the outer ring will look like centered about this axis.

Alignment of Z axis
Rotations observe the Z axis

Holding Shift whereas dragging the outer ring confines the rotation angle to fifteen diploma increments.

Roll Management

The Middle of the Roll/Rotate management permits rotations concurrently in regards to the X and Y axes. The management will be clicked and dragged as can sliders two and three respectively. Values ​​can be typed instantly into the numeric enter bins.

The third slider is maybe the simplest understood. It controls the obvious tilt of the picture from zero (entrance on) to 90 levels (aspect on)

Rotate Zoom Tilt Control demo
Rotate/Zoom Tilt management

The second slider determines which compass course the reticule faces. Zero is due East, 90 levels South, 180 levels (each + and -) West and -90 levels faces North. The motion of the second slider is most blatant when the third slider is non-zero.

Rotate Zoom Roll Control demo
Rotate/Zoom Roll management


Panning is the motion of sliding the picture in the identical airplane as the remainder of the layer. Click on and drag the management or use the sliders to maneuver the layer across the canvas.

The higher Pan slider controls motion horizontally. The decrease pan slider controls motion vertically.

Rotate Zoom Pan Control demo
Rotate/Zoom Pan management


This management expands or contracts the layer. Greater zoom settings improve the dimensions of the contents of the layer. Smaller values ​​shrink the contents of the layer.


If the ☑ Tiling checkbox is checked, any portion of the layer shouldn’t be stuffed by a area beneath transformation might be crammed with a repeating sample of the reworked area.

If the ☐Tiling checkbox shouldn’t be checked, any portion of the layer shouldn’t be stuffed by a area beneath transformation might be clear.

Protect Background

If the ☑ Protect Background checkbox is checked, areas of the layer not stuffed by the world beneath transformation will include the unique layer contents. The unique pixels will present by means of if Tiling permits.

Utilizing the Rotate/Zoom controls permits a picture to be tilted and reworked as if it have been at an angle to the viewer. It’s comparatively simple to create the phantasm of depth or perspective utilizing these instruments.

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