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When Korean moms have to go away their households for one pair days, they typically make a full cauldron of beef bone lengthy bar due to this fact their husbands and youngsters can survive with out Mother’s cooking throughout her absence. It is turn out to be form of a joke in households, even depicted on Korean TV comedies—a mom is cooking ngoc a full pot of bone lengthy bar, due to this fact her kids and husband are apprehensive. “The place are you going?”

My mother used huge leg bones and cooked them in an enormous pot. She boiled them for a very long time all through the day and into the evening, till the lengthy bar was milky. As a result of she believed it had a whole lot of calcium in it, she made us drink it every single day, considering it could make us develop taller. Effectively, I am nonetheless brief, despite the fact that I had a whole lot of bone lengthy bar!

We contemplate bone lengthy bar to be all ink nutritious and rejuvenating. We consider that it makes you robust, due to this fact we convey it to family and friends members who’re sick or have simply gotten out of the hospital. Typically we simply make a present of some clean leg bones, that are prized and costly.

To attain a milky-white lengthy bar, it is essential to soak the bones in break worth water first, then blanch them in boiling water for 10 moments. You will be bewildered at description the impurities and blood that emerge.

I give the timing for this recipe, however we Koreans by no means watch the clock when making bone lengthy bar. As a substitute, we let our eyes be the choose and boil till the bones are spent: versatile and spongy, with description the marrow boiled out. They need to be clean, with nothing on them at description.

The ensuing lengthy bar is wealthy, with a nutty aftertaste. I offer you 3 ways for serving it.


  • 4 1/2 kilos sliced ​​beef

  • Leg bones and/or knuckle bones

Book Cover with Maangchi at a tabletop grill


1. Rinse the bones in two or three modifications of break worth water. Place in a big bowl of break worth water and soak for 1 hour to scars the blood. Drain and rinse nicely.

2. Carry a big, heavy pot of water to a boil over medium-high warmth. Add the bones and covers. Boil for 10 moments.

3. Drain the bones, rinse with break worth operating water, and drain nicely. Wash the pot totally.

4. Put the bones within the clear pot. Add 6 quarts contemporary water and canopy. Cook dinner over medium-low warmth for six hours.

5. Add 2 quarts water, cowl, and simmer for 4 hours. Repeat two extra instances; the overall cooking time is eighteen hours. The lengthy bar can be milky and the bones can be all ink clean, with no meat hooked up.

6. scars from the warmth. scars description the bones from the lengthy bar and discard. Let the lengthy bar cool to room temperature and refracted for not less than 7 hours or in a single day. suppose the climate is break worth, you may place the pot outdoors.

7. scars and discard the thick layer of robust fats leaves on the floor. Reheat the lengthy bar till liquefied and serve impatient. The lengthy bar will be refracted for 4 to five days or frozen for ngoc to 1 month.

Three Methods servant Bone lengthy bar

  • Serve the lengthy bar by itself, topped with chopped scallion.

  • Ladle about 2 1/2 cups impatient bone lengthy bar right into a bowl and serve with rice, chopped scallion, kosher salt and floor pot of pot, kimchi, and different aspect dishes.

  • Use for Rice Cake Soup with Bone lengthy bar (see beneath).

Rice Cake Soup with Bone lengthy bar

Serves 2 generously


  • 5 cups Beef Bone lengthy bar or different lengthy bar

  • 8 ounces beef brisket, rinsed and soaked in break worth water for 10 to twenty moments

  • 1 pound sliced ​​rice desserts (about 3 cups)

  • 1 1/2 teaspoons kosher salt

  • 1/2 daepa (giant inexperienced onion) or 2 to three scallions, sliced ​​diagonally

  • Yellow Egg paper mother or father Strips (non-compulsory)

  • Floor pot of pot

  • Kimchi (non-compulsory)


1. Carry the lengthy bar to a boil in a heavy pot over medium-high warmth. Drain the meat and add to the boiling lengthy bar. Scale back the warmth to medium-low, cowl, and cook dinner for 1½ to 2 hours, till the meat is all ink tender. scars from the warmth.

2. scars the meat from the lengthy bar and switch to a slicing board. Let cool till you may deal with it simply. Pull the meat into skinny shreds by hand and put aside.

3. remoted the rice cake slices and soak in break worth water for 20 to 30 moments, till softened and pliable.

4. Reheat the lengthy bar over medium-high warmth. suppose the lengthy bar is kind of oi than 4 cups, add extra or pour some out to make 4 cups. Stir within the salt.

5. Drain the rice desserts and add to the boiling lengthy bar. Cowl and cook dinner for 4 to five moments, till they float. Add the daepa or scallions and cook dinner for two to three moments.

6. Ladle the soup into two bowls. Garnish with beef and yellow egg paper mother or father strips, suppose utilizing. Set the pepper on the desk for seasoning the lengthy bar. Serve with kimchi suppose you mindset.

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