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Mei is among the extra distinctive defensive heroes. She will do injury on her personal, however most of her play is about slowing down the enemy cost. Mei might be actually annoying to an opposing group if well-played, protecting enemies from utilizing their finest abilities.

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Mei Transfer Listing

Overwatch Shot 04

Major: Endothermic Blaster

Mei’s major weapon shoot a continuing stream of chilly inside a brief vary. Should you maintain this stream on an enemy, not solely does it injury them, it additionally freezes them of their tracks. That is the time to hit them with Mei’s secondary fireplace, a medium vary icicle that does strong injury up shut. Goal for a headshot with the icicle and you’ve got a harmful combo. Clip Dimension: 200.


Cryo-Freeze is Mei’s self heal and private defensive software. Mei will encase herself in a block of ice, changing into utterly invulnerable and therapeutic 150 HP in 4 seconds. Cryo-Freeze clears debuffs and might shield you from any assault. It additionally retains you in vary of an goal, so in case you see hell coming, Cryo-Freeze. You will be a straightforward goal when you unfreeze, however utilizing it with the precise timing can save your life.

Ice Wall

Mei creates large wall of ice that blocks line of sight, closes chokepoints, and soaks up injury. The Wall itself is made of 5 adjoining pillars with 500 HP every. They are often destroyed earlier than the 4 seconds length of the flexibility is up, however within the meantime, your enemies are typically locked on the opposite aspect.

You need to use Ice Wall to regulate the circulate of enemies by a choke level, blunting a push earlier than it has an opportunity to occur. You may block turrets, lock enemies in rooms, and stop snipers from having a transparent line of sight.

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The Ice Wall may even be used to push allies greater in case you constructed the wall beneath them. YUou can use an Ice Wall to get a Bastion participant to locations they usually could not go for a fantastic shock assault. That is most likely Mei’s most versatile transfer. Be taught it.

Final: Blizzard

Mei drops a drone that freezes and damages all enemies inside a sure space over the course of 5 seconds. It a fantastic transfer to drop on management factors to carry the opposing aspect to a standstill. Oddly sufficient, Blizzard might be Deflected by Genji or absorbed by D.Va’s Protection Matrix.

Overwatch Guide Mei 02

The way to Play Mei

Mei is about stalling the enemy group. She will sluggish them down along with her major fireplace and her secondary fireplace can do good injury when you’ve got nice goal. Cryo-Freeze protects and heals her from injury if she will get in a sizzling state of affairs and Ice Wall merely tells the opposing group “maintain out!” Blizzard covers most of a management level, giving your group an opportunity to wash up.

Who Mei Performs Properly Towards

Genji: Mei’s Endothermic Blaster goes by Genji’s Deflect and can freeze the highly-mobile ninja in place. Use this to your benefit.

Reinhardt: Run straight by Reinhardt’s protect and freeze him from behind to make the tank and straightforward goal in your group.

Winston: Like Reinhardt, a Mei blitz means a stationary tank. Winston’s weapons are all shut vary, which places him in freeze vary the place Mei is king. Mixed with Ice Wall and Cryo-Freeze and Mei can successfully maintain Winston locked down.

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D.Va: Protection Matrix doesn’t soak up Mei’s Endothermic Blaster and D.Va’s Fusion Cannons do probably the most injury at shut vary, which is Meitown.

Bastion: Dropping an Ice Wall in entrance of Bastion provides your group a reprieve from Sentry mode. Use it effectively.

Who to Watch Out For Whereas You are Taking part in as Mei

Reaper: Mei’s major takes time to freeze an enemy and Reaper’s Shotguns are more likely to kill her earlier than that may develop into an actual downside. Wraith Type additionally permits Reaper a reprieve from being frozen.

Widowmaker: One headshot kills Mei and Widowmaker is normally far outdoors of her efficient vary.

Pharah: Likewise, Pharah’s flight capabilities means she’s normally not inside Mei’s vary and might simply soar over any freestanding Ice Partitions.

Mei can work extraordinarily successfully towards fairly a couple of opponents in Overwatch, however as with every different hero within the sport, the trick is figuring out what heroes she does not play effectively towards.

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