Orthoboric Acid

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What’s orthoboric acid?

Orthoboric Acid

Orthoboric acid, also referred to as merely Boric Acid, has been an vital device in pest management for a lot of, a few years and for good purpose: it really works! Orthoboric acid has been profitable in killing quite a lot of irritating family pests with its pure and important non-toxic ingredient.

Options Pest & Garden is proud to hold a number of nice merchandise that include orthoboric acid as the principle lively ingredient. Store our Orthoboric Acid merchandise completely on this web page in addition to study some background information and information relating to this nice pest management product.

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What’s Orthoboric Acid?

Orthoboric Acid is an natural lively ingredient that incorporates the naturally occurring aspect Boron. It has been commonly used within the US since 1948 as a pure pest management technique to eradicate cockroaches, fleas, ants, and silverfish.

Orthoboric acid in its unique kind is an odorless and naturally occurring powder which is believed to be a safer technique of pest management in comparison with different extra poisonous artificial chemical pesticides. To people, it is regarded to be as almost as secure as unusual desk salt. Nevertheless, to most pests, coming into contact with Orthoboric Acid could be deadly, particularly for cockroaches, ants, termites, silverfish and different widespread family.

How Does Orthoboric Acid Work?

Mode of Motion

The mode of motion of Orthoboric Acid and what makes it so efficient within the pest management business is its means to kill with out using extremely poisonous chemical compounds. When utilized, the product acts as a abdomen poison to the bugs which come into contact with the Boric Acid or devour it. The powder may be very abrasive and may lower by means of the outer shell of quite a few bugs.

As an illustration, if roaches have been to move over an space handled with Orthoboric Acid, the gradual killing chemical behaves like shards of glass reducing them aside. The slow-killing impact offers roaches an opportunity to return to the nest the place it quickly dies. Different cockroaches will then eat the useless carcass of a roach who consumed Orthoboric Acid, which ultimately kills them too.

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The cycle continues till the Orthoboric Acid has more-or-less been exhausted or the queen herself has consumed some, killing her, which destroys the colony.

Advantages of Orthoboric Acid

Ficam application outdoors

What offers Orthoboric Acid a bonus over different pesticide choices is its residual impact. It could possibly nonetheless proceed to kill lengthy after it has been utilized, as much as a yr. It additionally has no repellent properties so goal pests will not know to keep away from handled areas.

Whereas Orthoboric Acid alone won’t be potent sufficient to handle heavy infestations (other than fleas residing within the carpet), it may be very efficient when utilized in cracks and crevices or between partitions to maintain bugs from affected and surviving in these areas.

It can be scattered exterior constructions in garden and fields within the type of a granular bait. Orthoboric Acid is a key ingredient not solely in pest management merchandise however can be used as an antiseptic to handle medical issues, a preservative for skins, a lubricant and even for pyrotechnics.

Drawbacks of Orthoboric Acid

Overapplying Orthoboric Acid will hinder its effectiveness. You must apply in small puffs the place you hardly see the mud settle by the bare eye. No piles or clearly seen traces of Orthoboric Acid ought to be seen.

Additionally, Orthoboric Acid loses effectiveness in moist areas. So long as the floor space stays dry, it will likely be an efficient killer of bugs.

Is Orthoboric Acid Protected?

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Whereas orthoboric acid powder is a really secure and naturally occurring pesticide, it’s nonetheless a poison, and in sure doses, it may current risks to people and animals. Please use Orthoboric Acid in accordance with the product label instructions.

Put on protecting gear earlier than dealing with Orthoboric Acid as a precaution. This will embrace gloves, a protecting masks, protecting eyewear, and lengthy sleeve clothes.

What To Count on

dusting application with Boric Acid

Orthoboric Acid merchandise typically are available a container the place you possibly can apply the product instantly from the container, for instance, an applicator tip. Nevertheless, one of the simplest ways to make the most of Orthoboric Acid in its powder or mud formulation is through the use of a handheld pesticide duster. These dusters are capable of ship a exact puff of mud to the goal areas and may simply be utilized to cracks and crevices the place pests are hiding that different merchandise could not be capable of attain.

So long as Orthoboric Acid is dry, it can stay efficient for as much as a yr. An insect uncovered to Orthoboric Acid would take about 72 hours to die by dehydration. Youthful nymph bugs die in a shorter span of time. We do suggest utilizing Orthoboric Acid alongside one other pesticide to get a quicker kill of an infestation versus utilizing it alone.

Ficam Insect Bait – Manufactured by Options Pest & Garden, Ficam is a ready-to-use granular insecticide that controls many alternative crawling bugs. Bugs ingest the bait and inside a few weeks, colonies are eradicated. Ficam is climate and moisture resistant, making it efficient indoors and outside for 100% assured insect management.

Boric Acid Mud (Borid) – Borid is a made with orthoboric acid and is a long-lasting mud for the therapy of Silverfish, Roaches, and Ants. It’s odorless and in addition a pure product that’s secure round youngsters and pets.

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