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Introduction to Inexperienced Dragons

Inexperienced dragons – the simplest dragon to slay in all of Runescape. Inexperienced Dragons will be discovered principally within the Wilderness. Outdoors of the Wilderness, they’re discovered within the Corsair Cove Dungeon, a cave system beneath south of Feldip Hills.

OSRS Green Dragons
Killing Inexperienced Dragons within the Wilderness, OSRS.

They’ve 100 hit-points, and are aggressive. Their max melee hit is 8, and 50 for his or her dragonfire assault. Their assault pace is 6, and hit at an interval of two.4 seconds.

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Their weaknesses are stab and ranged assaults (additionally when a participant makes use of a Dragonbane weapon, both the Dragon hunter crossbow or a Dragon hunter lance).

The fight stage of Inexperienced dragons are both 79 or 88.

OSRS Green Dragons.
OSRS Inexperienced Dragons.

Inexperienced Dragons Slayer Information

Inexperienced dragons are assigned as Slayer duties, and require Slayer Degree 1 to kill. They offer 100 Slayer XP per kill.

You get Inexperienced dragons as an project from Slayer Masters Krystilia (Edgeville Jail), Vannaka (Edgeville Dungeon) and Chaeldar (Zanaris Throne Room).

Learn on to search out out the quickest solution to get to and kill Inexperienced dragons.

The way to get to Inexperienced dragons

Inexperienced dragons are discovered at both the Wilderness, or on the Corsair Cove Dungeon.

To entry Inexperienced Dragons on the Corsair Cove Dungeon, gamers would want to finish the Dragon Slayer II quest.

Getting to Green dragons at Corsair Cove Dungeon.
Attending to Inexperienced dragons at Corsair Cove Dungeon.

Enter the western facet of the dungeon, often known as the Myths’ Guild basement. You are able to do so by way of the Mythic Standing on the centre of the guild, or by going by way of the batteries guarded by Ponts the Bridgemaster – situated west of the ogresses.

There, yow will discover 2 Inexperienced dragons, and 1 child Inexperienced dragon.

The extra well-liked and extra accessible spot can be the Wilderness.

Most gamers would decide the Wilderness as a preferred spot for coaching on Inexperienced dragons. It’s because it’s simpler to get to and from a financial institution.

These Inexperienced dragon looking spots are:

OSRS Dragon Hunting Spots.
OSRS Dragon Looking Spots marked out in purple circles everywhere in the Wilderness in OSRS.
  • Between Degree 12 and 14 Wilderness: West of the Darkish Warrior’s Fortress
  • Between Degree 20 and 24 Wilderness: South of Venenatis
  • Between Degree 24 and 26 Wilderness: North of the Graveyard of Shadows
  • Between Degree 35 and 37 Wilderness: South of the Lava Maze
  • Revenant Caves: Entrance at Degree 17 Wilderness and Degree 40 Wilderness.
A Runescape player having a heyday at slaying them Green dragons.
A Runescape participant having a heyday at slaying them Inexperienced dragons.

However understand that as it’s the Wilderness, you run the chance of getting Participant-Killed. So put together an escape mechanism, and ample meals and potions to fend them off.

Inexperienced Dragon Looking Tools Information

Gearing as much as hunt Inexperienced dragons doesn’t need to take any extra effort in your half – most melee gear and armor work nicely.

Nevertheless, notice that you just at all times want a dragonfire safety. And the one important gear you’ll want is a dragonfire safety protect.

The Important – A Dragonfire Defend

There are just a few protect choices to select from.

Most cost-effective: Anti-dragon Defend

The most affordable dragonfire safety can be the Anti-dragon protect. You will get this by talking with Duke Horacio in Lumbridge Citadel throughout the Dragon Slayer quest. For those who want it changed, merely communicate with him once more to get it without spending a dime.

OSRS Anti dragon shield equipped.
OSRS Anti-dragon protect outfitted.

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Costly: Dragonfire Defend/Ward

In case you have gold items to spare, you’ll be able to choose to go for the upgraded variant of the Anti-dragon protect. Both the Dragonfire Defend (Melee) or the Dragonfire Ward (Ranged). Each occupy the protect slot of your character.

Dragonfire Defend (Melee) – Offers extra defence bonuses as in comparison with the Anti-dragon Defend.

Dragon fire shield being charged
OSRS Dragonfire protect being charged.

Dragonfire Ward (Ranged) – Offers extra defence bonuses as in comparison with the Dragonfire Defend, with an extra +15 to your ranged assaults. Total, the stat bonuses from the Dragonfire Ward is greater than the Dragonfire Defend. This protect can be an excellent decide up should you’re opting to make use of Ranged as your assault model towards the Inexperienced dragons.

OSRS Dragonfire ward outfitted.

Dragonfire Prices

Each the Dragonfire Defend and Dragonfire Ward take up the dragonfire assaults of all dragons. And whereas doing so, it accumulates costs.

Dragonfire shield charging up.
Dragonfire protect absorbing dragonfire and charging up.

Every dragonfire breath it absorbs grants the protect 1 cost. And every cost will increase the Melee and Ranged defensive bonuses of the protect by +1. The utmost is +50 to Melee and Ranged defenses. That is an extra bonus that stacks on prime of the bottom stats of the protect.

Throughout fight, you’ll be able to utilise 1 Dragonfire cost from the protect to unleash a blast of dragonfire at 1 goal. This offers round 25 injury. There’s a cooldown of round 2 minutes for this assault technique.

Beneficial Weapon – Dragonbane

Dragonbane weapons are a particular sort of weapons that deal greater injury to draconic creatures – and this consists of the Inexperienced dragons.

There are 2 kinds of Dragonbane weapons out there – the Dragon hunter crossbow, and the Dragon hunter lance.

Having a go at the Rune dragons with Dragon Hunter Lance weapon equipped.
Having a go at Rune dragons with Dragon Hunter Lance weapon outfitted.

Dragon Hunter Crossbow

To equip the Dragon hunter crossbow, your character wants at the least stage 65 Ranged. Utilising it to struggle towards draconic creatures grants the participant a rise of 30% in accuracy and injury.

Bolts are the ammunition utilized by crossbows, and the Dragon hunter crossbow is not any totally different. Chances are you’ll use all kinds of bolts besides the Lengthy kebbit and kebbit bolts.

OSRS Dragon Hunter Crossbow
OSRS Dragon Hunter Crossbow in motion towards the King Black Dragon.

The way to get the Dragon Hunter Crossbow

You possibly can acquire this weapon as a reward from the Chambers of Xeric, after slaying the Nice Olm. As it’s tradeable, you may also buy it off the Grand Trade – albeit at a hefy value of round 90 million gold items (value is correct as of seven November 2020).

Chambers of xeric osrs great olm.
Chambers of Xeric osrs, killing the Nice Olm.

Dragon Hunter Lance

The opposite Dragonbane weapon is the Dragon hunter lance – a melee weapon that equally grants the participant a rise of 20% in injury and accuracy in the direction of draconic creatures.

To equip the lance, your character wants at the least stage 70 Assault, together with finishing the firemaking, fishing and smithing sections of Barbarian Coaching & the Tai Bwo Wannai Trio quest.

Equipping Dragonlance in OSRS
Equipping the Dragon Hunter Lance in OSRS.

The way to get the Dragon Hunter Lance

You possibly can both create this lance your self, or buy it off the Grand Trade for round 72 million gold items (value is correct as of seven November 2020).

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To create the Dragon hunter lance, use a hydra claw (obtained from slaying the Alchemical Hydra boss discovered within the decrease stage of the Karuulm Slayer Dungeon in Mount Karuulm, stage 95 Slayer stage required) on a Zamorakian hasta.

Slaying the Alchemical Hydra.
Slaying the Alchemical Hydra in Karuulm Slayer Dungeon.

The Zamorakian hasta is made by bringing a Zamorakian spear (a drop from Ok’ril Tsutsaroth within the God Wars Dungeon), talking with Otto Godblessed and paying him 300,000 gold items.

Inexperienced Dragons Drop Desk

100% Drop Charge

Merchandise Identify Amount Rarity Dragon bones 1 At all times Inexperienced dragonhide 1 At all times


Merchandise Identify Amount Rarity Metal battleaxe 1 Frequent Metal platelegs 1 Frequent Mithril axe 1 Unusual Mithril spear 1 Unusual Mithril kiteshield 1 Unusual Adamant full helm 1 Unusual Rune dagger 1 Unusual


Merchandise Identify Amount Rarity Dirty irit leaf 1 Frequent Dirty harranlander 1 Frequent Dirty avantoe 1 Unusual Dirty cadantine 1 Unusual Dirty marrentill 1 Unusual Dirty tarromin 1 Unusual Dirty ranarr weed 1 Unusual Dirty kwuarm 1 Unusual Dirty lantadyme 1 Unusual Dirty dwarf weed 1 Unusual

Gem Drops

Merchandise Identify Amount Rarity Uncut sapphire 1 Uncommon Uncut emerald 1 Uncommon Uncut ruby 1 Uncommon Nature talisman 1 Very uncommon Uncut diamond 1 Very uncommon Rune javelin 5 Very uncommon Loop half of key 1 Very uncommon Tooth half of key 1 Very uncommon Rune spear 1 Very uncommon Defend left half 1 Very uncommon Dragon spear 1 Very uncommon

Different Misc. Drops

Merchandise Identify Amount Rarity Cash 105-734 Frequent Monkfish 1 Unusual Mithril ore 2 (famous) Unusual Regulation rune 9 Unusual Demise rune 15 Unusual Blood rune 5 Unusual Nature rune 10 Unusual Looting bag 1 Unusual Ensouled dragon head 1 Unusual Mysterious emblem 1 Uncommon Slayer’s enchantment 1 Uncommon Clue scroll (laborious) 1 Uncommon

OSRS Cash Making Information: Looking Inexperienced dragons

This cash making technique in OSRS includes you looking Inexperienced dragons within the wilderness. Observe that there’s some player-kill threat concerned.

Slaying Green dragons in the Wilderness OSRS.
Slaying Inexperienced dragons within the Wilderness OSRS.

Relying in your gear and fight stage, this technique simply nets you a revenue of 330,000 to 1,000,000 gold items per hour. Your precise income could also be greater or decrease relying in your pace and luck.

You have to to enter round 20,000 to 100,000 gold items value of consumables.

Ie. Burning amulet(5), Prolonged antifire(4), Tremendous fight potions, Prayer potions and a few meals.

The way to get to the Inexperienced dragons

  1. Use your Burning Amulet to teleport to the Bandit Camp at Degree 17 Wilderness.
  2. Run South-West, and you can see the Inexperienced dragons roaming about there. They’re situated at stage 12 to 13 of the Wilderness.
Run South-West from the Bandit Camp to the crater filled with Green dragons.
Run South-West from the Bandit Camp to the crater stuffed with Inexperienced dragons.

This technique utilises the Inexperienced dragon crater on the decrease stage Wilderness (Degree 12). It’s because it is possible for you to to return after you die and decide up your untradeables should you get pk-ed.

Killing the Inexperienced Dragons at a better stage Wilderness (albeit with extra of them round) will trigger you to lose your untradeables should you get pk-ed and die. They may flip into cash and be picked up by your killers.

Steps for Cash Making with Inexperienced dragons

  1. Kill the Inexperienced dragons utilizing your most popular technique of looking – both melee or ranged.
  2. Decide up solely the extra helpful loot – Dragon bones, Inexperienced Dragonhide (and naturally the gold items).
  3. Decide up different drops provided that they’re value greater than the Inexperienced Dragonhide. These can be the Rune Daggers, Nature Runes, Ranarr Weeds & Kwarms, some gems. Not forgetting the Ensouled dragon head, and Exhausting Clue Scrolls (1 in 128 drop/64 with Ring of Wealth).
  4. The important thing right here is to maximise the house in your restricted stock.
  5. When your stock is stuffed, use the Max cape (or your most popular technique of teleportation) to teleport again to your financial institution. Select the one at Warrior’s Guild, Crafting Guild or the Fishing Guild.
  6. Empty your loot out of your stock and your loot bag.
  7. Prime up in your meals, tremendous fight potions, prayer potions and anti-fire potions.
  8. Use your Burning Amulet to teleport again to the Bandit Camp and run straight to the Inexperienced Dragons space.
  9. Rinse and repeat until you run out of potions or meals to proceed.
Potential loot after 1 hour at Green dragons
Potential loot after 1 hour of killing and looting at OSRS Inexperienced dragons.

What gear to make use of

To get a better revenue price, right here’s the set of apparatus that we advocate you employ:

Beneficial Tools setup

  1. Proselyte Armour (For Prayer Bonus – Protected Objects upon demise are Dragon Hunter Lance & Dragon Hearth Defend)
  2. Weapon: Dragon Hunter Lance (Will increase accuracy & injury by 20% when combating dragons)
  3. Dragon Hearth Defend
  4. Amulet of Torture, Berserker Ring
  5. Dragon boots
  6. Hearth Cape
  7. Barrow’s Gloves
  8. Helmet of Neitiznot (Replaceable at 50,000 cash from Mawnis Burowgar)
  9. Rada’s Blessing 4 (For Prayer bonus)
Proselyte Armour setup for Green dragons.
Proselyte Armour and gear setup for environment friendly slaying of OSRS Inexperienced dragons.

Beneficial Stock setup

  1. Looting Bag
  2. Max Cape (For teleports). Options to this may be a Power, Crafting or Fishing Cape or another teleport strategies of your alternative. Do understand that all teleports will work under Wilderness Degree 20.
  3. Divine Tremendous Fight Potion
  4. Prayer Potions
  5. Prolonged AntiFire
  6. Burning Amulet (For ease of teleporting to dragons in Wilderness)
  7. Some meals
Recommended inventory set up for Green dragon slaying.
Beneficial stock arrange for Inexperienced dragon slaying.

For those who lack the funds to go together with the advisable arrange, chances are you’ll confer with the funds arrange:

Price range Tools Setup

  1. Adamant Helmet
  2. Amulet of Glory (4)
  3. Black Dragonhide Prime
  4. Black Dragonhide Backside
  5. Climbing Boots
  6. Rune Gloves
  7. Dragon Scimitar/Abyssal Whip/Dragon LongSword
  8. Ring of Dueling
  9. Anti Dragonfire Defend
Basic equipment set up for OSRS Green dragons.
Price range gear arrange for OSRS Inexperienced dragons.

Price range Stock setup

  1. Fight Potion
  2. Antifire Potion
  3. Teleport Pill
  4. Looting Bag
  5. Some Meals

Steps to maximizing your gold/min at Inexperienced dragons

  1. Enhance your Inexperienced dragon kills per hour by choosing up the drops in rotation. Because it takes a few seconds for the dragon’s drops to seem, you shouldn’t wait – however as an alternative, transfer on to kill the following dragon.
  2. It’s endorsed that you just decide up your drops solely after coming again to the identical spot.
  3. Contemplate turning on auto-retaliate to save lots of time on the additional clicks.
  4. Finishing the Elite Wilderness Diary may even will let you routinely flip all dragon bones out of your Inexperienced dragon kills within the Wilderness into notes. This lets you lengthen the time you spend with the Inexperienced dragons as you’ll use just one slot for the dragon bones.
  5. Equip an Amulet of Avarice whereas slaying Inexperienced dragons – it will routinely notice all of the drops you get from the Inexperienced dragons.
Items dropped are automatically noted.
Objects dropped are routinely famous when equipping the Amulet of Avarice.

The way to Evade the Participant-Killers within the Wilderness

As this technique includes being within the Wilderness, there may be at all times a probability {that a} group of player-killers might likelihood upon you and determine to hunt you down.

If this occurs, it’s at all times advisable to right away teleport away to a protected location of your alternative. You wouldn’t need to interact as you threat getting skulled, and dying whereas skulled means you lose your progress and your total gear set.

If a Tele Block spell (Magic Degree 85) is solid upon you, don’t panic. Out of your Inexperienced dragon crater, run South to the Darkish Wizards. Because the Darkish Wizards are aggressive, there’s a excessive likelihood that they are going to assault the PKers.

Whereas they’re distracted, both kite them until the 5 minutes of Tele Block is up, or proceed working South until you’re out from the Wilderness.

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