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Nuclear Throne is an absolute blast even if you’re actually unhealthy at it. However that is okay! The extra you play, the higher you get. And the higher you get, the additional you possibly can push into the wasteland, unlock extra characters, see new locations, and meet new challenges.

There are twelve characters to play in Nuclear Throne, and let’s be frank: it should take a very long time to unlock all of them in the event you’re new to the sport. Some require you to seek out secrets and techniques, however most are unlocked by reaching a sure level within the recreation.

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Not solely as a result of all of them have totally different unlock necessities, however all of them play very in another way. You’ve got fundamental characters like Crystal and Melting that play like evening and day, and that pattern continues as you unlock extra characters. Some are higher for some duties than others, however you are going to come throughout some you merely like enjoying extra.

Let’s check out every character and the way they are often unlocked as you push your means by Nuclear Throne.


Easy methods to unlock: Fish is among the two characters accessible to you the primary time you play, the opposite being Crystal.

Description: Fish begins out with extra ammunition and will get extra from weapon and ammo drops than different characters. His particular potential is a high-speed roll for getting across the wasteland (and enemy projectiles) rapidly, and his Throne Butt permits limitless rolling.


B-skin unlock: Fish’s B-skin will unlock when you loop the sport with every character.


Easy methods to unlock: Crystal is the opposite character accessible if you begin the sport.

Description: Crystal could also be accessible firstly like Fish, however her playstyle is totally totally different. She has probably the most HP of all of the characters and and her particular ability lets her protect herself from harm for a pair seconds. Her Throne Butt shortens her protect time however permits for a short-range teleport.


B-skin unlock: Attain the Cursed Crystal Caves space whereas enjoying as Crystal.

Easy methods to get to the Cursed Crystal Caves: Have a cursed weapon geared up when coming into the portal to the Crystal Caves (4-1).


Easy methods to unlock: Eyes is unlocked by reaching the Sewers (2-1).

Description: Eyes has telekinesis, which he can use to tug objects (rads, chests, weapons, and so forth.) to him and push enemies away. He additionally has higher sight in darkish areas. Eyes’s Throne Butt makes his telekinesis stronger, making him pull or push objects and enemies away quicker.


B-skin unlock: Attain the Pizza Sewers whereas utilizing Eyes.

Easy methods to get to the Pizza Sewers: Use an explosive weapon like a Grenade Launcher on a round manhole within the Sewers (2-1).


Easy methods to unlock: Melting is unlocked after you die the primary time.

Description: Melting is a really high-risk high-reward character. He begins with 2 HP however could make the corpses of his enemies explode to do harm in a radius. Melting’s Throne Butt makes the explosions bigger, so doing extra harm.


B-skin unlock: Defeat the ultimate boss as Melting with out the Rhino Pores and skin nor Sturdy Spirit mutations.


Easy methods to unlock: Plant is unlocked by reaching the Scrapyard (3-1).

Description: Plant has the quickest default motion pace of all of the characters and has a particular potential that shoots out a vine to snare enemies that stroll into it. His Throne Butt makes the vines lethal, making them robotically kill any enemy under 33% well being on contact.


B-skin unlock: Push by the sport and defeat the Nuclear Throne in lower than 10 minutes.

Yung Venuz (YV)

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Easy methods to unlock: Yung Venuz is unlocked by reaching YV’s Mansion.

Easy methods to attain YV’s Mansion: Have a Screwdriver readily available when coming into 3-1 and search for a damaged down automobile with maintain trim.


Hit the automobile with the Screwdriver (or Power Screwdriver or Golden Screwdriver) to restore it and enter the portal.

Description: YV has the next price of fireside with all weapons in comparison with different characters, however that is not all. His particular potential permits him to fireplace his weapon geared up two rounds at a time for heavy harm, at the price of an extended reload time. YV’s Throne Butt lets him shoot 4 rounds without delay with a good longer reload time.


B-skin unlock: Unlock a Golden Weapon for every character.

Easy methods to unlock a Golden Weapon for every character: Undergo any portal with a Golden Weapon geared up on a personality, and that Golden Weapon will likely be accessible for that character to begin with throughout subsequent playthroughs.


Easy methods to unlock: Steroids could be unlocked by reaching the Labs space (6-1).

Description: Steroids can wield (and subsequently shoot) two weapons on the similar time. All of his weapons are computerized, that means you possibly can simply maintain all the way down to shoot, at the price of decrease accuracy than the opposite characters. His Throne Butt provides an opportunity to regenerate ammo for one weapon whereas firing the opposite one.


B-skin unlock: Defeat the Technomancer boss utilizing Steroids.

Easy methods to get to the Technomancer combat: Loop the sport as soon as and attain the Labs to combat the Technomancer.


Easy methods to unlock: The robotic could be unlocked by reaching the Frozen Metropolis space (5-1).

Description: Robotic can eat weapons to acquire further HP or ammo and finds extra highly effective weapons at earlier ranges. Its Throne Butt grants extra well being or ammo when consuming a weapon.


B-skin unlock: Eat a Hyper Launcher, Hyper Rifle, or Hyper Slugger as Robotic.


Easy methods to unlock: Rooster could be unlocked by reaching the Jungle space.

Easy methods to get to the Jungle space: Have the Final Want mutation earlier than coming into the portal to Frozen Metropolis (5-1) and a particular blue flower needs to be someplace within the map. Press ‘E’ on the flower 4 instances to feed it 4 HP (you probably have it) to open a portal to the Jungle.

Description: Rooster begins with the Rooster Sword and may throw her main weapon to do harm, in contrast to the opposite characters. She additionally has the distinctive potential to proceed on as soon as her HP reaches 0 as an alternative of dying through dropping her head, then regenerating it at the price of 2 most HP. Her Throne Butt makes her throw weapons pierce enemies.


B-skin unlock: Attain the sewers (2-1) on Arduous Mode utilizing Rooster.

Easy methods to unlock Arduous Mode: Loop the sport twice on a single playthrough.


Easy methods to unlock: Insurgent could be unlocked by defeating the Throne II boss and looping.

Description: Insurgent can summon short-term allies to combat alongside her at the price of HP, with one ally costing 1 HP and a second costing 2 HP. If she enters a portal at lower than full well being, she’s going to heal again to full earlier than beginning the subsequent space. Her Throne Butt will increase her summon allies’ price of fireside.

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B-skin unlock: Defeat the Mother boss whereas enjoying as Insurgent.

Easy methods to attain the Mother boss: Loop the sport as soon as whereas enjoying and she or he ought to spawn within the Sewer space (2-1).


Easy methods to unlock: Horror could be unlocked by skipping the Radiation Canisters in two areas in a row and defeating the Horror that spawns within the subsequent stage.

Description: Horror’s particular permits it to shoot a radioactive beam that does harm and cancels projectiles, at the price of collected rads. Horror can’t go down a stage whereas firing its beam and has an additional mutation possibility when leveling up. Its Throne Butt makes the beam get quicker and heals Horror if fired for a chronic time frame.


B-skin unlock: Defeat the Hyper Crystal boss whereas enjoying as Horror.

Easy methods to attain the Hyper Crystal Boss: The Hyper Crystal will spawn within the Crystal Caves (4-1) after a loop.


Easy methods to unlock: Rogue could be unlocked by defeating the Nuclear Throne and sitting on it.

Description: Rogue is a high-risk high-reward character with the particular potential Portal Strike, which helps you to draw a line on the bottom to set off her particular explosives. Radiation Canisters give ammunition for her Portal Strike as an alternative of rads.

Rogue’s armor bursts and does AoE harm round her place when broken. Her Throne Butt makes her explosions do extra harm. All of that is at the price of having the IDPD comply with you thru your complete run.


B-skin unlock: Defeat the Captain whereas utilizing Rogue.

Easy methods to attain the Captain: The Captain boss is situated on the final stage of IDPD Headquarters.

IDPD Headquarters could be entered by looping the sport and urgent the ‘E’ key at an IDPD van with its lights on.

Secret characters

There are two secret characters in Nuclear Throne not proven on the character choice display screen. These are:


Easy methods to use: Die in a Necromancer’s resurrection circle within the Labs (6-1) as Melting to show into Skeleton.

Description: Skeleton will take over for Melting ought to Melting die in a Necromancer’s circle, however he begins with 4 HP as an alternative of Melting’s 2. The trade-off right here is that Skeleton’s motion pace and accuracy are each pretty low.

Skeleton’s particular potential permits you to hearth your weapon with no ammo price, on the threat of taking harm as an alternative of utilizing ammo. His Throne Butt makes it much less doubtless he’ll take harm when utilizing his particular potential.


Easy methods to use: First you want to have a Crown.

Injury the Mother boss in loop 2-1 with a Golden Weapon and she’s going to drop the Frog Pistol. Carry the Frog Pistol by that run and attain the Crown Vault, through which there needs to be a Proto Weapon Chest.


Place the Frog Pistol within the Proto Weapon Chest and play by the sport with a special character.

Attain the Crown Vault on that character and open the Proto Weapon Chest to get the Golden Frog Pistol. Take it by a portal and the Golden Frog Pistol can be utilized as that character’s beginning weapon. Equipping the Golden Frog Pistol turns your character into Frog as soon as the run begins.

Description: In contrast to Skeleton, Frog can be utilized from the beginning of a run. He’s additionally resistant to poison and may’t stand nonetheless. He’ll bounce off partitions he collides with, so he requires fixed motion on the participant’s half. That mentioned, he’ll keep nonetheless whilst you’re charging his particular.

Frog’s particular emits a poisonous cloud that damages enemies. His Throne Butt makes the cloud unfold additional.

Every character is totally different from the subsequent and also you’re in all probability not going to click on with all of them. However all of them have their makes use of, and every use is lethal. Good luck unlocking all of them!

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