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Clear Fingernails?Typically instances folks suppose that clear fingernails is an indication that one thing is unsuitable. Whereas your fingernails are a mirrored image of your total well being, there are exterior elements that may make you have got clear fingernails too.

By the finish of this text you’ll perceive…

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  1. What the issues are that trigger nails to show clear
  2. And it may not be a sign that one thing unhealthy is going on


“Hello Ana! I’ve a query for you…What does it imply while you put Pure™ Nail and Cuticle Oil on and the free edge is virtually clear..IE-the white is gone and you’ll see the tip of your finger behind the nail via it ?” ~Kim


There are many elements that may trigger the free fringe of your fingernails to be clear. Determining how clear fingernails occurs can get difficult, so I’ll do my finest to maintain it easy.

An important factor to know is … that your nail plate is product of translucent keratin protein.

The Wholesome Nail Plate

Translucent keratin protein—yep, the wholesome nail plate is meant to be semi-transparent.

The pink space you see in your nails is definitely the life nourishing, nail mattress BELOW the nail plate. The nail mattress gives a continuing circulation of moisture and oil via the nail plate.

Nail Care Fingernail LabelYour fingernail is produced within the matrix proper behind your eponychium, (cuticle line). The lunula (small moon) is the one seen a part of your matrix. Not all fingers have a visual lunula.

The rationale the lunula is a distinct shade is as a result of these are the keratin nail cells which are plump and nonetheless alive. Most individuals can see the lunula on their thumbnails.

As quickly as these keratin cells go the lunula space, they die. They dry out, unfastened their opacity—changing into translucentand flatten changing into the 50’ish layers of keratin cells that make up our “fingernails.”

The shade of the free edge that extends previous your fingertips relies upon on how a lot of the interior cell materials stays within the nail plate cells as they proceed to develop ahead on the nail plate.

Often, they’re pretty clear simply as they transfer previous the fingertip, then flip white as a result of they don’t seem to be being ‘hydrated’ by a steady upward circulation of physique oil and moisture from the nail mattress.

Are White Ideas Wholesome?

So—in case your nail ideas (free edge) are turning white, it is as a result of your nails are drying out and the whiter they’re, the extra dried out they’re.

This makes me surprise if we have all of it backwards. Is the explanation white ideas are so extremely coveted as a result of our society has by no means identified find out how to correctly rehydrate their nails? Is it higher to have clear fingernails? Learn on…

Are You Common?

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Genetics, your well being, and pure nail thickness are necessary elements in figuring out what shade your nail turns because it leaves the fingertip.

The typical variety of keratin layers folks have is about 50 layers of their fingernails (100 for toe nails). An individual with 40 layers could have ideas that keep extra clear. An individual with 60 layers goes to have extra layers to maintain hydrated, and if they do not, the guidelines turn into whiter.

As soon as you have correctly rehydrated your nails with a jojoba wax ester nail oil, that is the colour your nails are presupposed to be. They might be utterly translucent, or be partially white with spots or bands of translucency, or totally white.

All are regular.

It is not undoubtedly unhealthy to have clear fingernails, so long as it isn’t from an excessive amount of water.

Greatest Explanation for Clear Fingernails

Nail Care Clear fingernails Loodie
Photograph of clear fingernails used with permission from LoodieLoodieLoodie


The picture to the left from LoodieLoodieLoodie after she loved a crab feast, reveals that steady contact with water could make your nails clear. Additionally washing your palms dries out your pores and skin and strips oil out of your nails.

There are numerous microscopic channels that make it simple for the nail plate to take up giant portions of water. A traditional nail plate can maintain 1/third it is personal weight in water!

Water is ready to go BETWEEN the keratin cells but in addition THROUGH the flattened cells. Nails which were soaking in water turn into too comfortable, too versatile and tear simply. You possibly can simply see that your nails have absorbed an excessive amount of water as a result of you have got clear fingernails.

Wholesome nails have about 18% water. However an excessive amount of moisture can weaken the nail plate by not the keratin layers resulting in severe peeling and splitting issues.


1. Oil

Since all of us want to clean our palms and bathe, to combat the water’s impact in your nails, rehydrate them with a top quality, jojoba wax ester based mostly nail and cuticle oil.

Try our Mini/In a single day Hydration Course of to offer your nails a fast enhance of hydration.

Listed here are what my nails appear to be after an in a single day hydration. Notice that the oil has totally penetrated the layers of my nails, making them look semi-transparent. That may be a GOOD factor!

2. Gloves

Study to like gloves. I do know lots of you hate them, however notice that for numerous causes you have got “determined” to hate them. If you’d like wholesome, lovely nails, then you must “determine” to like gloves.

Put on cotton gloves whereas doing dry housekeeping.

Put on dish gloves for as a lot moist housekeeping as doable; dishes, laundry, heavy cleansing. Reduce in your contact with soaps and detergents. A pair of nitrile or latex gloves mixed with an excellent high quality jojoba-based oil is the right method to each defend your nails and pores and skin from water and different chemical compounds whereas giving your nails and pores and skin an exquisite mini-hydration deal with!

3. Polish

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Nail polish is a robust protecting barrier between your nail plate and water. Nail polish would not get rid of water absorption however it slows it down considerably. Simply ensure you are utterly wrapping your base coat and high coat round your free edge.

Nail Polish Removers Trigger White Ideas

acetone and brittle nailsI do know I am used the apparent, however polish removers are very drying to your nails. Should you love polish then you must love removers. However most of you do not. You worry acetone.

Why? As a result of somebody within the nail trade who needed to create one other elimination product had a wonderful public relations division who brainwashed us into considering that non-acetone is much less drying.

We purchased into the lie.

The reality is that acetone and non-acetone elements (ethyl acetate & methyl ethyl ketone) are solvents. They dissolve stuff that water cannot dissolve. Nail polish wants a solvent.

In line with scientific data, acetone is barely safer coal ethyl acetate & methyl ethyl ketone.

And acetone dissolves polish sooner! You wish to use the product that dissolves lacquer sooner as a result of it is LESS drying.

Options – Work With the Acetone

first. BEFORE eradicating polish, cowl the pores and skin round your nails with an cheap oil out of your kitchen. Let the acetone work on that oil as a substitute of your pores and skin’s oils.

2. Use my Soak and Swipe™ of eradicating polish with one cotton ball. (Video above)

  • Open the cotton ball into one lengthy piece and reduce it into sections that may match in your nails.
  • Dip one piece of cotton in acetone.
  • Lay that piece in your nail, urgent it into the lacquer.
  • Apply manicure clip to nail
  • Repeat the method with the remaining 4 fingers.
  • Then return to the primary finger, take away the clip, firmly grip the cotton and pull the polish off. It ought to utterly wipe off.
  • Repeat with remaining 4 fingers.
  • Repeat all above steps in your different hand.

4. Rehydrate your nails with a jojoba based mostly nail oil. Hold reapplying oil when your nails really feel dry for two to eight hours.

5. While you’re prepared to shine your nails once more, comply with the instructions on my Fab 5 Polish Wrap article.

In Conclusion

Now you have realized the exterior causes of clear fingernails, you may make a selection.

You now have extra data to find what your wholesome nails appear to be and to maintain them that manner.

Maybe having clear fingernails is not such a nasty factor.

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