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A Mystic Messenger Zen walkthrough will make sure you collect the utmost potential hearts out of your red-eyed bae and unlock the Zen route.

This Mystic Messenger information web page takes you thru the Prologue, Day 1, Day 2, Day and Day 4 to make sure you find yourself on the Zen route on the finish of the widespread days in Informal Story mode.

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We have not listed each potential Mystic Messenger chat right here; there are many others to take part in throughout Days 1 by way of 4, however they do not include alternatives to earn hearts for Zen’s route. These ones do.

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You need not hit up each chat we have listed right here to unlock the Zen route, so don’t fret about that one at 3:03, for instance. If you’re going to spend HG and unlock missed chats, although, you’ll be able to see which of them are necessary at a look. Normally, the longer a chat is, the extra hearts you may earn.

Though you must attempt to take part in different chats in addition to these listed beneath, don’t fret an excessive amount of about making “fallacious” decisions in these; so long as you unfold your hearts round between the opposite characters, you will not alter your ending. Cross reference with our Informal and Deep Story Days 1-4 chat occasions schedule to see the place electronic mail alternatives come up if you wish to know which of them are particularly price logging in for.

Once you’re executed with this section of the sport, examine in with our Zen route walkthrough and endings web page for detailed assistance on Zen’s route, or hit up the Mystic Messenger Zen route chat schedule for a much less spoiler-filled information.

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Want much more assist with Zen? Go to our Mystic Messenger Zen hub for added assets associated to the world’s most good-looking and proficient actor.

Please notice that the Zen route is barely obtainable in Informal mode.


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Prologue (Day 0)

  • 1: Reveal yourselves first. I am probably the most confused one right here…
  • 2: I’m flustered too. I used to be linked to a stranger by way of a messenger app and he despatched me the tackle.
  • 3: Sure. I do know nothing.
  • 4: simply obtained it @ app retailer…
  • 5: (any)
  • 6: (any)
  • 7: (any)
  • 8: (any)
  • 9: I am not likely ,
  • 10: (any)
  • 11: (any)
  • 12: (any)

Day 1

Day 1 – 04:35 1: Hi there, Zen 2: My coronary heart’s beating quick too. 3: Whuut… Perv… 4: You may exit with me./Why that lengthy? Day 1 – 08:00 1: Hi there. 2: What had been you doing, Zen? 3: (any) 4: omfg…/Jumin’s kinda scary ;; 5: It is higher to deal with individuals like precise human beings than to be so strict. 6: Can we modify the topic? 7: Goodbye, beautiful Zen ^^ Day 1 – 15:00 1: (any) 2: Are you okay? 3: (any) 4: (any) 5: (any) Day 1 – 18:58 1: Zen, you are on. 2: Why? 3: Why do I’ve to show my price to anybody? 4: I first intend to attempt my finest. 5: I am undecided but… I am going to simply do it for now I assume. 6: Go forward Zen. Day 1 – 21:50 1: Zen, you are not sleeping but? 2: I are likely to. 3: I am excited for all of the issues to return. 4: That is good haha ​​5: (any) 6: (any) 7: I am going to go to mattress quickly. Day 1 – 23:15 1: I am sleepy… 2: Simply cuz… 3: I am going to give it some thought, 4: I am interested by Zen. 5: ^^ 6: (any)

Day 2

Day 2 – 03:03 1: Zen, whassup? 2: What are you doing. 3: It’s essential to really feel good. 4: Does your recognition have something to do with you getting a girlfriend? 5: That may be finest for each individuals. 6: That simply sounds such as you need a girlfriend. 7: It will not disappear. 8: Good luck~ Day 2 – 12:43 1: it is the infamous 707! 2: lolol you are fairly stuffed with your self 3: Zen, whats up. 4: You do not like cats? 5: I believe that is abuse… 6: (any) 7: Goodbye. 8: What do you suppose he meant? 9: (any) 10: Alright. thanks in your concern. Day 2 – 15:00 1: (any) 2: (any) 3: Hi there, Zen~! 4: (any) 5: Somebody should know that I’ve joined RFA. 6: I am a bit scared.. T_T 7: I believe it is going to be enjoyable. I hope we get to carry the celebration once more. 8: (any) 9: I used to be grateful that he apprehensive for me.. 10: (any) 11: Goodbye, Zen. Day 2 – 19:02 1: Zen, are you executed with work? 2: (any) 3: You have to be beginning a brand new piece~ Congratulations. 4: lololol good for you 5: I believe it will swimsuit you nicely. 6: Would you like me that can assist you follow your traces? 7: Anytime ^^ Day 2 – 20:05 1: Zen, are you training your traces? 2: (any) 3: Sounds good. [Unlocks email] 4. Trying ahead to your superior efficiency.

Day 3

Day 3 – 00:00 1: Zen, you are up fairly late. 2: I believe she’s your fan. 3: I’m your fan ^^ 4: I am not likely positive ^^ 5: A smart lady 6: But when he weren’t proficient, his attractiveness may need performed him. 7: (any) 8: How did V allow you to? 9: Are you not on good phrases with Jumin? 10: Goodnight, Zen. Day 3 – 07:30 1: Ah… I am beginning to really feel fuzzy. 2: You are one of the best in that space. 3: How infantile… 4: (any) Day 3 – 12:15 1: Zen, you are right here. 2: Grasp, you are right here. 3. Good-looking~ 4: Oh no~ 5: Oh, Jaehee you simply got here in. 6: Extra persons are coming in. 7: (any) 8: You might have a DVD? 9: Aren’t you going to go sport now? 10: I assume V has his personal concepts in regards to the celebration. 11: Goodbye. Day 3 – 15:30 1: I need to see you’re taking a bathe… 2: I hope he turns into extra such as you, Zen. 3: Perhaps they need you to mannequin for them because you’re so good-looking? 4: Hi there Jaehee. 5: I assume you focus extra on girls than hobbies, Zen. 6: What’s fallacious with being busy? Love is extra necessary. 7: Oh… So romantic!! 8: I need to fall in love… 9: (any) 10: I assume you are not an harmless woman lolol 11: Will he add it although. lol Day 3 – 17:56 1: Yoosung, whats up. 2: You will not get lonely when you play in groups. 3: What did you do in the course of the date? 4: I believe being a sport junkie fits you higher than espresso. 5: How about studying your sport hours… 6: Hi there, beautiful Zen. 7: Zen, you may have one thing toy need to day? 8: (any) 9: Invite that group to the celebration! [Unlocks email.] 10: You look higher than a mannequin! 11: Why do you need to be so egocentric and look so good-looking? 12: Zen, goodbye ^^ Day 3 – 21:15 1: (any) 2: Hi there, Zen~ 3: Would not it really feel as when you’re below somebody’s management? 4: Strive taking over one other passion ^^ 5: Zen, have you ever ever acted out a scenario the place you are locked up? 6: lolololololol What’s that? lolololololol 7: lolololololol I need to see that play. 8: Me too… 9: I will go on my own. 10: I believe you may do nicely in something Zen. 12: Zen, good luck figuring out ^^ Day 3 – 23:00 1: Yoosung, when are you going to mattress? 2: You did not. 3: Sounds good. 4: Please contact them as quickly as you’ll be able to. 5: (any) 6: Hi there Zen ^^ 7: You actually owe V your life. 8: I do not actually take care of seems. 9: Invite them! 10: lolol That is fascinating. Goodnight ^^

Day 4

Day 4 – 15:00 1: Hey! It is good-looking Zen. 2. It is a significant issue. What can we do? Everybody’s eyes will freeze. 3: Yoosung, you are not going to play video games? 4: lol Not dangerous 5: Not my kind. 6: Since you’re fridgid. 7: lmao 8: Being wild is necessary! 9: It is cheesy to be sincere. 10: No marvel you are so subjective, Jaehee 11: No, I prefer it very a lot. 12: Now I do know the true that means of magnificence. 13: lovely Zen, have a great exercise and goodbye 14: I need to work out with Zen… 15: I believe it will be good to ask them. 16: Hurry and go, Jaehee. Day 4 – 19:18 1: Yoosung, are you taking a break from enjoying video games? 2: We’ll see…^^ 3: Yeah lolololol do not suppose it is potential 4: (any) 5: You are by no means gonna get a girlfriend so simply get pleasure from life. 6: Jaehee, you are not… 7: Invite them to the celebration. 8: I assume cats are fairly time consuming. 9: Jaehee… I assume it has been actually robust? 10: Zen, discuss to you later ^^ Day 4 – 22:00 1: It is getting late… 2: I believe he is enjoying video games lol 3: How dare he escape the evil plans of LOLOL so simply. 4: (any) 5: Oh, it is Seven. 6: (any) 7: What sort of logic is that? 8: So petty 222 9: I do not perceive both 10: Picture of a hypocrite 11: (any) 12: Yeah. Do not observe Seven. 13: To be sincere, I did anticipate him to start out once more. 14: I assumed you went to a different metropolis, not France. What’s with the French? 15: How pretentious. 16: Zen, you may have your individual charms. 17: I can not perceive how one can like cats that a lot. 18: Ought to I invite them to the celebration? 19: -_- 20: So infantile. 21: Zen, are you going to remain right here? 22: Let’s discuss once more, Zen ^^ Day 4 – 23:15 1: (any) 2: I believe you greater than deserve it? 3: (any) 4: LOLOL guild… How about inviting them to the celebration? 5: Zen, how was your exercise? 6: I’ve enjoyable. 7: (any) 8: (any) 9: Discuss to you tomorrow ^^ The place to now? Again to Mystic Messenger information Again to Zen character hub

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