Mono Blue Tempo Historic Deck Guide: Beat the Best on a Budget

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Whats up everybody! I’ve heard lots of people are struggling to get into Historic, particularly in the event that they have not been taking part in Area for very lengthy, however worry not! You needn’t use your entire wildcards to get collectively a aggressive deck to play in Historic, even when you’re Mythic! At this time, we’ll discuss Monoblue Tempo. Monoblue Tempo has a easy, however highly effective sport plan. Play an early creature, load it up with card draw results, and counter each related spell the opponent has. This deck works amazingly effectively towards the slower decks in Historic as your spells are less expensive than your opponents, however it will possibly battle towards decks which are extraordinarily quick. With that, I do not actually suggest taking part in this deck in Better of One as there are a whole lot of quick, linear decks there in comparison with Better of Three which might have a extra various set of matchups.

Why Monoblue now? Many decks are going greater to assist cope with Sultai and are reducing small creature removing like Deadly Push and Shock from their decks. With these playing cards much less represented, Monoblue can discover it is spot to thrive. With out additional ado, let us take a look at an inventory.

Studying: Mono blue tempo sideboard information

Nothing about this checklist is especially standout, however it’s constructed to restrict what number of wildcards are wanted to finish it. There are a whole lot of playing cards you may probably play on this deck like Tempest Djinn, Entrancing Melody, Story’s Finish, however these are previous rares that you could be not be capable of afford nor are they usable in most different decks (moreover Tales Finish). With this checklist, there are solely 3 Rares, two of them Commonplace authorized and one being an ideal sideboard card in Historic, and 4 Mythics in Brazen Borrower, an ideal Commonplace authorized card. If you wish to nix the Grafdigger’s Cage, you actually do not want it and you’ll even skip out on the Sea-Dasher Octopus as effectively if you’re actually strapped for playing cards. Brazen Borrower is fairly mandatory as you do want a approach to bounce Shark Hurricane tokens in any other case you’ll autolose to it more often than not. With out additional ado, let’s discuss card decisions.


4 Pteramander

Scary Terry is certainly one of you mana 1 drop Flying creatures to hold your Curiosity results. Though that is the worst one within the early sport, this scales means higher within the late sport in comparison with the opposite one drops because the Mutate value is an actual menace the opponent should be cognizant of.

4 Siren Stormtamer

One other a part of the 1 drop crew, Stormtamer wears a whole lot of totally different hats on this deck. It is a Pirate for Lookout’s Dispersal, a 1 drop for Curiosity, and may also defend your different creatures with it is activated capability. Attempt to continuously preserve one mana open when you could have Stormtamer out to guard your different creatures or your self from spells that may goal you want Thoughtseize.

4 Spectral Sailor

The final of the one drops. Has a related activated capability, you possibly can forged it in your opponent’s finish step, and carries Curiosity effectively.

4 Brazen Borrower

As I mentioned earlier than, that is preeminent a Shark token killer, however clearly bouncing an opponent’s everlasting then having a 3/1 to play later is a good impact in a deck seeking to tempo the opponent out.

2 Sea-Dasher Octopus

One in all your many Curiosity results, however this one has it is personal physique connected to it! This is without doubt one of the hardest playing cards to play with as whether or not you need to Mutate or play it out may be actually troublesome to sum up. The perfect recommendation I may give with taking part in that is that you just wish to play out the physique towards decks that will not be capable of block it simply, in any other case you wish to attempt to mutate it onto certainly one of your creatures of their finish step. One thing to bear in mind with mutating that is that you do not all the time wish to put this over the creature you are mutating onto when you want the Pirate creature kind for Lookout’s Dispersal.

2 Spell Pierce

Some of the efficient interactive spells within the format. Feeling safe with simply 1 mana open is a very nice state of affairs to be in and may power your opponent to both play in actually awkward methods or simply threat shedding to this. This is not best towards decks like Goblins, however the upsides actually outweigh the downsides for me.

2 Aether Gust

Just like Spell Pierce, this can be a highly effective situational card, however practically each related deck in Historic has Inexperienced or Purple in it proper now. Tempo is the secret and a Reminiscence Lapse for spells and permanents is absolutely highly effective.

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2 Essence Seize

A strictly higher Essence Scatter that may buff certainly one of your little goons.

4 Lofty Denial

Think about practically each creature within the deck has Flying, this may typically be a greater Mana Leak in most conditions. At worst, this may operate as a Censor which isn’t nice however nonetheless does one thing.

4 Lookout’s Dispersal

This can typically be a worse type of Lofty Denial because the deck solely performs 8 Pirates in comparison with 16 Fliers, however the upside is that Dispersal will all the time tax a spell for 4 even when it prices 3 mana.

4 Curiosity

Slap it on a goon, draw some playing cards.

4 Curious Obsession

Slap it on a goon, draw some playing cards.

20 Island


2 Dive Down

When you’re going through a deck you realize may have a whole lot of interplay for you, a 1 mana reply to it’s the most effective reply you will get.

1 Grafdigger’s Cage

Good at stopping Uro, Collected Firm, Muxus, and graveyard shenanigans.

2 Spell Pierce

If you’ll want to pierce extra spells.

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1 Aether Gust

If you’ll want to gust extra aether.

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2 Essence Seize

If you’ll want to seize extra essence.

1 Negate

If you’ll want to negate extra…uh, this bit would not work right here. That is good if you want a tough reply to extra non-creature spells.

2 Cerulean Drake

Use this towards Purple decks and is absolutely good at carrying Curiosity results.

3 Mystical Dispute

There aren’t too many Blue decks, however this card is the most effective towards them and you’ve got sufficient room to tech towards extra area of interest methods.

1 Whirlwind Denial

Though a bit costly for the deck, that is the most effective reply to Shark Hurricane and Hydroid Krasis.




This boarding is absolutely easy as you wish to lower your extra situational counterspells to higher ones towards Sultai. They’re fairly clunky so you possibly can tempo them out fairly simply in most video games particularly since they’ve been reducing earlier removing spells for extra fats.



This boarding can be very easy as Brazen Borrower and Spell Pierce are each unhealthy towards Goblins whereas every part you’re boarding in is absolutely good towards them. It’s essential not allow them to resolve any related Goblins when potential and take a look at to not get run over by their truthful sport plan. Fortunately their grindy parts aren’t as efficient towards this deck in comparison with different interactive decks as you’re continuously refueling your hand.



It is a fairly normal board plan as Sacrifice lists can differ, however this could work in most situations. This matchup may be difficult as they play a whole lot of low cost spells and a whole lot of robust removing in Declare the Firstborn, Mayhem Satan, and Priest of Forgotten Gods, but when they ever have a slower or clunkier draw, you possibly can simply capitalize on it .



I am not saying this matchup is sweet per se, I am simply saying your opponent would save themselves a whole lot of time if they only scooped the match.

Thanks for studying! Should you like my content material and wish to see extra of it, you possibly can test me out on Twitch! Have an ideal day!

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