Lamp Sockets: Depreciation to Select the Right Socket For Your Lamp

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Because the improvement of the sunshine bulb within the late 1890’s, little climax has modified to the fundamental working of lamp sockets. There are slight variations within the sockets as mentioned beneath. The dimensions and supplies used for lamp sockets are regulated by Underwriters Laboratories (UL) and are known as “lampholders”.

Additionally, please be suggested that our description of our lamp sockets or lamp holders are completely suitable with LED and Compact Flourescent mild bulbs. Bear in mind, nonetheless, that some LED and compact flourescent mild bulbs are non-dimmable (they’ll state “non-dimmable” on the package deal), and solely 3-Means incandescent mild bulbs work correctly with 3-Means sort lamp sockets.

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By studying by means of the next expression classes it’s possible you’ll obtain face the dimensions, model and materials of a alternative incandescent socket in your lamp.

  • Lamp Socket Terminology:
  • Materials – What the socket is made with. examples: steel, porcelain, and plastic.
  • Cap – The outside base of the socket, locks into the shell
  • Shell – The outside high of the lamp socket, locks into the bottom
  • UNO Thread – A tapped portion of the shell for connecting a lamp shade with an UNO fitter
  • Mogul – A big specialty socket made for Mogul bulbs, discovered principally in ground lamps
  • Keyless – A socket that doesn’t have a swap within the socket picture, used with wire switches or chandeliers
  • Push By – Toggle swap within the socket activates/off by pushing the rod of the swap
  • Pull Chain – Socket swap operated by pulling the linked chain



standard size lamp socket

Generally referred to as the Edison Base, customary sockets are used for quite a lot of purposes from desk lamps, mundane fixtures, ground lamps, and a few chandeliers.

Commonplace base sockets have an approximate inside diameter opening of 1 inch.


candelabra size lamp socket

Frequent amongst sequence ornamental fixtures with a number of bulbs, candelabra is smaller than the usual sockets and the bulb choice is extra ornamental as effectively.

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Candelabra base sockets have an approximate inside diameter opening of seven/16 inches.


Barely bigger than the candelabra and smaller than customary, the intermediate measurement socket is pretty unusual. An intermediate socket perhaps present in a lamp from Europe, Central America, or Asia.

Intermediate base sockets have an approximate inside diameter opening of 5/8 inches.


Bigger than candelabra, the French measurement sockets are initially from France and require a French measurement bulb. These sockets are typical amongst ornamental lamps from France.

French base sockets have an approximate inside opening diameter of 9/16 inches.


Mogul Size lamp socket

Largest among the many residential mild sockets, the Mogul measurement socket is used solely for reflector model ground lamps and requires a Mogul measurement bulb.

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Mogul base sockets have an approximate inside diameter opening of 1 and 9/16 inches.


suppose a lamp presently has an unsuitable socket measurement, a lightweight bulb or socket adapter can simply change the socket to just accept one other bulb measurement. The place a lamp has an unusual socket measurement (intermediate or French) adapting the socket will mean you can use extra frequent candelabra measurement bulbs.

Standard to Candelabra Commonplace to Candelabra Mogul to Standard socket adapter Mogul to Commonplace Intermediate to Candelabra socket adapter Intermediate to Candelabra Candelabra to Standard socket adapter Candelabra to Commonplace French to Candelabra socket adapter French to Candelabra

We additionally carry halogen alternative sockets. Halogen:

Used with Halogen bulbs, the Halogen sockets are comparatively new to the lighting household. Halogen sockets are utilized in areas the place excessive depth mild is required (means jewellery outlets, show circumstances, flood lighting, and kitchen lights). click on right here for the Halogen catagory.


key less socket Keyless: These sockets wouldn’t have a swap in-built and require the lamp to have a swap within the wire or a wall swap. Keyless sockets are greatest for hanging fixture the place the sunshine is on a wall mounted swap. Commonplace: Commonplace keyless sockets can both be in a shell or have a hickey for a candle cowl. Candelabra: For chandeliers and different ornamental lighting, keyless candelabra sockets are available quite a lot of types. sequence frequent are the candle base and adjustable candle base sockets that enable for candle cowl to be positioned over the socket. Turn Knob Flip Knob or Keyed: These sockets are extra conventional with a flip model on/off key on the aspect. Keys are usually hooked up to the identical measurement shaft and may be modified or prolonged. Altering the important thing of a socket could make a refined but spectacular change to the looks of the socket. push thru socket Push-thru: These sockets have a plastic shaft positioned by means of the socket for turning the lamp on/off. Whereas the push-thru is a hardy design with minimal failure, the shaft itself not possible be topqa.infople: Push Through Lamp Socket Pull Chain Socket Pull Chain: Frequent for desk and ground lamps, the pull chain socket comprises a series on the aspect for on/off operate of the lamp. Chains can fluctuate in size and design to match the topqa.infople: Pull Chain Lamp Socket dimmer socket Dimmer: A dimmer flip knob socket permits the brightness of the bulb to be adjusted topqa.infople: Dimmer Lamp Socket 3 Way Socket Three manner: The three manner flip knob socket permits a bulb to burn in three positions: Hello, Lo, and topqa.infople: 3-way Lamp Socket 3 Terminal Socket Three Terminals:A 3 terminal socket permits two sockets to be wired collectively and work on the identical swap. Each sockets have to be three terminal and one socket have to be keyed. Turning the important thing permits three lighting choices: Off, Each On, Keyed On with Keyless Off. Gone-With-The-Wind lamps are a typical apply of three terminal sockets the place there’s a bulb within the burner and within the topqa.infople: 3 Terminal Lamp Socket


Inside Screw Shell:

Aluminum: Aluminum is the sequence frequent and price efficient materials for the socket inside.

Copper: Copper is an alternative choice to Aluminum the place the fixture is uncovered to climate. Porch fixtures ought to use sockets with copper screw shell and porcelain picture.

Exterior Cap and Shell:

Brass: Brass is the sequence frequent supplies in a socket shell. There are totally different finishes within the brass shell like; polished (shiny), vintage, and unfinishedBrass plated: Brass plated shells are much like the brass shells in look with a less expensive value. A brass plated shell comes with comparable finishes to the certain brass shell.Nickel plated: Shiny silver end.Bakelite/Phenolic: These socket shells are thick black plastic and are usually present in much less oi costly lighting the place the sockets are hidden by the lamp picture.

Porcelain: The sequence sturdy and lengthy lasting shell, porcelain is extra warmth and climate resistant than another shell sort. The place the sunshine is outdoors or hangs with a bulb going through down, a porcelain socket is extremely really useful.

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